Sunday Funnies, and All That Chaz

Another week.




And, of course


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7 Responses to Sunday Funnies, and All That Chaz

  1. 39 Pontiac Dream says:

    The statue at the top of the skyscraper with the caption, “come and get me, jackasses” is brilliant! You don’t want to elevate all of them that high but maybe we should push Churchill and Baden-Powell a little higher, just long enough for a few of the thugs to make the treacherous climb and land on their stupid backsides!

    Apologies for not posting on your excellent Vera Lynn tribute yesterday. It was a tough day in the garden and everything hurt when I got back inside. Tina and I raised a glass to her memory as, I’m sure, many other good British patriots did.

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    • NEO says:

      Fair enough on Vera, and yes, I do love her music. I’ve had those days, although not enough of them recently! 🙂

      That would be William Penn, by law and custom the highest point in Philadelphia, and decidedly a Quaker colonial bigot, whom we still love, and apparently, Oxford still claims as well.

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  2. audremyers says:

    Oh, my gosh, Neo!!! You’ve outdone yourself! So many TRULY funny bits here. I can imagine you laughing as you compile them.

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  3. I had a buddy that met Elvira Mistress of The Dark. He said she was a wonderful lady that was down to Earth and treated her fans really well. The irony is that she is older than many of our parents. I always wanted to ask her if I could call her “Cassandra”. I dig that name.

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    • NEO says:

      I too have heard that she is a very nice lady. Judging only by her public campaigns, I’d guess that she’s a bit young for me, darn it! 🙂

      Yeah, I like the name Cassandra, not my favorite, but close.

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