Now for Something Really Important

You guys ready for a break? Yeah, me too. I can’t say I’m tired of winning, but it is time to look around, as I suspect the President is preparing the counterattack. It will be Yuge, I think.

But back home in Indiana, it is basketball day. Now that’s important! There will be four high school games televised by Fox Indiana from the storied Memorial Gymnasium in Kokomo. The Girl’s sectionals are underway, in fact, there are 27 hours of basketball scheduled on TV. Tonight the Pacers play and honor the most remembered team (even if they changed the name). Yep, its a Hickory game, where the pacers show up in uniforms from the movie Hoosiers, Based on the true story of the 1952 Milan team that won it all. And to top all that off the Pacers have two very special guests coming in: Gene Keady, legendary coach of Purdue and Bob Knight, equally legendary coach of Indiana. Mark Montieth writing at reminds us…

Keady and Knight coached against one another for the first time on Feb. 1, 1981 and for the last time on Feb. 29, 2000. Keady’s Purdue teams won 21 times, while Knight’s IU teams won 20. It was that evenly matched.

Keady’s teams won six Big Ten championships during his 25 seasons at Purdue, including three in a row from 1994-96. He was voted the conference’s Coach of the Year seven times and is a member of the national college and junior college halls of fame as well as the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.

Knight’s teams won 11 Big Ten titles in his 29 seasons at IU, not to mention three national championships. He was voted conference Coach of the Year eight times and is a member of the national college and Naismith halls of fame.

Their teams usually played the toughest defense and most disciplined offense in the conference, sometimes making more free throws in a season than other teams attempted because of their shot selection. They rode their players hard in practice and rode the referees hard in games. They were different personalities, certainly, but always seemed to be aiming for the same way to win a game.

In fact, during that 20 year period, Purdue and IU owned the Big 10. And that is the centerpiece today as well, Purdue vs. Indiana at Assembly Hall. Again they are pretty even although nobody thinks they are going all that far if they even get to the big dance. A lot of that is down to the Big 10 itself. It is so even this year that anybody winning an away game is remarkable. It is likely the strongest basketball conference in the country.

And there are rumors that Knight and Keady may show up to that game as well.

All of this rather lends point to what Dr. James Naismith, who invented the game said when he attended the 1936 State Championship game between Frankfort and Fort Wayne Central…

In his first exposure to Hoosier Hysteria, he recalled that the sight of the stadium “packed with fifteen thousand people, gave me a thrill I shall not soon forget.”  During his visit, Naismith told an Indianapolis audience: “Basketball really had its beginning in Indiana which remains today the center of the sport.”  Expanding upon this comment, Naismith associated Indiana’s national distinction in basketball with the popularity and success of the state high school basketball tournament.

He was right then, and he still is today.

Like the guys at Hammer and Rails, I want to see that rivalry return to that level of greatness.

Makes me a bit homesick to tell you the truth, maybe this will help.

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7 Responses to Now for Something Really Important

  1. audremyers says:

    Don’t know nuthin’ bout no round ball, big guy, but LOVE Rosemary Clooney!

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  2. the unit says:

    Ok, a break is good.
    And so is Breaking News… a quote at Fox by Dr. Robert Siegal…
    “It is important to know if there was a specific mutation that facilitated the jump of the coronavirus to humans and if the virus has continued to evolve now that it has adapted to its new human hosts.”
    Must be his experience from observing TDS. 🙂
    Enjoy the Indiana basketball today.

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