A Couple of Questions

Interesting. Michael O. Church is one of my first three subscribers, if not the very first, it’s been a while! He’s had enough, mostly of the free WordPress site. Let him tell it:

At some point, WordPress began running banner ads under my essays, without paying me, because I was using the free tier, so fuck that guy. I never saw the ads on my own blog, when logged in, and now I understand why. If WordPress bloggers (like this dumb sap) knew how intrusive the ads were, they’d be less likely to create content.

The banner ads were ugly— and I wasn’t making any money off the damn things— but I was willing to tolerate them… laziness, inertia, not wanting to start over.

Yeah, same with me, I can live with it, easier than I can do the work involved with having my own.

Not just a banner ad, but a block ad, right between paragraphs. A fear-based fake-news ad, on top of that. F[*]cking garbage, in the middle of my writing.

I never allowed this. I am embarrassed that this piece of garbage ran between two paragraphs of my writing. I am f[*]cking done with this shit.

One of you guys who sees them want to tell me if they’re that bad here, I don’t see them and if I log out my adblocker kills them. So let me know, don’t know that I’ll do anything about it, but it would be nice to know

The Duran is asking a question I have been asking myself as well…

An economic cataclysm has been unleashed upon the world by Western politicians and bureaucrats. Unbelievably, economic activity in the West has slowed to a creep, as entire populations have been confined to their homes for weeks, if not months. As a result, millions have had their lives turned upside down. Most entrepreneurs and self-employed have had their livelihoods jeopardized.

The EU economy may shrink by 5% according to the ECB, and similar figures are forecast for the US. The economic devastation wrecked upon Western economies by governments will have consequences for many years to come. It will inevitably lower the quality of life of European and US citizens for a long time, impacting their health as well.

It is important to understand that this disaster is not the result of the Coronavirus pandemic, which is a public health problem, but of overzealous government officials reacting to the pandemic.

It’s an interesting point, particularly since it appears that if we just left it alone, it would, at worst, be slightly less bad than our normal flu season.

I can think of a few scenarios where I can identify a group which gains, ranging from the Chicoms themselves to the whole Orangemanbad sorority. But I think somebody in Washington might want to look at this with a thought or two about the future. In essence, cui bono, as always.  The author gives some excellent suggestions, but this one stands out for me.

But the strongest pressure on governments probably comes from the media, in particular in the current times of pervasive internet and social media. Politicians are now constantly scrutinized and held responsible in a way that they were not just a generation ago. Further, mass media is prone to dramatize and exaggerate events, as this things makes for better ratings, but also because journalists are not virologists. Mainstream media often tends to misinterpret and simplify the facts, inadvertently or not. An example of this is the mortality rate of Covid-19, which is constantly reported to be much higher than it is, because only declared cases are used (CFR). More generally, the prevailing attitude from the media is that everything must be done to save a small minority of the entire population today, even if that comes at the price of future economic pain for tens of millions of people. This is the classic socialist and interventionist dilemma: where does it stop? In a world of scarce resources, how much taxpayer money should be spent by the State to save one life?

Read it all, it’s good stuff.

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10 Responses to A Couple of Questions

  1. the unit says:

    ?. I don’t and never have seen any ads here.

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  2. audremyers says:

    I love you, Neo but, uh … no thanks. I’ll pass.

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  3. Nicholas says:

    I don’t suppose both you and Audre can be right, but I’m sympathetic to both sides. It’s true that a lot of damage is being done to the economy, but it’s also true that life is sacred and we are supposed to act responsibly once we’ve been put on notice.

    In any event, I feel a bit like i’m in an asylum – it’s very weird working from home in the way that I have been this week – not like when I used to mark work on my days at home when I was a part-time teacher. Much as I hate the commute and all of that, I miss the set-up at the office.

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    • NEO says:

      I’ve worked most of my career from home, and never could stand the regimentation of the office – the job site was more than enough.

      My own thinking is that it is probably necessary, at least psychologically, but needs to be pretty much over by Easter, if not Palm Sunday. But we seem to have a better hold on it that the UK does at this point.

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