Random Observations.

Walking among the flowers and thorns of YouTube, I discovered some things I thought I would share with you.

You can tell it’s summer. Shawn Hannity and Tucker Carlson have sunburns. Tucker’s looks really painful; Shawn’s is not so bad. We can tell there are no makeup employees because they wouldn’t be radiating that ‘glow’ if there were.

Lon and I are tall therefore, ergo, we don’t have a noose on our garage door.

“Where are the police when you need them?” Right where you put them – out of the picture and leaving in droves. Didn’t take much thought to figure that out.

The Biden Polls are wrong. Well, as we used to say, “No sh–, Sherlock!” Listen, folks here’s the thing about polls. They only count the number of people who respond to them. So what is being measured is a finite group of folks who were so ‘moved’, I guess, to take the poll. The reason no one saw Trump coming is because people like me – millions of them – don’t do ‘polls’. The only poll that matters happens on election day.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are Marxist groups. Ya think???

Dave Rubin used to be a minor voice on YT. He studied at the feet of Jordan Peterson for a year, traveling with him, appearing with him, worshiping him. Now ‘he’ is the voice of reason. Umm … ok.

Democrats Block GOP Policing Policy. Ok – and you’re surprised why, exactly?

There’s a young father in Oklahoma who videos his home farm (not like real farmers, but he’s into chickens, pigs, that sort of thing). I watch his videos because he kinda-sorta looks like my son who lives in Texas and whom I miss dearly. When he goes into the porch or into the kitchen for whatever reason, the place (a pretty big house, actually) is stuffed, crammed full of STUFF. Would drive me crazy but I’m kind of a neat freak and I try to remember they have three children but it’s not toys that fill that house. Yesterday, he posted a video that they have purchased 40 acres and going to go off-grid. I started laughing – how are ya gonna power up that camera, sport? But he plans on solar panels and windmills. (Still laughing) Ok, then! I will continue and watch this debacle as it unfolds.

There’s a 30-something gentleman on YT who does ‘reaction’ videos to music he’s never heard before. I enjoy him because he’s funny, winds up loving the music of MY generation (can you imagine being almost 40 and hearing Meatloaf for the first time???) and because he’s got a good heart and a gentle soul. George Floyd came up in a ‘special’ video. I was so afraid to listen – he gives me so much joy and laughter, I didn’t want to have to write him off. But I forced myself to listen. He was spot on. What he said was folks who watch his videos are black, white, American, international, young and old. And that on his channel, all we’re going to see and hear is peace and love. He’s right; that’s all we get and we’re grateful for it. Love you, Jamel.

Since ‘quarantine’ or lockdown, or ‘shelter in place’ – depending on what it’s called where you are, there have been no new bigfoot sightings. All I can imagine is the ‘foots are tickled to death to be able to scratch their behinds, take the kids out for a walk, and get a little romantic in the privacy of their woods. But I miss you, buddy! Recordings of your vocalizations are simply not enough.

So that’s my take on this morning’s romp around YouTube. I wonder what kind of observations you’re making. Maybe list them in the comments below?


14 Responses to Random Observations.

  1. 39 Pontiac Dream says:

    I’m trying to limit my random observations at the moment. Society and politics are too depressing and very recently, our archidiot of Canterbury has waded in – again – to talk of abolishing everything in churches and cathedrals he doesn’t like. It’s not good for the blood pressure. That said, I convinced Tina recently to give up the license fee and we haven’t watched anything for a good while. Except for videos on YT – the Delingpod, Sargon and the Hodge twins. Tucker Carlson has become a new favourite too and his tales of chaos in the US are shocking to hear.

    We’ve been attempting to sort out both the inside and outside of our house recently and the garden, in particular, will be a work in progress for some months. We popped out yesterday and found a beautiful natural reserve, practically on our doorstep, which we had planned to picnic at today but I had too much drink last night, I’m still technically over the limit, and we had to knock that on the head for a different day. A shame because getting out in the sunshine, into the woods and the open air is a perfect tonic to the crap that is happening in both our countries.

    I await your tales of Bigfoot with anticipation. The Bigfoot story from the Sunday Funnies recently had me in stitches. It’s good to laugh.

    While I have you here, I saw your response to me, on the Peel article a few days ago, this morning. I hope you didn’t see my response to you as antagonistic? As I stated, in responses to NEO and Scoop, I was speaking as someone who would feel uncomfortable living in a country with the 2nd amendment. Considering what is happening in your country at the moment, though, I understand why conservatives are preparing themselves. When your leaders are stepping aside and are allowing criminals a free reign, the last defence will inevitably fall on the citizens so I understand much more than I did the other day.

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    • audremyers says:

      The first thing you have to know is when I say I love you and Tina, I really mean it. When I say you are like family, I really mean it.

      When I saw your opening expression, I was upset – not at you, but that I had gone too far and should have kept my opinion to myself. I treasure you both. But I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t mean everything I said. We learned what’s worth fighting for and my country is worth fighting for – even in the streets. If people come to my neighborhood with bad intent, and prove that bad intent, we are not going to lay down and beg for mercy. We will defend our home and we will defend our country. I’m Christian first but I am 100% American; I would die for my country.

      You, on a day to day basis, would not know you were living in a second Amendment country if you were here. We’re not all packin’ heat, lol. Most of us keep it at home, under lock and key, and out of the way. You might see more ‘hardware’ in the northern mid-west but that’s rough country out there and they need their guns with them because of bears, moose, elk, mountain lions, etc. But aside from the rural places, we’re no different than anywhere else.

      In any event – relax. You are in my heart.

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      • 39 Pontiac Dream says:

        And when we say we love you, we really mean it. Tina and I aren’t really trusting people – and for good reason – so it takes us a while to warm up to anyone. That we know and trust you is a massive compliment and that we have your trust and love means the world to both of us.

        As for defending your country, I understand completely. Tina assures me that even if we achieve the ways and means to better our lives, we wouldn’t leave England because it is worth fighting for. I agree, in parts, but it’s depressing to see so many bad things happen, with the encouragement and support of our leaders and media.

        You’ve certainly given me a better impression of your country than my initial worries so, when the time comes, we would love to cross the pond and visit. It’d be nice when we’re over there to catch up with you, Mina and DA, as well as visiting one of Tina’s art friends who lives just outside Chicago. Hopefully, Trump will still be in charge.

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  3. Alys Williams says:

    I can’t keep up with the madness and I have to try really hard not to get wound up by all the crap. I stay sane by watching and listening to reasonable people talking reasonably like Peter Whittle On So What You’re Saying Is, The Brendan O’Neil Show, The Delingpod among others and by reading The Conservative Woman of course. We have to unite and push back as hard as we can. make our voices heard in any way we can and hope that eventually things will calm down but it will take years and years to reverse the damaage that has been done by the left’s complete takeover of our institutions both sides of the Atlantic, if it can be done at all.

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    • audremyers says:

      I have a new mantra -The England that ruled the world is still strong, still fighting. The America that holds the dream, holds it still. What was it that George Bush said after 9-11? “We will not falter; we will not fail”. Amen. And again I say Amen.

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  5. the unit says:

    Well, it’s Saturday now. Yesterday while I was tiptoeing through the flowers, I stooped to pluck up a few innoxious vines. I wasn’t there to do major garden work, just passing and grabbed those which stood out that I saw. So didn’t have gloves on. Didn’t see the Devil’s Eyelash mixed in there resulting in several small thorns in my fingers.
    Thank goodness for thumbs and their finger nails when squished together against them to remove those irritating stickers.
    It worked for relief and didn’t need the National Guard. 🙂

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