Oh Settle Down

I look at my files and what have I got? Chinese Bat Soup Flu, enough of it to fill, at least the Indian Ocean. I’m tired of it, tired of the lies the media tells us, tired of trying to perceive the truth through the smoke that the left generates, and above all tired of non-cures that will kill more Americans than this hyped flu would if we just all ignored it. Maybe that’s why I like a blast of common sense from The Adaptive Curmudgeon. Maybe you will too.

I’ve seen this movie before. You have too. It’s easy to forget but there’s a ready aid to recollection. Deliberately keep the events of the day at arm’s length. Perspective reminds us that most “momentous” events are forgotten immediately, the rest are forgotten gradually. Only a fraction leave a mark.

Here’s one example among many; the great depression left its mark but Y2K didn’t. Ironically, if you dig up news of the time, the opposite appears true. During the great depression the word they used for their momentous event was “just another shitty day”. In modern parlance that’s “this is the new normal”. It was a long slow transformation. One could experience it yet not even recognize what was happening. On the other hand, newspapers (remember them?) from late 1999 describe a people fretting that Y2K was lurking under their bed at night. Y2K loomed, it could have been huge, it wasn’t, it passed, it was forgotten. We know this. People in December 1999, did not.

The memory of past fads and mass movements makes you seem odd. Keep the press at bay and the phone on silent. In a few years you will will note but not swim in the swirling currents of public opinion.

Now there is some serious truth, one which I have trouble with periodically. Why? Pressure to get a post up is part of it, so is Hubris that I have real answers, when often they are suppositions informed by experience, which is often, although not always, a definition of common sense.

What about the opposite side of the aisle, the sort that hates UBI but loves deregulation? Are they any different? Not really. What are they doing? Suspending regulation. I have more sympathy for that approach, but it doesn’t mean I’m learning. I like deregulation with or without the gorilla to justify it. Deregulators aren’t learning and neither am I. I’m just cheering people for doing what I already wanted them to do.

Consider “survivalists”; formerly called “pioneers” and now renamed with the balless Newspeak euphemism “prepper”. They had adequate reserves in advance. They see this virus as justification to their actions. I have sympathy with that approach. I have two freezers full of food and all sorts of associated shit. I keep a full pantry with or without the gorilla. Whether it’s COVID19, a Russkie ICBM, or a hurricane, advance stores is a tool some of us like to use. The folks that don’t like that approach (they correctly realize it’s a PITA) piss and moan about hoarding. Because that’s what they do. They piss and moan. It’s the tool they prefer. One man’s “preparation” is another man’s “hoarding”. As flu rampages through our imagination and slowly shambles toward reality, nobody is changing their mind. Everyone’s walking the path they already chose.

I’m a loner by nature. Introvert. More likely to talk to a stack of firewood than a stranger. (Better conversation.) I’m self quarantining. But I do damn near the same thing every flu season (with admittedly mixed results). Others are gregarious, desperate to be with the herd. So they’re breaking quarantines or at least bitching mightily about the situation. We are all doing what we do.

There’s a fair amount more, all of it with the same sort of calm common sense that we don’t hear very much of. Those of us of a certain age will recognize it though. It’s the voice of our fathers and grandfathers (mothers too, of course). You know those folks who lived through the shitty days of the depression, when whole states were blowing on the wind, and then kicked Hitler and company’s asses right into Hell where they belonged.

The best way to learn something? From history. Go and do likewise.

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Lineman, Electrician, Industrial Control technician, Staking Engineer, Inspector, Quality Assurance Manager, Chief Operations Officer

29 Responses to Oh Settle Down

  1. audremyers says:

    Off to write … your fault.

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  2. the unit says:

    I’m an early riser most mornings. Usually up two hours or so before the missus awakens around sevenish. Since this social distance and stay home recommendations from CDC, I’ve gone to the early opening of our grocery now for a week straight for “essentials”, which the experts say you can do. Took a week to finally get a roll of tp.
    Now I didn’t go yesterday or today as the missus had admonished me a couple of days ago about it and I was certain she meant it. So what was the first thing she said this morning to me, knowing my recent shopping pattern? It wasn’t “good morning” as used to be the normal. It was “did you go to the store?”
    I didn’t lie saying “no.”
    I’m going to use common sense and wait to go when she goes to her “essential” hairdresser appointment (if it’s still open).

