Hypocrisy, Valor, and Prayer

Well, something new today and something that pleases me greatly. We are featuring a post by a guest author, whose nom de internet is 39 Pontiac Dream. He’s a friend of both Audre and me and lives in north Norfolk, England. It’s something I’ve wanted ever since Jess left, I find the English view of events here informative, and like so many of us, I care about what is happening to the cousins. So, Here’s Pontiac

The Hair Raising Hypocrisy of the Media

Take this title with a pinch of salt. It’s nothing more thanconjecture on my part, in relation to hat some might see as quite superfluous. In the UK, though, this superfluous musingcould potentially mean something quite different.

As Tina (my better other half as Neo and Audre will tell you) and I were watching the news ecently, Tina turned to me and asked, “who is doing their hair and makeup?” A relatively straight forward question with a simple answer in normal times however, here in good old Blighty, the hair and beautysector are being told that they will be some of the last businesses to reopen, considering the close and personal contact with their clients. If, however, those in the media are still using them, then they are disobeying the lockdown measures they propagate every day. Tina informs me (I’m a bloke – how the hell would I know?!) that hair and makeup, in relation to television, is a tricky business. The makeup, for one, and considering the cameras, the lighting, the heat in the studio has to be applied to ensure the presenters look completely natural. Apparently, that takes years of training and is not something a presenter would know how to do. With regards hair, not one of our news presenters or reporters look any different, presentation wise, to how they did before the lockdown. Some on the BBC insist they’ve been doing it themselves but I seriously doubt that. If they are, indeed, cutting their own hair, then inevitably there’d be someone who has made a mistake; cut one side higher than the other; cut a chunk out of the back of their hair leaving a bald spot. Inadvertently cut their fringe too short. There are no tell tale mishaps to back up their claims that they are doing it themselves which makes me suspect that they are not doing it themselves, as they say. They should, to all intents and purposes, all look as dishevelled as Boris Johnson does on one of his morning runs but they don’t so I ask again – who is styling these presenters?

If they’re not breaking the rules and are doing it themselves then you have to ask whether the stylists the BBC (and other channels) usually employ are now surplus to requirements
because I see no difference in how they look now to how they looked before.

I have no idea whether this sector, in the States, is suffering in the same way as it is here in Britain but I’m surprised no one has even thought to ask.

As I told Pontiac, likely they are employees of the network and considered essential, because TV makeup is pretty specialized. It can also be important. Back in 1960, the presidential candidates had a debate, Nixon refused makeup and Kennedy did not. By the transcript, it was nearly a draw, but Nixon won on the radio (more important then than now, of course) but Kennedy won on TV. Something to think about. But it is pretty hypocritical.

So say “Hi” to Pontiac in comments and let us know what you think, as well.

Today is an anniversary as well, of course, as most here will remember. Today 76 years ago, it must have felt pretty lonely in Southern England, as some million soldiers mounted the invasion of the continent that would result in VE day in about 10 months.

On April 2d of that year, A.P. Herbert published a poem that we should remember more than we do.

Boadicea from the Bridge looked down,
And saw the Yankee tanks invade the town.
Boadicea held her head more high
To hail the Sherman and the proud G.I.
‘Eyes right!’ she said. ‘Fine fellows though you are,
You’re not the first to drive an armoured car.
Halt, soldiers, halt! For here is one can tell
A tale of fighting chariots as well.
Look up, brave girls. In a.d. 61
I led the lads, and saw the Roman run.
God speed you too against an alien mob:
God bless you all for joining in the job.
By Grant! By Sherman!’ said the queen of queens.
I wish I’d had such men, and such machines.’

They passed. And Parliament, across the way,
Discussed the principle of equal pay.

I can remember waking up every Saturday to watch TV at 6:30 in the morning, no, not cartoons, a show called The Big Picture made by the Signal Corps. It showed various things the army was up to and was pretty interesting. This is one episode.


The Longest Day indeed, for here the future of Europe was decided for a generation by the Anglo Saxon powers. They went in with our prayers behind them, of course. In the United States led by the President.

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8 Responses to Hypocrisy, Valor, and Prayer

  1. audremyers says:

    In my very best English, It just don’t get no better than this!!! Neo and 39 Pontiac Dream (I just call him 39 – we’re friends [wink]) on the same stage at the same time. I feel a unique ‘completeness’ to my day!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. the unit says:

    Well, hi Pontiac.
    Yeah, I’d look like Boris except been cutting my own hair since ’85. Daughter gave me a haircut kit back then. When cutting you just got to learn which way to move while looking in the mirror. Bald spot already there. 🙂
    Of course have a moustache like Mattis suggested to his troops to blend in. But before.
    Momma told me her grandmomma was Dutch Quaker and we were kin to Chief Pontiac and Henry Hudson.
    I think she was just encouraging my imagination. Later learned my ancestor was Uncle Hut, a Hutson.
    Dad upgraded his ’47 Pontiac to a ’50 Desota. Didn’t last long though, ’54 Olds was the better. 🙂
    Welcome Pontiac

    Liked by 1 person

    • 39pontiacdream says:

      Cheers, the unit.

      I’m not too sure I’d even attempt cutting my own hair. It grows at the speed of light so I’d be doing it once a month and considering my clumsiness, I’d end up like Van Gogh! My Tina is an artist (specialising in sculpture) so cutting hair for her is a doddle. Always better to leave things to the professionals!

      I keep hearing of Pontiac’s and the idea of driving one sounds splendid but, as Audre and NEO will tell you, I’m new to this game. Maybe some day…

      Liked by 3 people

      • the unit says:

        ’58 was the one. Nothing on the street could beat it. “Maybe some day…”…emerge at your own pace…but be sure to give a blinker signal. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Nicholas says:

    I have generally tried to keep away from all the COVID “news”, etc since most things I come across just make me angrier. A confirmed misanthrope, I have been repeatedly angered at the constant breaking of the social contract (which, lets face it, was not in good condition before this pandemic). “The centre cannot hold”, as NEO quote is certainly true in our times – there will soon be no centre left if we are not careful; that is why I am rallying behind the PM, even when he makes mistakes.

    Liked by 1 person

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