AG Barr at The Federalist Society

Attorney General William Barr gave the Barbara K Olson Lecture at the Federalist Society’s 2019 National Lawyers Convention.

It is a superb dissertation on the background and theory of the American system of government. I have never heard better. I highly recommend watching and paying attention.

Sometimes we forget, we have had, and we do ha some extremely intelligent and accomplished people in our government.

Since the AG said it all, there is little point to me adding my 2¢ worth.


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9 Responses to AG Barr at The Federalist Society

  1. I sure do love that cuddly teddy bear of an AG. Good thing this Barr bear is a grizzly.

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  2. audremyers says:

    Thank you for this link to AG Barr’s speech. I found myself either nodding my head emphatically, or shaking my head in sadness. It should be mandatory viewing and I would post it on my FB page but the people who REALLY need to see it and hear it, will just write him off as President Trump’s pit bull.

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    • NEO says:

      Yep, that is approximately 90% of the problem. Many of the answers are known, heck they were known to James Madison, if not John Locke. What was that comment, people who do not study history are condemned to repeat it, but the bad part is that people that do study history are condemned to repeat it by those who don’t, or something like that.

      In a sense he is PDT’s pitbull, and at this point in history, that is exactly what we need, just as we need President.

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  3. I cannot accept that we were trading one king for another. Mr. Barr needs to brush up on his Jefferson.

    The Federalist Society changes horses in midstream.

    Their rhetoric was completely different during the Obama years.

    Anything to stay in power.

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