An Education in Fraud

Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage Mag.

The Los Angeles Unified School District spends $18,788 per student. Its goal is to up that spending to $20,000. The mammoth LA school district is 7th in urban spending and has around half a million students. And the costs only went up after a United Teachers strike extracted a 6 percent raise.

Last year, LAUSD approved a $7.8 billion budget.

Governor Newsom demanded federal aid during the coronavirus and proposed moving over $4 billion in federal pandemic relief to the non-functioning schools.

“Cuts to funding at schools will forever impact the lives of children,” Superintendent Austin Beutner warned. “The harm children are facing is just as real a threat to them as is the coronavirus.”

Apparently cutting the budgets of closed schools is just as lethal as a pandemic.

“The notion that schools can continue to operate safely in the fall with a decreased state budget is not realistic,” deputy superintendent Megan Reilly complained after a proposed 7% budget cut.

This is what passes for sense in school administration.

It’s bad enough when taxpayers and parents were stuck with billion-dollar bills when there were at least functioning schools. Now struggling families are paying a fortune to subsidize Democrat activists who make their own schedules and might condescend to spend a few hours handing out class projects.

Don’t ask them to turn on their video or actually monitor the students they’re “teaching”.

“If schools aren’t going to reopen, we’re not suggesting pulling funding from education, but instead allowing families … take that money and figure out where their kids can get educated if their schools are going to refuse to open,” Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos suggested.

That suggestion has been met with howls of outrage from the teachers’ unions. How dare the country’s top education official suggest that education funding should be used to teach children.

They apparently missed that class at Screw U that taught the rest of us that there is no free lunch, somebody pays for it all. In this case, the taxpayer, and taxpayers, black, white, and Hispanic, are voting with their feet to get out of these places just as quick as they can. Why? Gee, I don’t know, maybe they’d like to get something for all that tax money, like an education for their kids.

Parents have the right to pull that money from school districts and use it to educate their children.

That can mean finding private schools that are willing to open up for in-person learning, it can mean competitive distance learning at private and public schools around the country, or it can mean homeschooling through pods. Or any learning that meets curriculum requirements.

The public education system was broken badly before. Now it effectively doesn’t exist.

The system, at every level from elementary through college, has shed what few standards it had, while maintaining ridiculously inflated expenses of tens of thousands per student for teaching zoom classes.

Competitive alternatives could easily offer individual students more instruction time, more access to teachers, and more personalized instruction for a fraction of the money that is being spent today.

School districts react hysterically to both budget cuts and proposals to reopen. But they can’t have it both ways. They protest that the infrastructure must be maintained, even as they insist that they have no idea when they’re going to be able to use it again. They argue that, unlike every other profession, it’s vital to keep teachers employed, even when they’re really not doing anything useful.

My opinion? the average big-city school and teacher is worth just as little as his blood-sucking cousin the malaria-carrying mosquito, and should be treated the exact same way.

What they are doing as teachers and school districts has a name. That name is fraud. Since a lot of it is Federal taxpayer’s money, maybe the US attorney’s could take a few minutes and indict the obvious guilty ones, maybe some of the rest might straighten up and fly a bit less crooked, straight is probably out of the question.

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20 Responses to An Education in Fraud

  1. Scoop says:

    Not to worry, NEO. Those who tow the line and show promise will be educated while the those who cannot will be used for menial tasks, policing or, if totally of no use to society, will be eliminated. Once we are at about a billion people worldwide the unsupportable cost of education will be solved . . . only a few well chosen kids will be groomed for upper echelon careers in the party. I swear this all sounds like a perfect storm to remake the world in the image of elitist Marxists and Communists.

    And what is on the horizon: why not all the stuff coming out this year and its development (perhaps for the fear factor): storms, lawlessness, lockdowns, masking, earthquakes and perhaps the last magic bullet the fear of invasion by aliens from another world. Think I’m kidding? Look at the new wave of ‘intelligence’ being slowly leaked regarding UFO’s and alien technology and metallurgy that is impossible for us to create. A small story now but stay tuned for the ratcheting up of the fear factor until the people are not only compliant but willing participants in destroying the way of life for thriving societies that has predominated the history of mankind. The reset may be close to being realized. There is no way we can pay for what we have already spent and our dollars are almost worthless though they will not tell us that. The powerful have become weak and weak have become powerful. The world is being run by young children hiding behind the masks of puppets who may be revered as old and wise. Empty shells who will carry forward the ideas of a Greta Thunberg, Zuckerberg, Bezos, BLM activists and others who will throw in their lot with the puppeteers. The inmates have almost got the whole shebang under their control and the sane are going to be incarcerated as being lunatics.

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    • NEO says:

      Maybe we are, for not destroying them long ago.

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      • Scoop says:

        May be too late . . . but I surely hope not. God best come to the rescue either by returning or blessing us with a plethora of Godly Saints. For the average person who has not yet been indoctrinated by these awful schools run by our governments is lost in a deep fog or confusion and disorientation. Some will be follow their children and others will die of heartbreak and watch their children turn against them for the sake of the state. Just saying, that times can change quickly. I’m sure the Germans never saw what became Fascist Germany develop in so short a time. Are we in an even more satanic point in manipulation by tyrants?

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    • audremyers says:

      Wow, Scoop! You’ve been thinking about this a long time! Great comment; well thought out and beautifully written.

      And yes – those of us who occasionally take a walk along some YT corridors have noticed an uptick in UFO stories and now, it seems – from a quick look at the news feeds I get – that msm is starting to report this as well.

      But do, please, amend your comment and add murder hornets – you know what dire threat they are, as well.

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    • Nicholas says:

      That UFO stuff is concerning – not bevause I believe we really have been visited (which I don’t), but because of the potential, as you have pointed out, for manipulation of some sections of the population.

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  2. audremyers says:

    NEO – there is so much to worry about, I forgot to worry about our schools. I’m not being facetious; I forgot what a toll this virus thing can have in the long run. I don’t know how much exposure you have to parents of children but there’s a great many I wouldn’t trust to teach a flea, let alone a child.

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    • NEO says:

      Not much, in actuality, but the ones I see around here, don’t really seem all that different (although probably not as well educated) from what we were at their age. But a small town in Nebraska is hardly representative of the US. It’s too bad, but it’s not.


  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    President Trump’s press briefing yesterday 5pm about kids going back to school

    Trump had the “current” CoVid USA map

    NE clear
    Fly Over clear

    Hot spots

    Florida to Texas
    Some spots in California and a few spots in other Pacific areas

    Over all it showed we have recovered from the virus

    Federal school money to follow the child in their choice of school so parents can get back to work

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  4. Nicholas says:

    Education – a lot has gone wrong there for both our countries. You know some of my thoughts on that already.

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  5. the unit says:

    Always have to be vigilant as to who we read and quote some and oftentimes. 🙂
    D’oh. 🙂

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