The Progressive Synopticon

After the election, Victor Davis Hanson has a look around, and it’s not a pleasant sight. Not in his eyes, and not in mine. Here’s what he says.

Republicans, in deer-in-the-headlights-style, appear shocked that they are increasingly prone to winning the vote on Election Day only to lose it in the ensuing weeks when absentee ballots and what-not filter in with astounding Democratic majorities. Someone is spending a lot of money to get the absentee voting ballot out, correctly marked, and returned. And whatever that “lot” is, it is killing Republican candidates.

Yet there is a larger obstacle to achieving that long-term 51 percent Trump solution along with the shorter-term strategy of matching Democratic absentee ballots with Republican absentee ballots. Conservatives have lost entirely the culture and establishment wars. The result is that they are besieged by a circle of hostile progressive, but quite establishment institutions that are relentless.

He’s right, you know. I’d bet I’m far from the only one who has, even more than cut the cable, pulled the plug on current entertainment. I listen to some classical and classic rock music, watch a few old movies and TV shows, but unless I’ve read something about their stupidity or foibles (usually the same) I couldn’t tell you who any of the current cultural icons are. Worst of all, I don’t care. Not even enough to rail against them

Escape! No Escape!
Popular culture—from rap and pop music to corporate advertising—is progressive hip, a sort of non-ending assumption that the Life of Julia and Pajama Boy are the way of America. Pick up a comic book, download a tune, or watch Ellen on airport TV: the messaging is all the same—the old creaking brontosauruses are heading for the tar pits, and being replaced by far cooler, better, and smarter youthful raptors—even as the society grows ever more callous, indebted, factional, and dysfunctional, from the now normal tarmac nightmares to going into the DMV. It is hard to find a TV sitcom, a song, or a billboard that is not in your face about something.

Maybe one can turn then to sports either to find at least an escape from 360-degree progressive surveillance? No luck there. If an NBA figure were to speak out as conservatively as the vast majority of owners, players, and coaches do progressively, his career for all practical purposes would be over—and so none do—even if there are any who are not genuinely progressive. Ditto the “take the knee” NFL. From the National Anthem pregame observance to the Super Bowl halftime show, professional football is now mostly politicized entertainment. It is only apolitical in the sense that everyone is assumed to be on the same progressive team. ESPN analysts talk as if they are MSNBC and CNN news anchor leftovers.

There is no real need to reference Hollywood.

Imagine the traditionalist as living in synopticon—a suspect that is the target of 24/7 viewing, indoctrination, and conditioning by progressive auditors. In other words, a 40-45 percent minority of Americans is relentlessly lectured, sermonized, demonized, and neutered by a 360- degree ring of prying institutional overseers.

There is no escape. There is no respite. There is no quarter given. […]

More implicitly, the university accepts that its huge administrative superstructure, swelled by “diversity” and “inclusion” six-figure fixers, ensures that federally subsidized tuition goes up higher than the rate of inflation, and that students leave (not always with diplomas) with massive debt. Their degrees cannot guarantee that encumbered students can even pay the interest on their educational debts.

No wonder that a generation will have to postpone marriage, put off child-rearing, and live as perpetual adolescents, and urban apartment-renters. Their bitterness over poverty, and their angst at being uncompensated for supposedly brilliant college degrees often translate into progressive solidarity.

There’s more, read it all at The Progressive Synopticon

Round and round it goes where it stops, nobody knows. Except if you’ve read history, you do. It ends in the collapse of civilization, in poverty and anarchy, the Hobbesian war of “all on all, red in tooth and claw”. We are already seeing this aren’t we, in Portland, in Tijuana, in Chicago, in London, in France. Everywhere, really.

Can it be stopped? I don’t know, often I think not, and then I think, maybe we can, maybe we can’t, but don’t we owe it to our ancestors to try and save what they bequeathed to us at the cost of so much blood and so many tears. And don’t we owe it to our sons and daughters to try and carry that Burkean burden to one more generation,

Good luck to us all.

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28 Responses to The Progressive Synopticon

  1. Nicholas says:

    The loss of Chicago I find particularly galling, and you must find it infinitely more so, given your particular connection to that great city. To me it symbolises the perfect combination of western advances: it had a financial glory to rival the City of London; it had architecturally impressive buildings, some of which pioneered new styles; it had a surrounding agricultural hinterland that lived conservatively but was tied to the city as its trading centre, and it had a great manufacturing side too. No wonder it provided some of the inspiration for Batman’s Gotham.

    A great loss to the story of western advance.

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    • NEO says:

      Yes, I do. Love that city, and a bit later Indianapolis. I know what happened, and so does everybody else, but they keep voting the same crooks in, and it corrupts all of Illinois. Looks to me that London may be following that path as well. I think it’s probably going to have to crash and burn, which will be very ugly.

      Interesting comparing it to London. You have a point, like London it was built on trade, that’s why it was a village until the trunk line railroads connected it to New York, which is also why the Union won the Civil War, Funny thing, when I was a kid you could mail a letter in New York at 2pm or so and it would be delivered in Chicago before 10 am next day. Now they ship mail in airplanes instead of sorting it on the train and it takes (at least) 3 days. Progress, I guess. Never really thought about it as Batman’s Gotham, would make some sense though.

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  2. Scoop says:

    “We” do owe it to our ancestors to stop this and preserve that which was bequeathed to us. However, the question is, “who is the WE”?

    We, today, is a handful of oldsters and a few pockets of home schooled or off the grid patriots and/or those who have skipped college and learned one of the trades.

    Sorry to say, it looks to me like the “we” is having its last hurrah and is quickly disappearing . . . yes, the dinosaurs to the tar pit. It will be a problem for us for a short while and probably make our last days miserable but sadly, our youth and the future of this country lies in the hands of those who are jumping off the cliff and committing cultural suicide. I doubt we will have the time or the ability to win their hearts and minds for they are thoroughly indoctrinated into a new vision for America and it ain’t pretty.

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    • NEO says:

      I see a fair number coming up, and there will be more as they hit the real world. Guaranteed? Nope, nothing is but death and taxes, but we’ve got a chance that we’d best take.

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      • Scoop says:

        I see a ‘fair’ number myself as I live in a low technology, red state, with a larger than average predominance of tradesmen rather than college graduates. But among those who go off to university they spout the same rubbish that the democrats and the committed socialists and the multi-gender defenders like to proclaim . . . as though it is an empirical fact due to their ‘higher’ education . . . which I would contest. University is where you go to speak illogically, and stupidly and find cover behind some useless degree that you spent a life’s worth of wealth obtaining. 🙂

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        • NEO says:

          There is a study out that says exactly that. But hey, Starbucks always needs Baristas. 🙂

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        • Scoop says:

          True. But sadly technological companies are moving south and our demographics are changing. I sat and watched NC go from red to blue and wherever companies move in and hire ‘the university elites’ (many recruited from NY, Boston, Chicago, LA etc., the blueness is overtaking the redness of the local populace.

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        • NEO says:

          I know, it’s caused by the screening process. I don’t know the solution, but I know there are better people, especially in tech, that never bothered, so should the tech magnates, most of them didn’t either. But HR likes it, and HR increasingly rules (for now) big business. But, what can’t continue, won’t (sadly eventually). The joke of course, is, “Mommy what did we use for light before candles?” Mom answers, “Electricity”.

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        • the unit says:

          Come on Scoop, every strawberry turns blue. Get new strawberry. Back and forth.
          Got to admit though, these days me on thinner, mostly gets blue at first brush. 🙂

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