Sunday Funnies: Dodging Dorian

And so, welcome to September, and Hurricane season. As our Florida (and other southeast) readers hunker down, there are some things to laugh about. So lets.

A portrait of Dimmocraps, Lieborats, Never Trumpers, and Remoaners has emerged

Meanwhile, we should go to the beach


And, of course

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3 Responses to Sunday Funnies: Dodging Dorian

  1. the unit says:

    Well ok, seen a few video’s of storm’s present effects and after affects. Have a bit of PSTD after surge up to my nose on tippy,tippy toes floating 90 year old mom on her foam rubber mattress now many years ago in Katrina.
    Seems son will be spared the worst in Miami. Got sis- in – law in Daytona yet to go.
    Oh and, instead of following the red dot today, I’ll follow the lint in the navel. 🙂

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