The Strange Death of Europe

It’s probably safe to assume that many of you have heard of Douglas Murray’s The Strange Death of Europe. Murray is an Associate Editor of The Spectator and the author of The Madness of Crowds as well. It’s another one of those splendid interviews we have come to expect from Peter Robinson and The Hoover Institution.

There’s little to add to this, it’s his view, and it is a valid view, and in fact, it is very close to my own view, just better expressed. Except perhaps to wonder whether the United States can survive the death of our parent society.

And in an endnote of sorts, Chik Fil A announced yesterday that its charitable arm will no longer support the Salvation Army. That’s well within its purview so I’ll make no comment on it. What is within my purview is what I spend my money on, and it will not be with a hypocritical so-called Christian business who does not support the most effective Christian charity in the world. I find few things more irritating than hypocrisy, especially in favor of perhaps 1% of the population, whom the Sally Army already helps as necessary.

The Salvation Army is the only national/international charity that I find worthy of my money, and as such, for a Christian charity to not support it is beyond my personal pale.

Eat Mor Beef.

That does not mean I’m calling for a boycott or any other action. I’m merely stating what I will do. You do what you think is right.

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6 Responses to The Strange Death of Europe

  1. Scoop says:

    An excellent interview, NEO. I might also add the madness of the speed at which we are collective subjected to with all these changes. You wrap your mind around an aspect and were we to be able to grapple with an individual idea for more than a nanosecond to examine and perhaps debunk only to be hit with 10 more subjects that are also worthy of our efforts to debunk or rally against. It is sheer madness and speed at which this is happening is mind boggling and undecipherable, I see a worldwide collapse of civilization and a low point quickly approaching which will leave us either at war or enslaved and to some point one could probably say that we already enslaved and if not enslaved then functionally silenced by what is taboo in use of language and our being silenced by the elites from even entering the fray. The gods of the copybook headings may not even survive this latest onslaught..

    The more I analyze this world the more I fear that we are headed for disaster; civil war, hot wars between nation states or outright civil war which I am increasingly think will end in genocide for large swaths of peoples and their cultures. Christian religion is all but gasping for air the moment in all of Europe and without a miracle in our future it seems that if not settled in conflict it will be settled by attrition and birth rates.

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  2. the unit says:

    There is only one reprieve. American taxpayers got to pay reparations to the whole world. For SJW’s, ’cause you might have one critical DNA marker in your family somewhere back when somebody flipped the finger at somebody else.
    Only got through half the video so don’t know yet. Heard need for imported labor and ‘guilt cult’ responsible for it.
    I don’t suppose the wars of white folks against other white folks in Europe had anything to do with it? Well, for labor shortage at least.

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