Is it real?

There are few books that have captured my imagination in the way that The Harbinger has. When I purchased it, I read it twice; the original reading and the re-read it immediately after! It has to be a pretty good read to make a reader go from reading the last page of the story to turning to the front of the book and reading it again.

In hopes of not giving too much away about the story, here is part of the Wikipedia synopsis:


The author says that The Harbinger is a fictional story which is nevertheless concerned with a real-life connection: a prophecy about ancient Israel that was eventually fulfilled in the eighth century BC when Israel was destroyed, and certain events and facts related to the 9/11 terror attacks against the U.S. in 2001. Cahn calls these events and facts “harbingers,” and argues that they show a connection between ancient Israel’s destruction and a possible coming destruction of the present-day United States. He also says that ancient Israel received a warning before being destroyed, and that the 9/11 harbingers form a similar warning from God to America.[4]

The author argues that America was founded similar to ancient Israel and the Founding Fathers envisioned a country based on the rules of God and a Light Unto the Nations. The author lists a series of warnings or harbingers that were given to ancient Israel before its final destruction by the Assyrians and makes a parallel between each and the events of 9/11.

It’s not a long book – most could probably read it in an afternoon. But it is a powerful book. Easy to read, instantly grips the reader’s attention, and a logical progression of a series of events, ancient and recent, that makes the reader put the book down for a moment and reflect.

It isn’t just that the writing style is precise and devoid of excess verbiage – although there is that; and it isn’t just that the characters are interesting and recognizable – although it has that going for it, too. No, it’s the footnotes, a ton of them, supporting the theme and point of the story. Footnotes taken from history you don’t have to be very old to remember. I traced them; they are accurate.

I have The Harbinger, by Jonathan Cahn, on my tablet to read at any time. Good thing, too! I also bought the book and loaned it a lady at church; yeah, I’ll never see That book again. I also sent the book to my son in Texas. I received a call from him shortly after he finished reading it. He said, “Mom! Is it real?”

I suspect that’s what we all have to decide.

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