Sunday Funnies: A New Year, Finally

Well, we made it to 2019, for whatever that’s worth. Something I think, but hard to be sure how much, until we’ve been through it. So Enjoy.

I know the feeling well!

Talking to the Cntrl-Lft

And, of course

Starting the year right

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6 Responses to Sunday Funnies: A New Year, Finally

  1. the unit says:

    Well, I’ve had some disappointments in/from ’18, and some carrying over into ’19.
    Doc will ask me on my visit Tuesday if I’m depressed.
    Well, not like the media in the rubber room cartoon. 🙂
    So I’ll answer “no”.
    In fact, I only have to remind myself who’s not president.
    The old saying is so…
    “In the first Place, as an Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure, I would advise ’em to take care how they suffer living Coals in a full Shovel, to be carried out of one Room into another, or up or down Stairs, unless in a Warmingpan shut; for Scraps of Fire may fall into Chinks and make no Appearance until Midnight; when your Stairs being in Flames, you may be forced, (as I once was) to leap out of your Windows, and hazard your Necks to avoid being oven-roasted.”
    Keep stiff upper lip if like in ‘toon, be pointed out as Trumpster. 🙂
    Oh and, great ending pics. 🙂

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