The Year of the Boomerang

Chinese Bat Soup flu, here, there, everywhere, nothing else holds fashion! As I said yesterday, I’m tiring of it, but there just isn’t much else, not even much politics to rant about. So we’ll talk a bit about consequences…

First, there was a semi-reasonable level of cooperation on relief legislation in the Senate. It was plenty bad, but about what could be expected. Then San Fran Nan showed up. The Federalist says:

And then Pelosi came back to town from her week-long vacation and announced the rare, rare bipartisan cooperation the country had seen in the Senate would end with her — and election politics would begin.

“Oh, I don’t know about Monday but we are still talking,” she said Sunday evening. “It’s on the Senate side now because that’s their deadline for a vote but we’ll be introducing our own bill and hopefully it’ll be compatible with that they discussed on the Senate.”

It was difficult to guess how she’d do this with the House in recess, but on Monday her office miraculously introduced a 1,400-page bill. Miraculous, until it became clear she’d simply unloaded the Democratic Party’s election platform into a bill intended to save Americans from bankruptcy and death in the face of a global pandemic.

Keep reading but the gist is that Nan’s bill would make sure that America stayed dead. Who knows? Maybe the ChiCom Politburo wrote it. No doubt they’d be overjoyed.

Over at Townhall, The Colonel has some thoughts on the players, and they are worthwhile.

There’s lots of blame because there are a lot of stupid people and institutions who should be blamed. There are also heroes. I wrote about them the other day. But most of the people you recognize from the idiot box were zeros.

The list of zeros must begin with the media, as if that’s a shock. If you were expecting anything but garbage from our media, you have not been paying attention for, oh, the last half-century. Like its establishment masters, the press was freaking out because the Democrat candidates were a collection of mutants and nothing they threw at Donald Trump could stop him, not emoluments, not taxes, not chicks, not Russia, not Ukraine, not Upper Volta, nothing. And then…the Chinese flu. Yeah, that was it! Yeah, that would totally get Trump! Yeah, instead of dealing with the bogus impeachment, Trump should have been rebooting Contagion, though when he cut Bat-Soupland off from direct air travel the smart set called him “racist.”

Yeah. Uh huh. M’kay.

And when the virus got going, the media decided that it should provide critical information to help people cope with the crisis, information like the freshly-minted notion that identifying a virus by its place of origin is racist. That was super-helpful and not-at-all-frivolous nonsense. Oh, and blaming Trump because mental defectives decided to gobble fish tank cleaners – without mentioning the fish tank cleaner part.

Someday, an expert is going to write the definitive book on the modern American media. That expert will be a proctologist.

A big hero is Dr. Anthony Fauci for going everywhere and talking to everyone. Yeah, he’s a liberal in his personal life. He seems to like Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit for some reason but he does what you should do in his position and plays it straight. Where he disagrees with the president, he does it respectfully and without the spittle-spraying insanity of the Never Trump set, and where he thinks the president is right, Dr. Fauci says so. Sure, some conservatives are suspicious of him, and that’s no surprise. What is shocking is seeing someone not being a liberal hack.

Nancy Pelosi is another huge zero. Boy, talk about stepping on your Ted Lieu. Her idea about tanking the relief bill and trying to force her liberal Kwanzaa shopping list of commie fetishes down America’s throat was a strategic blunder of incredible proportions. Nancy forgot that it’s not 1970, when she was 62 years old, anymore. Her media pals will try to cover for her but the gatekeepers got no gate no more to keep. The truth came out and she wilted under the heat. The Dems look like idiots.

Yep, to all he says.

Why the Year of the Boomerang? Because we’re six months out from a presidential election, and one party is obviously trying to destroy the America most of us grew up in, and six months isn’t even close to enough time for anybody to forget.

I think they will pay a terrible wonderful price, and once again we will see the glories of American world leadership.

And the Chiucoms? They too are off on the journey to the scrap heap of history. Being an enemy of America tends to have that effect, at least when we care enough.


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14 Responses to The Year of the Boomerang

  1. audremyers says:

    Good article. I wonder … the Colonel that is quoted above; is he a ‘cousin’ Colonel?

    Neo – o, ye of long memory and deep knowledge – please explain to me how Biden is ‘the man’. How – in what galaxy far, far away – is he a ‘valid’ contender to the highest seat in the land? I am aging, too, and am not as sharp as I used to be so I am sensitive to the fact that Biden should be home, being gran’pa and dad, and not vying for the most stressful position in the whole of the country. You cannot tell me that, God forbid, should he win the presidency, it will not be run by a hundred different people hiding behind the chair in the Oval Office.

    But I digress …

    I monitor and evaluate what I watch and listen to anymore. The aquarium death was the last straw. I can’t deal with this anymore. What would the Left do without Trump? He is their reason for living, evidently. My dearly beloved sister sent me not one but two ‘compilations’ of “Trump’s lies”. I did a slow burn, sat and smoked half a dozen cigarettes staring at my keyboard and mentally crossing out all the really nasty things I wanted to say to her. But she’s my baby sister and the one to whom I feel the closest. In the end, I didn’t say anything at all – Trump or no Trump, she is my sister and I love her and I won’t allow the madness she is infected with to interfere with our relationship. But it caused me to look back on how, over the last few years, she has changed. She used to be kind of ‘up’ and funny – much like my wonderful self (wink) – but she has become sullen and mean-spirited and narrow-minded. Thank you, Rachel Maddow.

    Between covid-19 and the socialists who will stop at nothing to unseat our president, it’s a wonder I’m not sitting in a corner somewhere, sucking my thumb.

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    • NEO says:

      Nope this colonel is Kurt Schlichter, a former army Lt Colonel and now a lawyer in LA and a a Townhall columnist, who tends to leave the bark on, which is part of his charm. 🙂

      Biden is, in my view, a politician and a grifter (American usage) because he couldn’t now, and never could have earned an honest living. Bernie is not much different.

      I’ve seen TDS (and BDS before it) cause exactly those symptoms in several people I know. It’s sad. By common consent, in our family we never, ever discuss politics, because if we do, we will no longer be family. And yet, they are all good responsible,people, but completely deluded on this.

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    • the unit says:

      Yeah, I love my sister-in-law who came from Hawaii to help wife after knee replacement, which was postponed the morning after she arrived. She got to leave for home this morning after being here 12 days, for what turned out to be a visit.
      Of course she was apprehensive while here wondering if shelter in place might be decreed and she couldn’t go home. So there has been a bit of panic in the air around here which settled on my wife, her sister.
      I’ve been going out for early morning shopping during time reserved for those 65 and above (not enforced though at my grocery) to get supplies before this situation may get dire. Took seven days straight before getting one package of TP.
      Well, now it is beginning to pick up the number of cases of the disease here. And wife has admonished me that I have got to stop going in anywhere. So guess I will.
      BTW sis-in-law told me first about the disease aerosolized droplets in the air for three hours, which I later read is so.
      So I guess everything in the grocery and drug store is now likely contaminated with settled droplets. Hope sis-in-law being in recirculated airplane air for probably 18 hours makes it home safely.

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  2. audremyers says:

    Neo – yeah, but it’s getting harder and harder!

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