System Fail, Mueller, and the Expert Class

There’s actually nothing here that you don’t know, but there is a lot that has not been said out loud. How many of you sit there looking at the paper, or the broadcast news, and simply gape in amazement at the garbage they throw your way. Part of it likely is the 24-hour news cycle, all that time to fill with something, insane or not, part of it is the effect of the internet on the old media. But the main result is that almost all of the media is not only going broke but is entirely despised by the people. Here’s part of why, from Lee Smith.

It will take weeks for the elite pundit class to unravel all the possible implications and subtexts embedded in Robert Mueller’s final report on the charge that Donald Trump and his team colluded with Russia to fix the 2016 election. The right claims that the report exonerates Trump fully, while the left contends there are lots of nuggets in the full text of the final report that may point to obstruction of justice, if not collusion.

But here’s all you need to know about the special counsel probe:

First, after nearly two years, the special counsel found no credible evidence of collusion. It found no credible evidence of a plot to obstruct justice, to hide evidence of collusion. The entire collusion theory, which has formed the center of elite political discourse for over two years now, has been publicly and definitely proclaimed to be a hoax by the very person on whom news organizations and their chosen “experts” and “high-level sources” had so loudly and insistently pinned their daily, even hourly, hopes of redemption.

Mueller should have filed his report on May 18, 2017—the day after the special counsel started and he learned the FBI had opened an investigation on the sitting president of the United States because senior officials at the world’s premier law enforcement agency thought Trump was a Russian spy. Based on what evidence? A dossier compiled by a former British spy, relying on second- and third-hand sources, paid for by the Clinton campaign.

That is one lesson and a very big one.

The campaign was waged not in hidden corners of the internet, but rather by the country’s most prestigious news organizations—including, but not only, The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC. The farce that has passed for public discourse the last two years was fueled by a concerted effort of the media and the pundit class to obscure gaping holes in logic as well as law. And yet, they all appeared to be credible because the institutions sustaining them are credible.

Michael McFaul was U.S. ambassador to Moscow—he knows everything about Russia. He wouldn’t invent stuff about national security matters out of thin air. Jane Mayer is a national treasure, one of America’s greatest living journalists who penned a long profile of Christopher Steele in the pages of the New Yorker. Susan Hennessy is a former intelligence community lawyer, who appears as an expert on TV. And how about her colleague at the Lawfare blog, Benjamin Wittes, a Brookings Institution fellow and a personal friend of James Comey? You think he didn’t have the inside dope, every time he posted a “Boom” GIF on Twitter predicting the final nail just about to be hammered in Trump’s coffin?

Many more jumped on the dog pile along with them, validating each other’s tweets and breathless insider sourcing. The point was to thicken the echo chamber, with voices from the right as well as the left in order to make it seem real. Hey, if this many experts are saying so, there must be something to it.

Except, there wasn’t—ever.

Read it all at The Tablet, via Ace.

Absolutely correct, I believe. Like the fake testimonials of so many snake oil salesmen in the old west, not only was there was not a sliver of truth in what these feather merchants were trying to sell us, it was all based on actual purchased lies. Given a thin veneer of respectability by being purchased from a British former intelligence spook. But Cristopher Steele, no matter what these fools think, is no James Bond. He’s just another grifter trying to get rich trading on his contacts.

And mind, I put the political consultants on TV and in the press in exactly the same category. If Karl Rove was so good, he wouldn’t be flapping his jaw on Fox, he’d have real clients, running for office, and winning. He and all the rest of them are losers, with middling excuses, and an ability to spin a tale, no truth necessary, one listens to them at one’s peril.

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6 Responses to System Fail, Mueller, and the Expert Class

  1. the unit says:

    Rove has advised, doubt he was asked for it, that Trump move on after the Mueller Report. I like how the following fellow has put forth just the opposite.

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  2. the unit says:

    “gape in amazement…”
    Yeah, even stuff on Drudge these days.
    And one on today
    A trio of ‘urban explorers’ came across cases of bottled water in an abandoned building.” (In Flint, MI)
    ‘urban explorers’? I have an old building on my property that some might call abandoned from its appearance. Still I got stuff in there. ‘urban explorers’ would be trespassers.
    Well, that’s media. Like they don’t put ‘ (dumb quotation marks according to Ergonis Software) on undocumented immigrants with an intended smile when actually they are/or may be illegal aliens. 🙂

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