Suppressing Votes, Google Style

So, you think Google is harmless? I don’t care if you are conservative, liberal, or don’t know up from down, this is frightening stuff.

Now, remember, if Google was simply reminding people to vote, it would be mo big deal, it might even be a public service. But this is not what this is. This is a partisan get out the vote effort. That is bad enough, but that is not all.


Google (and most likely all the rest of these lowlifes) is also suppressing speech, but only that of right of center people as part of an intentional scheme to change votes.

We don’t usually get too excited about companies telling us what they think about the candidates, how an election can affect businesses is a valid consideration. But this is more like the phone company arbitrarily deciding that conservatives cannot dial out. See the difference? It’s a major one, and it is corrupting the process.

Here’s the whole hearing, even if you don’t watch the whole for almost two hours (which you should) at least watch Senator Cruz’s opening statement.

And do notice as the Google executive is sworn in, how the revolving door works, it’s a pretty neat treadmill if you can get on it.


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19 Responses to Suppressing Votes, Google Style

  1. Scoop says:

    Yes, this is very disturbing and shows where, perhaps in the past, but more likely in our future poses a threat to free elections far more serious than that posed by the ‘Russians’ as ginned up by the left after the election of President Trump. If they can spend literally billions of dollars, not counted as contributions to a campaign, to favor one side and to ignore the other side of a 2 party electorate, it is tantamount to a few billionaires giving bribes or twisting arms for votes for their choice for president. It brings to question as to who had more influence in the last election when it is estimated that anywhere from 2.8 million votes were backed and reminded to vote but sent only to left leaning customers and perhaps as many as15 million votes may have been swayed to ‘get out the vote’. It may even make the oft heard accusation that Hillary won the popular vote. That may be but did the ‘get out the vote’ message to computer users only sent to the left and neglected those who were right leaning? If so they are far more dangerous or just as dangerous as the tampering of our elections by the Russians which everyone is rightly incensed about. But where is the ire for this tampering? Is is OK for a few billionaires running multi-billion companies to circumvent the law to what amounts to bias and downright manipulation of the people registered to vote the way they want them to vote? In fact, besides their legal contributions to the candidates of their choice we must decide if it is illegal for them to skirt election laws, which are not ‘directly’ a cash contribution but perhaps even more effective, to elect the candidates that they want . . . and there is no limit to the money that goes into this effort whatever. It definitely is a one way street and if we do not break these monopolies and write laws for which they can be held accountable then what do realistically expect for our future elections? It is obvious that this is simply a rhetorical question as we all know the left leaning bias that exists in all these major companies but we underestimate the power of their messaging to their users to favor one side against another. Welcome to big brother, though voluntarily assented to by the public for the time being. It might not always be driven by our freewill but by threats of hate speech and real jail time for opposing those who oppose them. Racism is the stick with which they use and will continue to use though it appears to be completely spurious to date. People, hopefully have become desensitized by the overuse of such rhetoric by now but there is always a younger generation that has not been so numbed by these constant accusations. Our cherished free elections may be nearing a time where they are about as fair as those in South American and African regimes (or communist regimes) where the opponents to the dictators are routinely killed or the votes are counted until until the dictator wins. What’s next? God save America.

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  2. audremyers says:

    I came late to the game; I didn’t get my first computer until 2000 and it was home-built, from parts, by my son. But, it did what I wanted it to – it connected me (dial up at first, of course) to the internet. Imagine my joy. In 19 years of accessing the internet I have never seen any overt ‘steering’ to any information at all. While it may be mildly irritating that if, by chance, I watch a country music video, the list of suggestions will now include a gazillion country music videos by a gazillion content providers, I have the ability to use that wonderful X button. And I do.

    One time, and one time only, just recently, the suggestions showed up offering CNN, MSMBC, etc. I had to laugh; boy, were they barking up the wrong tree! I used the magic X button and they all disappeared never to return. In 2016 and 2018, I used the internet to research judges in my area who were up for consideration to keep or not. I was readily able to access the Republican nominated judges without other judges by other party nominations.

    I’ve seen Alex Jones once, years ago – not my cup of tea. Here is my question – I understand the horror of Sandy Hook; I’m a mom, a gran’ma, and a great gran’ma but isn’t a suspicion of hoax also open to free speech? Or did Alex Jones do something especially heinous that caused those families additional harm?

    I can understand schools, churches, some other groups, who may not want certain things to accessed through their computers on the grounds of their facilities. That kind of ‘censorship’ is not the kind that doesn’t let me hear and see those people and organizations I’m interested in that share my point of view.

    So what am I missing here?

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    • the unit says:

      I can’t say you’re missing anything. But what do I know anyway? Way back yonder (after attending a country music festival) I asked why wouldn’t a governor from Georgia be as good a president as one from anywhere else?
      Then in ’77 I moved back to Florida, originally came to Fort Myers in ’68.
      I never research judges. Just thru decades of elections always vote them all out. Plenty of lawyers to take their place and may by chance get a good one. Can’t recall if one ever got voted out/or a good one got in. They don’t get voted in do they? Outside my purview. 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      What you’re missing is the steering, and the loss of monetization for a fair number of conservative bloggers – Prager U amongst them. A test sometime when you read something fairly strongly conservative, Google it and note what you get (and maybe how many) and what their bias is (we all have them). The search again on Duck, Duck Go. You’ll see the difference and why I mostly use DDG anymore. I looked at DDG several years ago, and it was far too European for my needs, but it has improved. Do I still Google on occasion? Yes. it has features that other don’t, like searching for an image, but not often anymore. Scoop is right on the threat, although other than electing the proper people there isn’t a lot that we are going to do about it, but to a point, we can cancel it in our own lives.

      I got my first in about 1998, a used 386, by the time I upgraded, I was pretty good on hardware, and not too bad on DOS, stuff I don’t do anymore because friends do it much better.

      Alex Jones isn’t my cup of tea either, but as far as I know, he never advocated anything illegal, or even obscene, just overly conservative verging on reactionary, and that was enough to get him banned on all the big platforms. That’s part of the problem they tend to act in lockstep. Candace Owens has had a couple rounds with them, as well.

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