Of Guns and Men

So  Alicia Colon wrote about guns on American Thinker yesterday. It’s actually pretty good. So read it.

If there were ever a survey asking gun owners why they buy guns, I’d wager the majority of them would say that it basically is for protection. The Second Amendment was not written for hunters but for the people’s self-protection, including protection from tyranny. The first thing smart dictators do is remove guns from registered owners.

Well, yeah, but even hunting can be seen as an act of independence, protection against hunger itself. And any act of independence is anathema to those who would rule us.

Hunter Lovell in the Washington Examiner:

The South Carolina senator made the comments to reporters aboard Air Force One that he maintains an AR-15 in case “there’s a hurricane, a natural disaster, no power, no cops, no anything.”

His remarks were first revealed by Voice of America on Twitter. A reporter then asked him to clarify if he meant the semiautomatic rifle was for looters.

“Yeah, people, they’re not going to come to the AR-15 home,” Graham responded. “Well, I think if you show up on the porch with an AR-15, they’ll probably go down the street.”

One of the survivors of the awful El Paso massacre, Christopher Grant, a black man, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that he was surprised his mother didn’t have her gun with her : “I ran towards my mother to try and shield her. And I’m like ‘mom.’ Cause my mom is a gun-wielding grandma. She carries a snub-nose Smith and Wesson, 38 special with a built in scope in it — everywhere she goes.”

This was probably not something CNN wanted to report while visiting survivors in hospital. Why did this black woman carry a gun? For protection, of course.

It still has not occurred to the Left that gun laws only impact the law-abiding. Criminals break these laws all the time but politicians continue to ignore the fact that good people with guns prevent more mass shootings than gun-free zones. In fact, gun-free zones only place targets on the backs of the innocent humans there.

I think they know it well, and there are plenty of reporters who are capable of reporting it. But it will never happen. When we say “It doesn’t fit the narrative”, what we really mean is that the Dem, the left generally, and the press ( Yes, I repeat my self, they are all the same insidious block) will never report this, it will reduce dependency on them. The blacks aren’t the only slaves on the plantation, after all. And nothing is more liberating than the heft of a loaded gun in your hand, no longer a slave, you become a man or woman who has at least something to say about your future.

You know, in thinking about it, this may be part of the cause of these mass shootings, we have emasculated boys in our culture, maybe this is a perverted (because of the lack of father figures) grasp at agency over their life. Hard to say, and I’m no social scientist. But I know this when I pick up a gun, just like for me when I pick up a pair of Kleins, or a screwdriver, or meter, I become not some random opinionated guy on the internet, but an expert, a guy that knows how to do it, and more to the point, how not to do it.

I think somebody said this sometime, if they didn’t, they should have, and now I did.

We form our tools, and then they form us.

That is true whether it is a  screwdriver, a truck, a rifle, an MBT, or anything else. But tools are objective, they do not know good from evil, they can form either, that’s on us. And we are failing.

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6 Responses to Of Guns and Men

  1. Nicholas says:

    “Treat guns with respect” is the principle that springs to mind. Our culture is generally too tolerant of foolishness, and we are reaping the consequences. “Be a man” and “Take responsibility” can both be applied to the intellect as well as action generally.

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  2. the unit says:

    Yeah, it’s all starting to fade now. But still able to remember.
    Yep, self defense from local miscreants in days of yore.
    And I bet primarily for the founders, 2nd A was to prevent tyranny. No law needed to shoot thief.
    For Gramma that I saw shoot a squirrel in her front yard Sweet Gum tree with a double barrel 12 gauge, it was to provide supper for her grandchild. And then after skinnin’ it herself, fry on cast iron stove (with gravy), corn bread in oven, coal for fuel, mmmmmmmnnnnn…good!
    Falling asleep in Granpa’s lap in chair before the fireplace after dark with full tummy. Can’t be beat.
    Nicholas, that wasn’t the 80’s. 🙂

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  3. Jonathan Strange says:

    The fact that you would say “nothing is more liberating than the heft of a loaded gun in your hand, no longer a slave, you become a man or woman who has at least something to say about your future” only shows the depth of the problem. And your parenting skills aside, it is not emasculated boys.

