The Seven Gifts within us

As most of you’ll know, I rarely do book reviews or even recommendations. Part of the reason for that is that much of what I read are specialist writing,   often historical in nature, and too often written in dry academic prose. It’s fine if one is after information, but it can be a trial to stay awake long enough to read.

This is not one of those, it is written by ‘The Sailor, whom I am proud to call a friend and a fellow commenter at The Conservative Woman, and got to me by a review by a fellow commenter contributor and occasional commenter here, and a dear friend, Audre  Myer. She wrote yesterday:

The blurb says it much better than I: ‘In the Earth, Seven Gifts were sown. Then the rain came . . . as a young boy taking on a profound and insane journey through strange, interwoven worlds to find and germinate the Gifts. He is aided by some of the most bizarre and memorable characters that have ever appeared in a book. From reject rock star to a lonely white dolphin, each shows the boy the way of each Gift. And with the guidance of an Angel in a mysterious garden, the boy awakens the Seven Gifts; and the Seven Gifts awaken us.’

When I finished reading the book – and let it sit awhile in my thoughts – I realised I had read something completely new. There is no other in likeness to this book. It is a ‘great’ book, in the manner in which ‘great’ books can transform your thinking by presenting things to you in a new way. It is a great book in the manner of being easy to read, well written, beautifully crafted, always pointing to the final chapter. It never loses itself in flowery words, over-abundance of description, extended character conversation. The book has a story to tell and lets that be its impetus.

Keep reading at A different kind of read. I bought it and read it yesterday, and all that she says is true. And yet, and yet, there is nothing here that many of us haven’t known for a couple of thousand years at least. But the Sailor presents it in a wholly new way, and so the story is fresh and alive and new.

As befits a man who calls himself the Sailor, and is a former commercial fisherman, yacht captain, as well as a Royal Navy officer there are a bit of the legends of seafarers here. It is woven skillfully into the story. It fits the story and adds much to it, perhaps because while everything about his life is different from mine, we are both technical people who deal with the real world up close and personal. Our perspective is not that different really

My reactions varied from a smile to a few chuckles, and yes, some tears. It moved me deeply, and will, I think, tend to haunt me. And that is a good thing.

He says this in the About the author on Amazon:

My Editor loved this book but was prevented from publishing it by the accountants who could not categorise it. She said it was “A most unusual and beautiful story”. They said it was so unusual that it “could sell millions, or one to his mother.” So far the latter is nearer the mark.

That too is easily believable. I think we’ve all met people like that accountant, who can’t see real things that don’t fit the pigeonholes beyond their green eyeshades. Too bad, it deserves to sell millions.

You can and you should get it here: The Seven Gifts within us, Amazon UK.*

I’m not going to give stars, if you need them to decide, go out tonight and look at the sky and count, that’s how many.

The only problem I see with this book is that those who need it most either won’t read it or will not ( or claim not to) understand

Bravo Zulu, Sailor and Audre

  • I’m not an Amazon affiliate so no disclaimers are needed.

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15 Responses to The Seven Gifts within us

  1. audremyers says:

    Oh, Neo! What a delightful surprise! How kind of you to have mentioned me. I hope you won’t mind (I should have asked first but was too excited, lol!) but I’ve sent this to the Sailor.

    Thank you, Neo. You are, indeed, a prince among men. Hugs!

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  2. the unit says:

    I’ve not read it. Will if I can find our Kindle and if it still works.
    So have utmost confidence with all folks here telling about this work. If I didn’t, I’d say the unicorn is going about cleaning up the mess where a pony must be. 🙂
    Be democratic…Leak the point. 🙂

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  3. the unit says:

    Finished it this evening. Don’t know it the purchase helped the author very much. Wife said it only cost $3.95 to download to our Kindle.
    You were right. I did enjoy. Like it said about George…”he even smiled”. You did and I did too. No tears here though.
    I particularly liked the seafaring terminology, nomenclature and descriptions of storms at sea. Been in some, had wife hoisted up by Coast Guard airlift years ago (white dolphin) out of our boat in a storm.
    The part about having to repeat again and again until it gets straightened out sounds a bit Surely McLainish though. 🙂

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