Weekly Funnies, Fredo Reappears

And so, Chris Cuomo thinks being called Fredo is a racial slur, personally, I think anybody stupid enough to think so is typecast as a Fredo, but then when I look in my mirror, I don’t see a useless propagandist for the CPUSA. His mileage no doubt varies.

Not to mention starting conspiracy theories

Funny, just the other day on our Hong Kong update, Scoop and I were discussing this in comments.



White privilege, right here

I. am. Booot.

Another move towards world dominance. Yay!

Who’s a good boy?

And, of course

And so another week of silliness, mostly unintentional, somebody will be just as stupid next week, depend on it.

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6 Responses to Weekly Funnies, Fredo Reappears

  1. the unit says:

    Oh, it’s Sunday’s Funnies at my house for sure. 🙂
    It was Natures’s God. Spring storm felled an old water oak that was here when we moved in in ’83.
    So decided I’d cut it up and split. Having tried to split water oak before knew I’d have to partially section with chain saw before splitting with iron wedge and axe. Been at it couple of weeks now. Lots of firewood and not through yet.
    Haven’t had fires in years since my cutting buddy bit the dust 15 years ago. But with all the firewood, wife said she would like to have a fire again come winter.
    So after all these years we decided to get fireplace doors. You know, to keep warm air from escaping in the night when the fire burns down. Never worried about that before until electric rates have risen. Used to wait ’til coals burned out then close flue in the morning and scoop out the ashes.
    Then we found out how much its going to cost. And studying the particulars, what type of glass? Does it have curtain type of spark screen? Gold plated or black iron? Are glass panels easily replaceable if broken?
    I then made my mistake. Said we are in this situation because you said you’d like a fire again. Then she said I’m the one who chose to buy a house with a fireplace in the first place. And one without fireplace doors even!
    I said we should ask for reparations from the original owners who built the dang place.
    So one thing lead to another. Politics.
    Yeah, all my fault, and reminded that I voted for dumb Trump. So I reminded her about dumb Biden…smart poor kids and visit by Parkland kids. And then I hear how Trump said windmills cause cancer.
    OK, we called a time-out and went outside to tend to Nature’s collateral responsibility for our surroundings.
    Gonna be a fun time until 2020. 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      Pro tip: If you bank the fire properly, you won’t lose all that much heat. OTOH dad heated his house for years with a heatilator fireplace, air blown around the firebox, and a grat that also blew air through, and he added glass doors too, mostly to cut the drafts so he could bank it better. And yes, he was tougher at 75 than I was at 25 after cutting and hand splitting those trees. And you know, I kind of miss it myself, beat hell out a gym membership. 🙂

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      • the unit says:

        I think when it’s about bedtime, being 77 and after all the splitting, I’ll pass on removing the hot grate and doing the banking (unless it takes a debit card). Since I can’t take it with me, I’ll spend it and just close the doors so the coals burn out without warm air escaping.
        P.S. My kidney doc says as far as he knows, I’m his only firewood splitting patient. 🙂

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