Tuesday Videos

How about some videos today, some important, some mostly fun?

hard not to really enjoy JRM

I never get this flight attendant.


And a couple of long ones





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22 Responses to Tuesday Videos

  1. Nicholas says:

    I love that interview with Camille Paglia: it’s a wonderful demonstration of frank language (which we don’t see much of these days outside the echo chambers) and a good example of why slogans and aphorisms are no substitute for proper analysis of complex questions. I was disappointed today to watch a video on the FT today discussing banking culture since 2008: the video talked around the subject but gave, in my opinion, no real meat for the viewer to chew.

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  2. Scoop says:

    The SW Airlines stewardess was almost enough to make me break my promise to myself that I will never fly commercial again. Very funny.

    I agree with Nicholas that a the meatiest video was the last with Camille Paglia though even there one could probably study the many thoughts from various fields of academia to formulate a full picture of ‘what the heck is happening to societies around the world’? Good food for thought but even at almost 2 hours it only scratched the surface in my opinion. But their conclusions that this flattening of the sexes will destroy civilization seems outlandish to people today but it only seems to be common sense to a lot of us.You destroy the complementarity of sexes and you lose families, structure, history, some sense of happiness and completeness of self in this new paradigm. The question is; when the next global crisis arise, will there be enough real men and women left to set rebuild civilization once again. I don’t know the answer to that but suspect that there will be a small group left who have been sheltered or who rebelled against these stupid theories of ‘understanding’ society and individuals from the social scientist and psychologist’s point of view; which seems founded on nothing at all except their desire for being on board with the new post-modernist movement that is offended about everthing that has developed since men (or should I say mankind or men and women to appease them?) crawled out of their caves.

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  3. the unit says:

    The future by a kid named Kid… (over @ Bunkerville) 🙂
    Ok, some of this is plagiarized, but – Don’t you folks worry about nuttin ! Here be what gonna happens.

    – Sessions is out soon after the Senate is restocked. (he should resign poste haste he won’t)
    – Janine Pirro is made AG and the left wets itself in unison.
    – If by some chance the dems can muster enough voter fraud to take the house back and Impeach Trump, not to worry as here is what will happen:
    . Trump will be out and Pence will be in. Pence will pardon Trump and make him Vice President. Pence will then resign making Trump President again and Trump will make Pence his new VP. Salright.

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