    Having been involved in training, certifying, monitoring, and managing armed response forces to include many a young man or woman, the problem is precisely that it does not require training, certifying, monitoring, or managing to have a gun today, and too many idiots have them. For the vast majority of people a gun provides nothing, and the fact that you think you gain some power from hefting a gun only shows why.

    Let’s say you want to have a concealed carry permit in Nebraska. Do you have to have an eye exam? Is your medical background checked? If you are put on medication is the permit removed? What proficiency is required? Do you have to shoot a target at all? If so, what percentage of shots are required?

    According to one website, they provide the class in one day, no shooting is required, and that 8 hours provides a user with the false perception that they are now prepared to deal with dangerous situations and the “heft” of their weapon provides them power. This is wrong. A weapon is a responsibility. Continuous monitoring is not only essential, it should be demanded. Continual proficiency on a range, with the weapon removed if proficiency is not maintained and certified, should be required. Specific training in dealing with dangerous situations, above and beyond, should be demanded. The problem in the US is that too many people have guns who have no business having them, and the perception of what a gun provides overrides the actual responsibility of what a gun is and what it should be. And I am not anti-gun at all, but I am anti-idiot, and too many people are idiots.


  4. Scoop says:

    “Let’s say you want to have a concealed carry permit in Nebraska. Do you have to have an eye exam? Is your medical background checked? If you are put on medication is the permit removed? What proficiency is required? Do you have to shoot a target at all? If so, what percentage of shots are required?”

    I think this is a rather shallow look at the changes in American Society. Just as I may be ignorant of societal changes in the UK or Europe, I think you are speaking from a platform of ignorance.

    At age of 13 I could walk into Sears and buy a gun and all the ammunition that I needed; and anyone could. Like most kids who were of such an age in the late 50’s there were few gun accidents or murders as our ‘nuclear’ families taught us not only gun safety and responsibility with a firearm but we were also taught the sanctity of life and furthermore we practiced in remote fields and mountains by honing our skills by shooting cans, bottles, sticks, birds, snakes and squirrels and other assorted ‘targets’.

    What has changed as been cultural and political; those who would create hatred between classes, races, religions, wealth etc. I saw little of that in my youth and we didn’t have a politicians who wanted to make a name by dividing us into little enclaves of special rights and beliefs; we were simply Americans and we all played together, went to school together and generally got along.

    There is nothing wrong with returning to those times when we were free to own a firearm once we reached the age of 12 if our society was not hell bent on making us look upon every faction in the society as a danger or an enemy to be eliminated, regulated and general controlled by local, state and federal laws. For the sake of power and constituencies, they have purposely set-out to divide this once prideful society into one that now wants even more of our freedoms; some wanting to change the Constitution itself. The socialist and totalitarians that we fought and won our freedom from has now become a threat once again. I for one don’t trust such people and would rather be armed than to go quietly to the gulags or worse . . . putting up a fight even at the cost of death might have more integrity than becoming a domesticated herd of sheep, shepherded by these narcissistic panderers for money, fame and power.

    I suppose it is hard for those who grew up in a new normal where those rights were probably relinquished before they were born. But to stand and scream in horror seems not a good defense against a Muslim who is slicing off the head of one of your own military men on the streets of London without so much as a weapon amongst the on lookers. God help us if we have become so emasculated to such injustice and unmoved to come to aid of a innocent man being attacked.

    But then, the Governments of this world want that power to only reside in their hands. And as long as we think that makes good sense, then we have given them complete control of our lives, and they can get away with murder themselves. What’s going to stop them? Where do the Hitlers, Stalins and Mao’s come from? They have no compunction to kill their adversaries, even if they are merely political adversaries and their own countrymen.

    The cure is a return to civility and to Christian morality. When you kill babies in the womb and old people in nursing homes and call it good, then every perversion known to humanity is unleashed and we are seeing its fruits all around us. The answer will not be taking away guns it will be in removing diabolical narcissists from our government and returning to a common Christian ethic of a united people.

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