Once Upon a Time in America

So, I hear Boston won a football game. I missed it since I don’t watch TV hardly at all. Nor does it help that the NFL has seriously angered me with its lack of discipline and kowtowing to the left. So, I like many of you voted with my feet. Probably easier since I used to be a Bears fan, and it hasn’t been too exciting since 85, and this nonsense.

Yep, that was a fun year, only year I really became a fan of pro football. Got over it quick the next year though, when they couldn’t keep it together, and everybody started getting greedy. Happens, I guess. But I was disappointed, I thought they were better than that, and some of them, especially Peyton, was. Most were not.

So when the NFL and ESPN started theirdisrepectful nonsense a couple years ago, it wasn’t a hard decision to give them up, I really don’t need an excuse to eat too much junk and drink too much, and I dislike being preached at (other than by a real preacher). Some half assed quarterback, well, no, just no.

Especially when he disrespects every man and woman with the eagle on his button. I got over it real quick, and it’s nice to have all that free time – which filled up quickly.

So, I wasn’t going to be in the audience yesterday anyway, just don’t care, but CBS decided to get in on the fun of the “Get Woke, Go Broke” bunch. They decided to ban this ad.

Good for Nine Line Apparel. I doubt I buy much from them, but I might if I were younger, and that’s more than Nike can say.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m tired as all get out at the way everything has become politicized. These clowns can vote as they like, as will I, and you back in the day, we could gather down at the bar, straight and gay, liberal and conservative, redneck and hipster, even girls, and act stupid, and watch the game, and eat and drink too much.

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15 Responses to Once Upon a Time in America

  1. the unit says:

    I didn’t watch it either. Haven’t for several years now. There was a time I’d never imagined I’d be disinterested in watching. Many, many years participating in yuge get together cookouts. Partying extensively even knowing I had to go to work the next day. 🙂
    This morning after reading the blog, I’ve enjoyed a couple of hours reminiscing those times past in particular years.
    Re-reading all about Walter Payton and others from then, like Jerry Rice. And a quarterback I’d mostly forgotten, but liked a lot back then, Steve Fuller. Found picture what he looks like today (not much like in the shuffle) and what’s he’s doing now.
    Enjoyed much, thanks. 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      I enjoyed putting it together. Always fun to remember the old days. Oh what a party that was when ‘da Bears’ were in the Superbowl. I;m not sure that anybody worked in NW Indiana that monday – I sure didn’t. 🙂

      Funny, I thought last week that it was unusual that nobody was writing about the commercials, even. Then this rejected one showed up. Politics ruined it, like it does everything anymore. 😐

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  2. Nicholas says:

    This politicisation of everything is very wearisome, as is having to continually modify one’s speech in order to avoid causing arguments. Well, that’s life, I suppose – pass the wine.

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