The First Master of the Tweet

This came across my screen yesterday, from J.R. Dunn at American Thinker.

We have all seen no end of pieces criticizing, condemning and apologizing for Trump’s use of the tweet as his major weapon for undermining the left-wing media monopoly, driving his opponents into a frenzy, and striking fear and confusion into the left. In truth, seldom if ever are Trump’s tweets mentioned in any context at all without the writer shuffling his feet, dropping his head in shame and whimpering, “Maybe he shouldn’t do that… uh, right?”

Not all these people are #NeverTrumpers. Many of them mean well, and are sincerely concerned with the impression that Trump makes and the unintended consequences that may result. But all of it, no matter what the intent, is without exception an exercise in missing the point.

I admit it, I used to, but I’m a practical man, nobody is going to stop the President of the US from Tweeting if he wants to. Then I paid attention and I saw how effective it is.

So Trump blithely continues tweeting, at his leisure and in his own time, on topics of his choosing and expressing them in his own unique style. Each tweet is utterly unpredictable, and all of them seem to strike at a weak spot in the American left’s defenses, like cruise missiles coming out of nowhere, striking their target and leaving the enemy with no means of counterstriking. The wails, shrieks, and gibbering arise from the left, and Trump moves on without even bothering to answer. With his tweets, which cost him nothing and require almost no effort, Trump has done more damage to the left than the last half-dozen Republican presidents.

And that’s the beauty, nobody has found a way to effectively counterattack.

The same can be said of Trump’s latest violation of Twitter good taste against Elijah Cummings, who has for decades posed as a champion of civil rights while doing absolutely nothing for his miserable Baltimore constituents living in what amounts to the American Somalia. Trump immediately put Cummings – and the left – on the defensive, rendering Cummings’ border machinations irrelevant and shifting the argument to territory where Cummings is most vulnerable – his actual record in Congress. The left’s response was less than impressive. One left-wing critic on CNN burst into tears as he bemoaned Trump’s use of the term “infested” to describe Baltimore’s slums. A political movement that has been reduced to tears is one that not much can be expected from.

It’s true, it’s not overly tasteful (or Presidential, whatever that is). But you know, I think the reason so many say that is that he is effective, very effective, like a rapier against a hunting knife. He draws a bit of blood, and then the opposition always makes it worse, widening the wound. Is there an effective counter? With Donald Trump, I doubt it. He’s pitch-perfect.

I think if we of the right have any sense at all (I often do question that!), we’ll quite whingeing about unpresidential things and realize that with Trump, we have made more progress certainly since Reagan, and quite possibly since Coolidge.

And we have laughed more than we ever have, and at our opponents, not ourselves for once.

Most of you know, I’m one of those geeks who thinks the Declaration and the Constitution have the answers, and they do, but only if they are read, understood, and applied. They have no meaning if they are systematically ignored. And that is what the left does. Remember Obama’s pen and phone? That’s what that meant, nothing less than the Divine Right of Kings, just like Charles the First, although Barmy got off easy, getting rich instead of a head shorter.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy as the American conservatives laugh, and smile, and discomfit, and leave the left in disarray. With the President and his phone leading the charge, we are finally winning, and it’s great.

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21 Responses to The First Master of the Tweet

  1. audremyers says:

    I am four-square 100% for President Trump, but I’m afraid I’m one of the folks that find most of his tweets cringe-worthy. I often wish Melanie would take the phone away from him at night and put it in lock box.

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  2. Mike says:

    Trump’s ability to bypass the press is nothing short of revolutionary. Because of this, the press is apoplectic. No longer can the media lie, obfuscate and indict by omission… not that they won’t try. I think the cringe-worthy feeling we sometimes get is a rational assessment of how dangerous such a weapon can be. It’s respect for the tool. But it has become apparent to me that Trump is a savant when it comes to innately forcing the Left to deny that which we all know to be true. Their immediate negative reaction to anything the President says is without thought or consideration and works against them without fail. Trump has created the ‘Rope-a-Dope” strategery of our time.

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  3. Scoop says:

    I must agree that at times I am in the dark as to what the purpose of some of Trumps tweets. I was just watching the market reaction to his latest tweet regarding a 10% hike in tariffs of additional products which signals that the trade war is on . . . and, of course, the predictable reaction of the market to this tweet. Mostly, his tweets have the ability to cut through the rhetoric and the pundits speculation as to the stirring up of things but seems to always land on his feet like a cat.

    I have negotiated deals worth well over $1 million in revenue and obviously this is pocket change in the negotiations that Trump is used to negotiating. But even there, in foreign policy he likes to keep from telegraphing his moves. It seems odd to me that he is already telegraphing his punches to China before the meeting in September. In my admittedly small negotiations I always held something in my hip pocket to pull out if things went south in my negotiations . . . and perhaps he has more that he is not sharing at this time. But it sure looks to the market and myself as if he is laying his cards on the table too early.

    I did not get too excited by the cut in the Fed’s rate cut yesterday and the knee-jerk reaction of the market to that move. However, this tweet today took a big uptick in the market as the dust settled and has introduced, once again, more speculation as to how this is going to affect the markets going forward: economic slowdown, higher prices for goods etc. But we all know something has to be achieved with the imbalance of our present trade policies with China and their manipulation of their own currency.

    I admit that I just don’t get it. I only hope Trump proves us all wrong since the generally conservative supporters of Trump on the business programs are a bit jumpy at the wisdom and the purpose of this latest tweet. So I’m not alone at least.

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