Poll Numbers and Missions

President Trump’s polling numbers seem ridiculously solid, don’t they, no matter what the news? Robert Merry at The American Conservative noticed this too. And he undertook to explain it.

There’s an underlying reality lurking in the remarkable poll numbers released Monday by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News. They showed that Donald Trump’s approval rating declined by only two percentage points. That despite the fact that the president suffered what was by any measure a devastating week, with a former campaign chairman convicted on fraud charges and a former lawyer copping a plea on campaign finance violations and implicating Trump in the mess.

Trump’s frenzied political enemies promptly smelled blood in the water and circled the vessel like hungry sharks. Surely, they concluded, this bolt of bad news would undermine Trump’s political standing and begin an erosion that would lead to his eventual demise, either at the next presidential election or, they could only hope, sooner.

But the WSJ-NBC poll showed that 44 percent of voters approved of Trump’s presidential performance, as compared to a 46 percent approval rating just before last week’s bad news. As the Journal noted in reporting the latest results, the difference was within the poll’s margin of error and hence statistically insignificant.

Welp, I wasn’t surprised, since I couldn’t figure out what any of those charges had to do with Trump, exactly. Does he have some political allies that are not completely honest? Compared to whom? Hillary? Fauxohantas? Bernie? Give me a break, as Senator Bumpers commented in yesterday’s post, likely none of us could stand up to this level of intrusion, let alone a real estate developer in corrupt New York.

And then there is this:

Because this isn’t about the fate of Trump so much as the future of America. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump opened up a series of fresh fault lines in American politics by advocating new directions for the country that no other politician would discuss. They included a clamp-down on illegal immigration and a serious reduction in overall immigration after a decades-long influx of unprecedented proportions; an effort to address the hollowing out of America’s industrial capacity through trade policies; an end to our nation-building zeal and the wars of choice spawned by it; and a promise to curtail the power of elites who gave us unfettered immigration, an industrial decline, endless wars, years of lukewarm economic growth, and an era of globalism that slighted old-fashioned American nationalism.

Yep, I don’t have any real investment in Trump, but I sure as hell do in Making America Great Again, or even as good as it was when I was young. And that is the battle Trump is leading, and so far appears to be winning.

You all know that I spend a good bit of time on British, specifically English, blogs, and have many friends there. Especially with Brexit, they are fighting much the same battle, to make Britain Great Again. What do I hear most from them? “We need a Trump.” And they do, they need someone unafraid to lead, to openly love Britain, and its history, and to work fearlessly to restore its future.

But that base, as Silver’s ongoing survey aggregations and the WSJ-NBC poll make clear, is ironclad. The Trump constituency isn’t going away, and any impeachment initiative from House Democrats in the new Congress is only going to further tighten its knot.

I think that is putting it mildly. Unless they have a clear-cut reason for impeachment, much clearer than the Republicans had with Clinton, and so far, at least, they do not, they risk far more than political capital, they risk the foundations of the Republic. It is that big potentially. And that dangerous, to them, and to us all.

And that is interesting. In 1774 about a third of the colonists, and a third of Englishmen were taking the Patriot side in our dispute with the King. A third of each were taking the King’s (the Loyalist) side. And the remaining third on each side of the pond were doing their best to stay neutral – going along to get along. Not very different really from today, and we know what happened then, and I don’t think we really want a repeat.

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  1. the unit says:

    Yeah, yeah, plenty of this and that, what he is and what he isn’t.
    He always had this going for him, and it counted. 🙂

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