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  3. Nicholas says:

    I’ve actually become increasingly agnostic about a lot of things over the years, especially since studying epistemology. There’s a lot we can’t know with any real certainty, so we have to act on the basis of our conscience and the information available to us (that does not mean people can’t make stupid decisions, of course).

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  4. Scoop says:

    I think there is much truth written here. Back in the Asian Flu epidemic of 1957 I am pretty sure that I got it (as I got a cold or 2 and a flu almost every year). I don’t even remember it which says something about that event. Typhus and polio were forgotten by parents and grandparents pretty much and Covid-19, I imagine will fail to have a lasting memory. The economic downturn and how we handle it might turn out to be the same or if mishandled be a lasting memory of those who spent years out of work and broke etc. All I know is that illnesses without a known treatment are not new and they take their share of casualties but it is a given that we of a certain age take as a given. It does seem that nothing is expected to be a given anymore and we are placing more blame the government for ‘acts of God’ than we are on life as usual. Tornados and Hurricanes are the Presidents fault (if they are Republicans) and now illness is the fault of the President as well. The only outbreak that spread with the help of the president was the Spanish flu because we needed men to keep volunteering for the army to fight the First World War. Even the seer’s of Fatima were not immune from this. But who talks about this much outside of virologists and the like. It is lost to our ordinary living.

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    • NEO says:

      That’s what struck me with AC’s post as well. It’s true, diseases (perhaps unless you lose someone close) are blips, but in his choice of the great depression we lost a whole decade, that’ll leave a mark! And you know, I suspect some people will see the years between 2007 and 2017 the same way. S2D2 for real.

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      • Scoop says:

        Wouldn’t surprise me. AC needs to be put in a padded cell somewhere . . . and it surprises me how her ‘words of wisdom’ are like the old commercial, “when EF Hutton speaks, everyone listens”. The inmates are running amok in the asylum.

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  5. the unit says:

    I remember personal prep-ing for Y2K vividly. Even storing oats, grain, and whatall in plastic drums that 100# pool chlorine came in, with air forced out by bleeding in nitrogen and sealing with silicon caulk.
    So like AC said “it wasn’t”. I never read why it wasn’t. I discussed it (in blog comments) with Mark America. He said it was because of timely preparation by network engineers, like himself. I don’t know and wouldn’t understand the technology if explained to me. Mark in charge of the computer system of a large EMS near San Antonio and his units were sent out to Fort Hood when Nidal Hasan shot it up.
    P.S. I still have a bit of nearly 20 year old tp. Just soft as ever. 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      My understanding is the same as Marks. The problem somewhat simplified, was that a lot of computer systems were designed to run 6 digit date (03/27/20) partially because memory was expensive and,well, who looks ahead 30 years. 🙂 But when we rolled into 2000 the programs would have interpreted that as 1900 making a helluva mess. That it passed as smooth as it did is down to people doing a good job..

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      • the unit says:

        Funny, I was just thinking 30 years ahead. Well, wondering whatever will be will be when my new granddaughter is 31 1/2.
        Starting a new Douglas Richards book tonight while cooped up, so maybe will shed some light on that since I might miss it in a ‘Split Second’ (first one I read). 🙂

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        • the unit says:

          Just for fun on this weekend, now reading to the middle of ‘Seeker’, another Douglas Richards book.
          Plugged it into the USB socket in my nose and downloaded…
          Let nano-docs “injected into the bloodstream. Each would be capable of moving individual atoms, proteins, and cells around. They would bolster our immune systems. But this time with an intelligence our evolution-based system, although impressive, can’t match. Invaders would be identified by these nano-docs and wiped out much faster than our immune system manages–before the pathogens have a chance to multiply. We’d never get sick again.”
          Get with it Dr’s Nano-Fauci and Nano-Birx. 🙂

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        • NEO says:

          Sounds reasonable. 🙂


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