Brexit, The Ruling Class, and True Colors

I spent a good portion of yesterday online with friends from the UK. They, even more than I am, are appalled at Theresa May’s attempt to completely sell Britain’s sovereignty to the EU. Actually sell isn’t the correct term, since what she wants is to pay them a multi-billion pound bribe to take it. It is, in fact, far worse than simply remaining in the EU.

In many ways, Britain this year is wintering in Valley Forge. Oh, they’ve got enough to eat, and have heat, although because of the government and the EU both are far too expensive. But they have suddenly had their faces rubbed in the fact that ‘Treason’ May (as many of them refer to her) and the rest of the gilded fools in Westminster, don’t give a good goddam about the real people, especially the English.

And so they are reading the old authors, Locke, and Burke, and yes, Tom Jefferson, and Thomas Paine because they easily see that they are in the same place as American Patriots were in June of 1776. Well, if we are honest, we, like they, are mostly back in that spot.

But we, having learned the first time, have kept available the tools of resistance, while they, living in a real-life peaceable kingdom, allowed some rights to be abrogated. And as many of them will say, we have Donald Trump, and they need one. They are correct.

Sgt Mom over at Chicago Boyz wrote late last week about the ruling class, and how little they think they owe to us. It’s well worth your time, and then think about how we break this, without breaking everything, if that’s even possible. And spare a thought for those original bearers of freedom, the British, and pray that they find a way back to the Liberty Tree.

We’ve known for at least a decade or so that the so-called “ruling class” here in the US (and possibly in formerly great Britain and Western Europe as well)look down snobbishly on the middle and working class, the regular joes, the residents of flyover country. Those who roost in the higher levels in academia, the media, in the entertainment and intellectual world, in the national bureaucracy, those who are part of the upper caste – have made their contempt for the ordinary citizen pretty darned obvious by their words and actions, to the point where it’s no secret to most of us who have been paying attention. That this contempt is returned is not immediately obvious; after all, the media (with a few honorable exceptions) has little interest in the opinions of the ruled class, or in reporting them with any degree of understanding or sympathy. Still, we in the ruled class have made our displeasure known in small ways – eschewing shopping at Target, watching NFL games, dropping ESPN, and skipping over award shows like the Oscars – which likely the ruling class feels as mere irritating pin-pricks. (They are TWANLOC, in Subotai Bahadur’s elegant phrase.) And if they are being seriously inconvenienced by recalcitrance on the part of the ruled class – we won’t know for certain, for a good while. Possibly in the history books, if we in the ruled class get a chance to write them.

A comment on another blog, a couple of days ago where the ghastly new fires in Northern California were being discussed – suggested a new thought to me, regarding the rulers and the ruled. The Ruling Class, as the commenter posited, was all about the environment, preserving the forests and the wilderness, and those darling wild creatures … but when all that effort put into maintaining a pristine wildlife environment turns around and kills people actually living on the edge of those areas … well, just too bad. A shocking thought, at first – but after a moment, I had to agree. Not only do the ruling class despise us … but they don’t much care if we live or die. Preferably die, as long as we don’t make too much fuss about it.

Oh, they make a big show of concern –

Keep reading at True Colors, and read the comments as well.

And keep in mind, the history books say a full third of Englishmen, including Burke, Fox, and Pitt, in Parliament, supported the Amerexit some 240 years ago. Perhaps it is payback time.

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9 Responses to Brexit, The Ruling Class, and True Colors

  1. the unit says:

    True Colors. Well, in America?
    From a past comment you made I think your not completely satisfied with Ben Sasse.
    I haven’t follow him at all.
    “About Ben Sasse” at the following site makes him sound pretty good.
    Wondering? ‘Cause looks like he wants to be president. And some think Mueller’s investigation will upend Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

    • NEO says:

      You could say that, if Hillary ran against him, I’d vote for her. Thank God she won’t. 🙂

      He talked a really good game when he ran. He has accomplished nothing, is a never Trumper nonpareil. A typical Rockefeller Republican without redeeming value. I’d bet he did vote for Hillary or Egg McMuffin.

      Be careful or I’ll tell you how I really feel. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nicholas says:

    Miserere nobis is all I can say…the grief and anger at the moment. You’ll be proud of me today, though: I told a group of people that Thomas Jefferson was wary of the US government having a Treasury Department.

    Liked by 2 people

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