Telling England (and Europe) the Truth

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Well, the President is now in the UK, after lobbing some American truth grenades around in Brussels. They are needed, and he reflects, as usual, the view of the American on the street.

It is tiresome protecting people who disdain to protect themselves, let alone disregard their own vital interests to pander to corporatists and foreign powers. Yes, I am referring to the Nordstream pipeline whereby Germany spends many billions of dollars to import natural gas from Russia bypassing eastern Europe – which they, no less than the US, are pledged to defend. Although it is unclear how that will work with their seven operational aircraft, less than a hundred tanks, and less than 200,000 service people – less than the Weimar Republic was allowed.

It brings to mind an old American adage:

“We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.”

But really, why should we? Someone said the other day that if Europe was owned by Disney, the sign would say “Yesterdayland”. It’s pretty much true, Europe as we have known it is a dying continent. It may be beyond help. In population, in economics, and yes, in military force.

The UK too tends that way, but not as much. It retains a robust memory of what it once was, and once one gets away from London, is still is, in large part, the land we all knew.

But its politics are broken, even worse than ours were after Reagan and before Trump. Corbyn’s Labour Party, much like the US Democrats, was once the party of unionized labor, now its politics often make Stalin look conservative. It is anti everything that most of us think good, not to mention anti-Semitic and anti-British, and anti-American. But it has largely put a spoke in the wheel of British governance, not because of what it believes, so much as the fear of the party by everybody else.

The Conservatives have slipped to the left as well. Jess often commented that Maggie moved the so-called Overton window to the right, and she was right. No more. The Tories make the US Republican establishment look positively conservative. Nor does it help that many British cannot seem to tell the difference between corporatist and capitalist.

Earlier this week, we looked at the current Brexit deal (here). In short what it does is make the UK a colony of the European Union – the worst of all possible worlds. It means being subject to the rule of one of the most corrupt groups in the world, without even (an ineffectual) vote in the proceedings.

UKIP (The United Kingdom Independence Party) which was the main driver that brought about the Brexit vote, more or less dissolved upon victory, with its former leader Nigel Farage going into radio and such. It seems to have thought its job was done, and the Tory government would carry out the will of the people clearly expressed. That was so optimistic as to be delusional.

It is now quickly gaining members (and the Tories losing commensurately) as what the May government has done sinks in, but it may be too late. There are two ways to forcibly retire the May government. Michael St. George details them here. Both are fraught with uncertainty.

Into this self-created mess, Donald Trump flew yesterday, doing his truth-telling act. He told the Daily Sun, the last semi conservative paper in Britain, that the Brexit deal outlined in the white paper leaves the UK subject to the EU (thus the BRINO moniker: Brexit in name only) and as such we will have to negotiate with the EU rather than the UK. In other words, the promised US-UK trade deal will likely be off. The obvious truth, but it rocked the island.

The President also said that he, like many British themselves, used to love London, but now avoids it. Sensible, since the current mayor, Sadiq Khan is doing his very best to make it still another multicultural ‘third world shithole’. He makes diBlasio look reasonable.

While this was going on, he had a very nice dinner at Blenheim Palace, where Churchill was born, and the gift of the nation to Sir John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough, perhaps the greatest British general since William the Marshal.

Today, he will meet the Queen, which I’d guess he will enjoy, and she just might as well. She’s met every American president since Truman, and some reports say is also a Brexiteer (although as befits her job, a quiet one).

There are protests, of course, in London, encouraged by the Mayor, which have prompted both the US and the Japanese Embassies to advise their nationals to maintain a low profile this weekend. Well justified, yesterday it was reported that the former UK ambassador to the US was badly beaten in the street. The police claim it was a simple robbery attempt.

What Britain needs is a leader that the people can rally around. I, like many others, do like like Jacob Rees-Mogg, but question whether he’s up to the task, or even able to see it in its full dimensions. Trump also said last night that he thinks Boris Johnson would make a great PM. Well, Trump is a pretty good judge, although ‘great’ seems a bit far over the bridge, but in any case, do the Tories have the guts to even try to solve this mess? I have my doubts.

So, today it will be off to Scotland and then on to meet Putin.

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11 Responses to Telling England (and Europe) the Truth

  1. Scoop says:

    I never suspected that the free world would ever give into socialist ideologies and lack of will to keep themselves free and independent for a bowl of pottage.

    It brings to mind the Christmas of 1962 (I think) when my Fr. was the skipper of the USS Willis A. Lee (DD929 / DL4, originally built as a Mitscher Class destroyer) was docked in Newport, RI. For her Christmas display she proudly displayed her Christmas message in lights. It read: “Destroyers Keep Peace on Earth”. I suppose the world now thinks that the message is foolishness and that appeasement and money keeps peace on earth.

    I concur that the way we are going (Europe who now has more deaths than births) will continue down the slope into total dependency upon those forces of evil that they depend upon for their trade. So 50 years ago this world looked like we were united to fight the Soviet Union and the spread of Communism to the end and today it looks like we are willing to sell out ourselves and our countrymen to avoid confrontation and strengthen our ties with regimes that are totally opposed to the Western Democracy. Who would have guessed? Thank God Trump is giving them a heads up that this might be their last chance to reclaim their senses before the whole of Europe becomes a satellite of the nations that oppose everything we always stood for. Sad times and short memories.

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    • NEO says:

      Yep, as I was growing up, my jacket had the SAC patch on it, with the motto “Peace is our profession”. It was so, because we were prepared for war.

      The British are very angry at their government, never before have I heard Britons support the 2d Amendment, now I do often. Germany has disarmed and sold out, part of that is perhaps guilt from the 40s, but mostly laziness, I think.

      A lot of it is simply short-termism, once I’m out of office, who cares? I’ll make mine and run. Very sad.

      Don’t know the answer, don’t even know if there is an answer, but the world we grew up in is dissolving before our eyes. Trump may save us, one hopes so, but it’s going to be a lonely place.

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      • Scoop says:

        Indeed, and it already is a lonely place. We are, in a sense, almost isolated from the rest of the so-called free world.

        I think that economics maybe trumps the selling out scenario or the laziness one. I really thing that Germany sees signs of gaining even more advantage over the other member states of the EU and money is their prime motivation; I may be wrong but economics is the human equivalent of shit that attracts flies from every direction. Somebody’s going to have to show a bit of integrity and say enough. This isn’t worth selling out our freedom and liberty for.

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        • NEO says:

          One hopes so.

          BTW there are reports that May;s white paper was approved by Merkel before she gave it to the cabinet, even for her, that’s hard to believe, but it seems to be so.

          Biggest trouble is that they all seem to think that trade necessitate winners and losers, but it doesn’t, done right, everybody can win.

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        • Scoop says:

          I hadn’t heard that about the white paper being approved by Merkel. It sure says a lot about who is pulling the strings in the EU; not that we didn’t know that already. That should infuriate the average Englishman that still holds to some of their nationalism.

          Liked by 1 person

        • NEO says:

          Oh, it does, it does! It’s great to see!

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    • the unit says:

      Scoop, peace keeper. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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