Starkey on the Election

I’ve got a cold I can’t seem to shake, and the meds keep me falling asleep. So I’ve essentially got nothing prepared. Sorry. Meantime hears a video of Dr. David Starkey on last month’s British election. It’s very good.


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5 Responses to Starkey on the Election

  1. audremyers says:

    If ever anyone deserved a rest, it’s you. Depending on the meds you’re taking, keep in mind a nice hot toddy can help you sweat out the fever. Try to remember to eat a little something, even if it’s just toast. Keep yourself bundled up – a draft on top of already being sick can make life even more miserable. Lots of water and clear fluids. If you can’t sleep, bundle up on the couch and only watch comedies and romance comedies. Stay away from politics, climate, and narrative. 500 mg of vitamin C taken three times a day can cut the length of the cold and separated by hours between doses prevents unwelcome bowel reaction to the vitC.

    I hope you have someone who can look in on you from time to time. ?

    Praying for a quick recovery for you.

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  2. Nicholas says:

    What a fantastic interview – much that I agree with. Though you’ll appreciate that my legal background and my admiration for the American model gives me a perspective that is slightly different.

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