It is my duty as a good citizen of my country, state, and county, to stay abreast of the news so that I can respond according to suggestions and orders issued from the various federal, state, and local governments. As of 6 p.m. yesterday evening, I am ordered by my county government to ‘shelter in place’ – only one time has the Emergency Broadcast System in my state ever used its phone notification program, that was years ago in the wait for a huge hurricane to make landfall. That it is activated now just adds to the stress.

Stress. Not a good look for most people. My alcohol loving husband sits on the couch with a face like a thunder cloud because all the bars are closed now. He doesn’t do change well. On the bright side, for him and others of the ‘band of bar folks’, the liquor stores remain open (for how long? one wonders). Last evening, after virtually no conversation between us, I asked him if he was grumpy. I don’t think it occurred to him until I asked. He thought about it a minute and then said he was, a little.

So what to do? Part of getting through this rough patch is maintaining one’s sanity and equilibrium. Distractions. After I’ve read the headlines of all the major news feeds, after reading or listening to people whose opinions I trust, and making mental note of what I must do to stay prepared and ready to face the next challenge, I go off on a little trip – first stop, YouTube. Either Bigfoot is ‘sheltering in place’ or he’s gone ‘walkabout’. There are no new videos of his ever hiding self. I could use a good bigfoot video right now. There’s a lovely Russian woman I subscribe to – no politics, just life in general – who reported yesterday about Moscow being shut down and how the exchange rate of USD to rubles has gone way up – from 62r per dollar to 80r per dollar and hints of a continued rise. Nope – don’t wanna watch her right now, either. So … what else is there?

Netflix has some good distractions. Plenty of movies for those that love movies. Plenty of series, for those who like that. I’ve watched, since my retirement, most of those and so what I’ve taken to doing is, replay a series I enjoyed (The Crown (love this series!), Haven, West Wing (even though I’m Republican, it’s a wonderful program – the best acting Martin Sheen has ever done … ) and while I listen to the dialogue, I play mahjong solitaire on my tablet. That way, my hands are busy (what a time to try to quit smoking!) and my brain is engaged. I am distracted. It’s a good thing.

I love hidden object games and found a web site that offers a lot of them, with new ones added daily. One becomes so concentrated on trying to find items in a busy picture, one forgets we are on the verge of the collapse of civilization as we know it (sorry – that slipped in from some mainstream media outlet). If you play these games long enough, your eye is trained to find the items and then I add the additional challenge to see if I can find the items faster.

Distractions are good. Find the ones that give you comfort, challenge your brain, make you laugh, or sing along. We’ll get through this; we always do.


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