A Big Steaming Pile of Covfefe?

Brian C. Joondeph writes at American Thinker about a theory of his that has to do with the Mueller investigation/witch hunt. I have no clue if this theory is right, and he claims he doesn’t know either. That said, it covers what we know about the players pretty well. If he’s right – Oh my, what a reminder to be careful what you wish for. Let him tell it.

In their [Democrats and the media, BIRM] minds, the 400-page report contains all manner of evidence of collusion and obstruction, despite the summary written by Barr and Rosenstein that says otherwise. Note that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein was easily confirmed by the Senate and has been defended by Democrats since he appointed Robert Mueller to be special counsel, and yet now they apparently believe he is lying.

If Rosenstein and Barr were misrepresenting the report in their summary letter, one would think Mueller and his partisan team of attorneys would be outraged and speaking out to correct the record. Yet they are silent. This is the same gang that had no problem evidently leaking advance notice of Roger Stone’s commando-style arrest to CNN so they could be on site filming everything. If Barr and Rosenstein weren’t truthful in their summary, why isn’t CNN reporting on “unnamed officials” who dispute the summary?

Perhaps all is not what it seems. There is much debate over who is wearing a black hat, or a white hat, meaning bad guy versus good guy, from the President Trump perspective. Is Mueller a white hat or a black hat? Despite much speculation, no one knows for sure, other than Mueller himself, Rosenstein, and Barr and a small circle around them.

Suppose he is a gray hat, somewhere in between, and is laying a grand trap for the Democrats to waltz into, a big steaming pile of MAGA?

What a concept that is. Is it even plausible? Maybe. Remember this.

Donald Trump may have been an FBI informant in the early 1980s when the Feds went after the Five Families. US Attorney Rudy Giuliani led the charge, followed by Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein, under then AG William Barr. What a coincidence! Perhaps these men all know each other from decades ago and they believe Trump is a patriot. Despite all of Trump’s supposed ties to the mob, he was never indicted, which would make sense if he had been working with the FBI.

If one assumes Mueller is a patriot too, as befitting a former Marine, would he not be disgusted with the coup attempt he found himself in the middle of? How can he save face with his deep state pals with whom he socializes and attends church, while still doing what a patriot must do? By not totally exonerating Trump in his report, he can save some face, while baiting the corrupt Democrats, who might disgust him at this point, those who initiated the coup attempt. Mueller could have it both ways according to my gray hat theory.

What about those FISA warrants? Those can work both ways. The first was issued against Carter Page in October 2016, allowing two-hop spying, meaning surveillance against Page, anyone he communicated with and anyone they communicated with, two hops beyond the original target. This would cover most of Washington, DC considering Page likely communicated with Jeff Sessions, making the entire US Congress the second hop. Or if he communicated with Mike Flynn, making most of the intel community the second hop.

The FISA warrant was renewed on January 19, 2017, the last day of the Obama presidency. But then again, in April and July 2017, when Trump was president. Rosenstein was already nominated by Trump for deputy AG and confirmed when the last two FISA warrants were renewed.

Remember FISA goes both ways. Two hops from Carter Page covered most of the deep state, and media they might have been leaking to. Suppose the Trump FBI were now using FISA surveillance against the deep state tricksters and their media comrades?

Plausible? I just don’t know enough to say and doubt that anybody but the players do, and that means the people at the table, not the hacks working for Mueller or anybody else. Nothing much has leaked, and the guys he’s talking about do know how to keep a secret.

But the thing is, it is possible. Mueller had/has a good rep as an FBI guy and as a Marine. He may have been personally as frustrated at the politicization of DOJ as anyone else. Or not. We’ll just have to see.

But there is this. Trump for all his Tweeting about the witch hunt, never took any steps to impede or curtail it, which he could have done, and the base would have supported him doing so. He has said nice things about Rosenstein, which from what has been published are far from warranted.

And there is this, Trump has barely put a foot wrong since he came down the escalator to run for and win the presidency. Since his inauguration, this has looked to be the main thrust against him, and he has mostly ignored it, other than some verbal sniping, which kept the Democrats fired up.

True or not, this theory proves we live in interesting times.

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7 Responses to A Big Steaming Pile of Covfefe?

  1. the unit says:

    I’ve read quite a bit, at least a few, of the good doctor’s writings. Methinks his theory is as good as any. However, not ’cause he be a doctor necessarily. If one reads doctor comments over on Medscape when article has some political ramification like government involved in healthcare, many of their ideas are a pile of covfefe. 🙂

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