The Week, mostly on Twitter

From Breitbart:

The House held hearings on reparations the other day. I doubt the Democrats liked what Super Bowl Champion Safety Burgess Owens had to say. But I do and I suspect many of you will as well.

Pretty much a nuclear truth bomb – delivered from orbit.

Senator Tom Cotton is not pleased that so many corporations are explicitly pushing liberal dogma, especially infanticide abortion on their employees and the rest of us. Here’s why: [via Ace].

I’m very rapidly turning into a huge fan of Senator Cotton. I just ordered his book on his tour with the 3d Infantry (the Old Guard) as well.

His points here are welcome ones. Too often we in business forget there are many things more important than the bottom line, especially the quarterly one, which is the one a lot of libertarians and finance types think is the be all and end all.

Floppy Joe Biden inserted his foot in his mouth the other day (yes, I know, a regular occurrence) about getting along with segregationists (not to mention racists) in the old days. Senator Cotton had something to add to that, as well. [via The Right Scoop]

Yes, indeed. It is long past time that we call the Demonrats out every time they try to shift the scumbags off on us. Good on both of you Senator and Mr. Trump.

Speaking of Trump, President Trump in this case, his campaign kickoff the other night was amazingly good.

John Hinderaker at PowerLine calls him a force of nature. I agree, and in so being he makes America one once again. And I note that CNN couldn’t stand the heat and cut off the broadcast as soon as he started talking about them and the rest of the fake news media. Typical. They spent a fair amount of time wingeing, but then they made their bed and they can damned well lie in it. With luck, it will be their deathbed.

And along that line, you’ll know that Iran shot down an American drone the other night. Apparently, the return strike was aborted at about T-30 seconds. Nobody knows why the President so decided, but the Mullahs would be very wise to consider it a final warning.

I hear we are going to start mass deportations of illegal immigrants next week, starting, I trust with lawbreakers and troublemakers. Not everybody is pleased.

So, it’s pretty obvious if Senator Harris thinks that removing these illegal immigrants, who are forbidden to vote in federal elections is changing the electorate, it follows that Senator Harris’ party has been attempting to change the electorate by using illegal immigration and also by committing vote fraud which is a felony.

Probably shouldn’t have said that for the record, Senator, but few have accused you of intelligence, most people who sleep their way to a better job aren’t too bright after all.

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22 Responses to The Week, mostly on Twitter

  1. audremyers says:

    If I were a political commentator, as opposed to the most fetching woman on my side of the street, I would love to see a review of the accomplishments of new Republican governors. A lot has happened in Florida – no to any ‘sanctuary’ situation in the State and an on-going wrestling match against the Left to get proper and accurate textbooks in every level of education before the new term starts in September. I was going to vote for the other Republican guy but President Trump came and gave Governor De Santis the tap on the back and it’s delivered the best governor we’ve had in years. I wonder how the other newbies are doing. Signed: Fetching in Florida.

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  2. the unit says:

    Wasn’t there a blog not long ago about running scared?
    Don’t let left define…anything. Far right especially. Radical is the only old description of the faction spectrum that holds any substance. May be either direction, or maybe 57 varieties, like i.e. genders. 🙂
    Definitions – I’m not a proper pronoun. I’m nearly a past participle…close to be ending in -ed. 🙂

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  3. Nicholas says:

    Trump in 2020!

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  4. the unit says:

    Surfing the internet reminds me you can often find the best stories close to home.
    Thank goodness this one is still a long way off from me. Local tv website though.
    Closer to audre territory. 🙂

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