Sunday Funnies, Mueller Time

As we said, the news seems to kind of be into rerun season, but there is still quite a lot going on. Both here and with the cousins, eventually we’ll talk about some of it, but mostly we can cover it just about as well as necessary here. So enjoy!


Remember, he was stopped by a civilian who just lost his right to a semi-automatic rifle

We forgot Pancake Day this year, perhaps this will atone for that grievous error.

And, of course

Pretty much as usual

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4 Responses to Sunday Funnies, Mueller Time

  1. the unit says:

    Yep, I remember reading comments there and yonder that’s “it’s Mueller time”.
    A few blogs back I mentioned how fast time passes as I get older.
    Heck, it’s just late Sunday afternoon, and I’m already into Monday. Clicking on Realclear, TH, Bizpac, and AT trying to read morning reports about Barr’s letter and all. 🙂

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