Brother Jonathan on Primary Season

So, does ‘draining the swamp’ still resonate in America? Well, last I looked the Potomac wasn’t in flood stage, so maybe. In fact, I think it is getting worse. Paul Mirengoff at PowerLine has some polling for us.

It does. So finds a poll commissioned by Ear to the Ground and conducted by McLaughlin & Associates.

The poll (of 1,000 likely voters) found that 55 percent of Americans are “concerned” or “very concerned” about “the Swamp,” with 36 percent very concerned. 59 percent of those who identify as “very conservative” said they were very concerned.

Levels of concern increased when the Swamp was defined in terms of “the influence of the network of DC-centric professional bureaucrats, media, and insider elites.” 60 percent said it was important “to eliminate the influence” of that network.

To what extent do voters blame Republicans, who after all now control the White House and have majorities in both chambers of Congress, for the failure to curb the Swamp? According to the poll, almost half of Americans (46 percent), and 41 percent of all conservatives, blame Republicans for not draining the Swamp.

Indeed, when asked what is the top impediment to draining the Swamp, 42 percent of voters said it was the GOP. Republicans thus ranked just behind lobbyists.

Well, it’s nice that so many agree with me, but if the Democrats and the Republicans are the cause, what might be the solution? Paul is worried not so much about a blue wave, but that the red tide may stay out next November. He’s right, I’m monumentally uncaring about whether my Senator gets reelected. I’ve had worse, to be sure, but she doesn’t exactly vote as she talks. Well, I supported her in 2012, and that seemed the best thing.

Well, Washington is a seductive place, Hollywood for the not-good-looking, that will be so until they don’t have so much power and money to play with. That’s the problem, isn’t it, if you have power, you can trade it for money, or drugs, or sex, or whatever you want, and you can probably keep yourself out of jail, as well.

It’s not that crude of course, although I bet sometimes it is. But don’t think anyone, including you and me, isn’t subject to it. We all want to be the cool kids.

So solutions, what might they be?

First, vote for people whenever possible with a strong moral underpinning, usually that means an orthodox Christian or Jew, of whatever flavor, but it doesn’t rule out other faiths. But we are not simply strong enough on our own to stand up to temptation.

My personal second rule (for everything from dog catcher to president) is to default to new blood. Quite often I think someone is doing well enough to continue them, but mainly I think it more important to keep them off balance, so they don’t forget who the boss is.

That is advice mostly for the primary, it’s a major advantage we as Americans have, that nearly anyone can run for office. Part of the reason that the British swamp is even more impenetrable than ours is the tight control the parties have over who can run. Remember how many desperately opposed Trump during the primaries? Yeah, he won. Far from perfect, especially as a man. but a man who knows who he is, and has enough money that he cannot be bought. And so he becomes a moral man. And you wonder why the British elite like the denizens of our swamp detest him so – well there is your answer. Brother Jonathon, an English friend called him yesterday. It is apt.

[H]e was ill-mannered and ill-spoken—a boor, a braggart, a ruffian, a bigot, a hick, and a trickster. His name was Brother Jonathan.

Today he is all but forgotten—eclipsed by his upstanding uncle, Sam. But after the Revolutionary War, Brother Jonathan was the personification of the newly independent American people: clever, courageous, not all that sophisticated and proud of it. He was the everyman incarnate. It was the everyman who had led America to victory. And now America looked to the everyman to lead them out from the bloated shadow of Great Britain.

And so like Gadsden flags, tricorn hats, and so much more, our history provides answers for the present. We need an entire Congress of Brother Jonathons. We won’t get that, of course, but the closer we get, the better the result will be.


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8 Responses to Brother Jonathan on Primary Season

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  2. the unit says:

    Oh no! Election time coming again so soon?
    America’s first ass as president didn’t have Twitter, just radio. 🙂

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  3. the unit says:

    Well, the swamp can’t drain if the river is at flood stage.
    Takes a drought. In the ’40’s when I visited Grandma, we always had to save a pitcher of water to prime the pump for the next time to draw more. Want to hear about the inhabitants at the bottom depths of the outhouse? Kind of swamp like. 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      Been there, saw for myself!. Yikes! 🙂

      No but if he dug a good drainage channel it would be downstream! 🙂

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      • the unit says:

        Yep, you saw so many D.C. inhabitants. Not all of course. 🙂
        The ” Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” has Florida’s St. Johns river flowing north. Helps keep the stuff floating from the north out to sea. Dang I-95 for the floating in of liberals. 🙂

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        • NEO says:

          Yep my favorite part of the Mississippi river flows north, keeps the Canucks home! 🙂

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        • the unit says:

          Historical natural demographic determinants. 🙂

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        • NEO says:

          Indeed so. 🙂

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