Severing the Future from the Past

There is a really good piece from Scot S. Powell up at The American Spectator, and you really should read it. Some excerpts:

[…] The Reformation and Renaissance set in motion a cultural awakening as well as an unusual concentration of human genius and extraordinary wisdom that culminated in the birth of a new nation, the United States — dedicated to the rule of law, separation of powers and limited government, and accountability to its citizens whose rights were God-given and thus unalienable and not subject to infringement by the state — a truly revolutionary model that subsequently influenced other nations worldwide well into the 20thcentury.

Copernicus, followed by Kepler, Galileo, Bacon, Newton, and more were key figures in the scientific revolution that expanded the frontiers of understanding the physical universe. Collectively, they gave birth to the scientific method, which became the most reliable and powerful means of pushing the envelope of discovery and invention through hypothesis testing that involved compiling and rationally evaluating empirical evidence and results to arrive at facts.

What is striking about the modern age compared with all previous ages is the speed at which progress was made. Coming on the heels of the Dark Ages, which encompassed nearly a millennium of relative stagnation and punctuated with the Bubonic Plague in the mid-14thcentury, the modern age made rapid progress applying science and harnessing innovation and discovery, reviving and pursuing cultural excellence, and addressing and solving people’s common needs and problems.

That’s worth thinking about. When the US was founded, a Roman farmer would have been completely at ease on an American farm, very little had changed, but before the Civil War, pretty much everything had, it would again before the Spanish-American War, and again before World War II, and still again now.

These successive waves of revolutionary change have transformed the world, they are the reason why the world’s population has multiplied, and all those people are living better than ever.

It’s a logarithmic rate of increase because it has built on itself. Tractors and electricity before World War II begat telephones and computers, which begat the internet. Building on the shoulders of what came before.

[…] We are told that our culture and the way we live is now post-Christian and that the need for redemption by God has been replaced by the imperatives of a secular redemption defined by political correctness. That new framework is largely based on the one-two approach of promoting guilt among largely successful white males for their alleged biases and misdeeds, past and present, and then providing them a solution in the form of relief and good feelings through making amends and accommodation to new groups and minorities.

In short the path of the new P.C. redemption has nothing to do with character improvement and everything to do with identity politics — races, classes, gender and sexual identity — and also the relationship that man has with the environment. And there is simply no end to atonement, role reversals, and reparations to fix things. As a result, we have come to a point where seemingly endless manufactured injustices are crowding out the joy of everyday life, stripping people of their spontaneity and their humor.

And that is the perniciousness of the PC culture, it tries to make us feel guilty for our positive accomplishments. It’s not my place to tell you what to do, but as for me, I simply refuse to play their game. I recognize that white men in concert with all the other colors, and yes, with women as well, who are essential in our culture, have improved our common world by orders of magnitude, in my lifetime certainly, but also in my father’s, and his father’s and so on for about 500 years. There is nothing, nothing in that record of which I am ashamed.

Have mistakes been rectified, wrongs righted, all that stuff along the way? Sure, that’s the point. Everything has gotten better for everyone.

And that’s why the regressive left has to try to destroy history so they can destroy freedom which is our greatest legacy.

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14 Responses to Severing the Future from the Past

  1. Scoop says:

    “In short the path of the new P.C. redemption has nothing to do with character improvement and everything to do with identity politics — races, classes, gender and sexual identity — and also the relationship that man has with the environment.”

    This new P.C. culture had robbed the individual of natural reactions and protections of their persons; especially the adolescent boy who is transitioning (hopefully) into manhood.

    An example: When I was 15 years old I was taking a bus from a visit to my girlfriend in VA to my home in RI. On the bus trip a pervert found me dozing off in my seat which was next to him. I awoke to find his hand on my crotch. Now at that time, we were were raised to be polite and civil although we had a healthy understanding of our sexuality and were therefore moved to disgust at such actions. Therefore, I rebuffed the “predatory assault” as politely as I could and did not, due to my young age, wanting to create a scene on the bus. So I held my tongue and did not slug the maggot in the face as I would have done a mere 2 or 3 years hence. The incident, of course, makes the child feel like his sexuality is being called into question. Thanks to the P.C. teaching in schools where these perverted parasites are extolled as being just as normal as anyone else in society, I do wonder how this generation raised by new perverted ideas through years of brainwashing in our schools would have reacted. Would they have rebuffed the assault or would they even be certain of their own sexuality? No telling what goes on today as we are on a national path to normalize the perverted assaults of manipulative pedophiles and pederasts amongst us.

    Is this the goal of the alphabet anarchists of the LGBTuvwxyz crowd leading society? Is this their goal? So that they might recruit more into their ranks or at the very least confuse the young teens into experimentation in their sexuality. And the guilt aspect is always present today as the article says, whether it is homosexuals, different races or classes of people or their religious moral upbringings vs. the secular atheistic morality of the day.

    Our government and our political leaders are complicit (many of whom have such proclivities to throw in the faces of white ‘privileged’ men or boys) is being weaponized to destroy our self esteem and even the most basic tenets of our natures as human beings. They are recruiting perverts, racists, class envy and all things that rob of who we are. Why do you our children have to go through such interior examination of their motives and basic moral and ethical beliefs that they can no longer enjoy life. Is there any wonder that suicide rates are rising expeditiously among our youth?

    We know longer are sure of who we are. We used to know if we were racists, or well bred, middle class, male or female and what bathrooms we should use. We now have a generation of kids that seem to have had their minds taken from them and put through a blender before being poured back into their empty heads. God forgive us for allowing these cockroaches to utterly destroy our own children and the lives that they should have been their inheritance.

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  2. the unit says:

    From the title I thought this was going to be ‘This Is Your Life – Lorena Bobbit’. 🙂
    It is the 25th anniversary of the severing.

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  3. Nicholas says:

    I think that analysis is spot on: some of my mental illness issue to brainwashing, undoubtedly so.

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