I Wish I was Neo.

As you well know, I am neither politically savvy nor a student of history. Far from, on both counts. But I admire those talents greatly and wish I had paid more attention in school and then throughout my life. But I didn’t and so I spend time playing catchup with folks like Neo who I will never even be able to see as the carrot in front of me because he is so far ahead of me.

Aside from voting for President Trump, and knowing and understanding the Republican Platform, the two years I’ve been retired have been my high school civics/government class. It’s been an eye-opener. I watched, from start to finish, a Supreme Court nominee’s confirmation trial – er, hearing, watched how a wrongly inspired and badly presented impeachment process is done, have watched unemployment across the board and especially in the minorities crash to very low numbers, saw the Market skyrocket, and watched mainstream media drop all disguise of being fair and impartial. Then the ‘you know what’ and I’m not even going to look at that. I don’t want to and you can’t make me.

My other class of note has been West Wing. Let me just defend myself by saying I love the writing, the snappy smartass remarks that still make me laugh, even in my fifth binge. I like the characters and I like the human interest stories that seem to people most episodes. The three episodes of President Barlet being shot still gets me upset and teary (actually, the result of too many mandatory ‘active shooter’ videos at the last place I worked). There is really nothing I don’t like about West Wing. Except for Democrat policies. The writers understood the Democrat Platform (they could never produce this program today – socialism in its current form is far more frightening than the socialism of the period 1999-2006 during which the series was written and filmed. Today’s socialism is so crass, so over-the-top, so unhinged that today’s West Wing would have be shown after 11 o’clock at night.

Here’s the most notable thing: the members of the Barlet Administration are highly principled, incredibly intelligent and educated, and willing to risk their professional lives to push for whatever stupid policy they believe to be important for ‘the people’. I have seriously given this thought. If I had to name one person to whom I could apply the above attributes within the Democrat Party, there is not one person who stands out. Not one. It seems this Democrat Party is the amalgamation of horrible people with no principles that do nothing but enhance themselves over their constituents. There is no love of country. There is no respect for American history. There is no regard for anyone or anything that is not them and their twisted, sick, dark view of the future they would create is so frightening, so scary, I can’t even pretend to look at it. Like Medusa, I’m afraid if I look at it, I’ll turn to stone or go insane.

Instead, I get my updates and hat straightened when I read Neo posts. When I read the wonderful comments by the historians who reside here at NEO. But truth to tell, I sometimes wish I was Neo.

An afterword from Neo.

I’m very flattered, Audre that you would think you would. But like us all, I’m a product of all my yesterday’s. And many of mine have been hard indeed, not excluding ridiculously long hours, poverty, job loss, a bit of homelessness, a lack of family, and much more.

Have I learned from all of it, the bad, the worse, and the better? Sure, but it has left me a cynical curmudgeon, who recognizes he got exactly what he deserved. I spent most of my life dealing with power that might kill you quick, but more often left the careless, sloppy, or even just unlucky worker screaming in pain in the burn ward for months before dying from it. I knew some of them, some were friends. Some of the people I worked with over the years would have joined them if I and others hadn’t watched out for them. It left me a hard-ass supervisor with a fetish for doing things right the first time. But that is not really career or life-enhancing these days, even if it does allow one to sleep at night.

My love for history, and its current interpretation in politics, is also a legacy, from my family and some really good teachers, again tempered by life experiences nobody should have. It too has left me cynical, detesting almost all politicians, and their sycophants in big business, big labor, and all the other ‘bigs’ only slightly less. My contempt for the utterly clueless who mostly teach these subjects these days is bottomless. There are of course exceptions, the historians and buffs who hang about here are amongst them. But teachers as a class have become amongst the most cowardly people in society while clinging to the status that real teachers won decades, even centuries, ago.

So, count your blessings, dear Audre, you are not me and that is a very good thing. Reminds me that Jess once said she had no desire to be equal to men, why would she demean her self so?

11 Responses to I Wish I was Neo.

  1. audremyers says:

    Lovely afterward, Neo. You’re right, of course, we are the product of all our yesterdays. I just wish mine had been more informed. Mom and Dad never discussed politics. They also never discussed how the money was managed – remind me to tell you a story about the early days of my first marriage, lol!

    I very gently take exception to Jess’s remark. I have known some truly inspiring men to whom I would be quite pleased to be likened.

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    • NEO says:

      And you made good points throughout, although you could wish for much better than being me. 🙂

      Strangely, mine didn’t either, which is probably good since they were both DFL, Democratic-Farmer-Labor (MN) types, and New Dealers. Finances were lead by example, whatever you make, spend less, preferably much less, as most 30s survivors were. I can remember mom stopping by dad’s office when I was a kid and picking up 2 or 3 twice a month paychecks.

      In truth, Jess said the same thing, but that part is not as memorable.

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  2. audremyers says:

    Neo – as I’ve mentioned before, my mom and dad were both born in 1920 so by the time of The Great Depression, they were old enough to be aware of what was happening around them. Til she died, mom was fearful of being poor. She was a good manager for the assets of our family and we all, us four kids, tend to be financially ‘conservative’, lol. Read – cheap! LOL!

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    • NEO says:

      The three of us kids all turned out that way, as well. Sadly the inflation of the 80s and 80s effects on the folks had something to do with how I became cynical.

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  3. Nicholas says:

    I think the only thing we can really do to keep our spirits up when faced with the assault on our two nations is to look to the Restoration and Reign of Christ, when He will reward His faithful servants and chastise disobedience among the nations.

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    • audremyers says:

      I agree, Nicholas, but I’m afraid I’m very human – I want the disobedience chastised now. I want my country back now. Thank God Jesus spent time in our world – He understands our lack of patience and our desire to bring our country back to Him.

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  4. 39 Pontiac Dream says:

    Never wish away your identity, Audre. There’s too much of that going around at the moment.

    We love you just the way you are. 🙂

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