Video Monday, Independence Day

One unimportant problem with the 4th of July is that while we want to make a serious point about why the US is, there is so much partying going on, and we want to share that too. So it always overruns the holiday itself. And so Video Monday makes a comeback.

My navy friends tell me that when a commander boards a ship he is announced by his command, say like “USS Enterprise, arriving”

So this would be “The United States of America, arriving” and dramatically too.

The big news was the President’s speech (and we’ll get there) but South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem gave a barnburner of her own in introducing the President.

Sorry, it’s a Twitter embed, it’s already hard to find. Suppose some people are scared of her? And us?

That quote about the man in the arena is from President Theodore Roosevelt, who knew something about the man in the arena.

Then the Presiden spoke, some are calling his “A time for turning” speech. I disagree, I think he, like a famous Englishwoman, is not for turning.

Of course, there were fireworks, or as John Adams would have it, Illuminations

And then Saturday, on the south lawn of the White house

It starts just before 7 minutes into the video. And if you don’t happen to know that first tune, it’s from the civil war, there are two versions, a Confederate one, and a Union one. This is the Union one.

The Union Irish Brigade was one of the premier battle forces in the Army of the Potomac, but there were many others, for instance, there was the Iron Brigade of the West pretty much destroyed at Gettysburg, who marched into that fracas with the fires and drums playing this

Causing one Southron soldier to comment, “Tain’t no militia, boys, it those Black Hat Boys, ” from the Kossuth hats that were the mark of the Brigade.

That’s the sort of war it took to make all men equal, at least under law. We’re still working towards that “more perfect Union”.

So rally round the Flag, indeed.


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7 Responses to Video Monday, Independence Day

  1. audremyers says:

    I love your patriotism. In today’s world, true patriotism is a gentle breeze that barely ruffles the edges of the Flag. But there’s a storm a-brewing – clouds are forming, the air is changing, and you don’t need a weather vane to see it happening.

    This was the oddest Fourth of July. It felt very much like New Year’s Eve. While I could hear the fire works all around me, I was contemplative rather than tickled by the sound of folks having fun. At mid night on New Year’s Eve, we drink a toast to what has passed and kiss someone in hope of a better year to come. It felt very much like that on the Fourth. What a year it has been, just starting the seventh month. Last New Year’s Eve no one – no one – could have predicted what this year would be; simply unfathomable that we would be where we are today.

    I thought a great deal about last year and all the fuss and bother that headlined the news. We thought that was a tough year; we had no idea what tough could look like. Like New Year’s Eve, I tried to look ahead to the remainder of the year and couldn’t even begin to form thoughts about what it will be like. We are on the cusp – or a precipice – and I’m not sure which. I have to smile at an old saying my dad had (please excuse the language) Precipice to precipice and back to piss again. It sometimes feels that way. Like bungie jumping from a great height, it’s the ups and downs that scare ya.

    I’m an optimist wrapped in a realist wrapped in an optimist.

    God bless America. And God bless all who love America.

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    • NEO says:

      Concur, and remember, with God all things are possible, even an American revival.


    • Nicholas says:

      It is a perfect storm coming. I have considered various key events that have happened in the past twenty years or so, and they contribute to an overall picture of tyranny that is coming. I do not say that America will fall, but I do not expect her to be fighting at her best until she overcomes first.

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      • NEO says:

        I think you’re spot on. I think we can fight our way through, but we will be distracted.

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        • Nicholas says:

          It’s obviously not for me as a non-American to pontificate on your affairs, and as a Christian I should not advocate the use of force beyond what is necessary, but I honestly believe things cannot carry on this way indefinitely. Perhaps after more Antifa people are prosecuted they will back down, but the swamp still needs to be drained.

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        • NEO says:


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