Not Polls

I’ve written about polls and why I don’t pay attention to them. The information they provide does not include the thousands of folks who won’t take a poll survey.

We’ve always known that the Silent Majority exists so this video was very interesting to me. I sort of like Tim Pool but I can’t watch a lot of his videos – I have trouble getting through one – because he talks too much. He exhausts my ears. Ben Shapiro talks a lot as well but he does it so quickly, he’s done before my ears complain about assault.

So the title of this video surprised me and I watched it. I fast forward when I need a break from him talking. In an instance like this, where he is sharing an article, moving the red bar allows me to get past him and into the purpose of what he is talking about.

I did a piece for NEO awhile back about the art of glass blowing and a Netflix program about that. I was sort of on a rant and after censoring myself (on my own, no coercion), the point of the piece was misdirected and the piece itself was weaker than my intention. I sent an email to NEO and basically apologized because I had self-censored and it damaged the article. Neo replied that I didn’t have to censor but then I’d have to take the flack that might have ensued and simply mentioned that going too far out of bounds might possibly put the site at risk.

Until I had written – and then watered down – that article, I didn’t realize that I censor myself a lot. The Cato article that Tim Pool shares in the above video was reinforcement of how far the Left has won on the use of words, and how even someone like me, with no particular axe to grind, moderates themselves just because we don’t want people ‘in our faces’. There is another aspect as well, I believe.

The idea that I can use the weakest, most gentle words to describe someone or something to which I may take exception, and those words could be used to support someone’s claim that I verbally abused them or a group. I am a full-grown adult; I take full responsibility for the things I say, do, and write.

In today’s climate, where does that leave me? Who do I talk to? Who do I share my opinions with? I proudly belong to a site in the United Kingdom that shares my views and right here, at our beloved National Energy Observer, I can share my thoughts and insights. That’s two places – only two places – where I feel safe enough to take a shot at airing my outlook on life and politics. In the whole big world. Two places.

This place, NEO, is my ‘not poll’.


19 Responses to Not Polls

  1. 39 Pontiac Dream says:

    First off, I never pay attention to polls. They are there to direct you to a specific place and I’m not one for taking direction; I’ll choose my own.

    As for censoring, if you’re censoring yourself, the left are winning. I’ve read accounts of writers now self censoring and where does that leave the creative industry? I know I won’t be self censoring in the books I’m currently writing and I certainly haven’t in the articles I’ve written so far and if that means no publisher picks me up, then fine – I’ll try to self publish.

    There’s no way I am going to stop saying what I want because it may offend someone. People are way too easily offended nowadays. It’s time for them to grow up.

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    • audremyers says:

      While I heartily agree with the sentiment, facing the roar of the ravaging lion is daunting for most folks. Additionally, you have much to share that is wise and timely; if it is expressed in such a manner that it gets ‘shouted down’, folks won’t be able to read and consider.

      Like all two-edged swords, it’s a tricky business.

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      • 39 Pontiac Dream says:

        Indeed it is and I’d be tempted to reply to that in greater detail if it wasn’t hot, sunny and there was no beer. As it is, we have all 3, so I’m going to, respectively and politely, bow out today! 🙂

        Enjoy the rest of your day and tell Lon I’m drinking one or two for him! As is Tina, who sends hugs.

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  2. 39 Pontiac Dream says:

    ‘You are both in my heart. Birtwistle was complaining of the heat yesterday. I told him to tell someone else, lol!!!’

    It’ll be worse for him tomorrow. Over 30 degree heat where he is but he should be used to it – he’s always on heat! 🙂 🙂

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  3. the unit says:

    You all (y’all) know I’m getting on up there. Even further while waiting on my riding lawn mower repair, because mechanic says parts short due to Covid. (six weeks now)
    I think I remember having a poll caller years ago when we kept a land line for elderly mom-in-law in Ormond Beach. Just cells now the last few years.
    I read sometime back, probably last year, that liberal folks should confront con. kin at Thanksgiving. Familial poke and propaganda ploy by the left I think.
    Lucky that most laws and in-laws of that notion live hundreds, in fact some thousands,of miles away.
    There was no time for political, ideological discussion when Momma was here on Earth cooking her shrimp & cheese casserole. Eat’em up. We did the turkey thing at Thanksgiving too. 🙂
    BTW I was shrimping in the Mississippi Sound of the Gulf Of Mexico back then.
    “Going shrimping tonight” was how it was said.
    Oh, what’s that got to do with speaking one’s peace.
    Guess if left takes over…I’ll just say to them…”Hands up, don’t shoot!”

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    • audremyers says:

      At this point in America, if people are still talking to their relatives in November, it’ll be both a miracle and a surprise. No one in their right minds brings up politics at Thanksgiving or Christmas and those who are obnoxious enough to try are summarily ignored.

      I HAS SPOKEN!!!!

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      • the unit says:

        You’ve SPOKEN!!!! I like it like that.

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        • audremyers says:

          Sigh … not everyone does.

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        • the unit says:

          Dad’s shrimp boat was ‘Jolie Blonde’.

          Jolie blonde, pretty blonde
          Loving you all the time
          My pretty Cajun flower
          You’re always on my mind
          And I’ll need you forever, Jolie blonde

          Jolie blonde, Jolie Fille
          Jolie mond’, chère petite
          Tu m’as laissé pour t’en aller
          Mais jolie blonde, mais malheureuse
          Dans l’pays de la Louisiane, tu m’fais du mal

          Jolie blonde, pretty blonde
          You’re so loveable, sweet and kind
          My Cajun baby sweetheart
          You rule my heart and mind
          And I’ll love you forever, Jolie blonde

          Jolie blonde, Jolie Fille
          Tu sais mourir, c’est pas rien
          C’est rester dessus la terre
          Aussi longtemps, mais Jolie blonde
          Quel espoir et quel avenir mais moi j’peux avoir?

          No that ain’t me playin’ and a singin’. But assimilated in Bayou Country pretty well. Spent lots of time in ‘Rottin Bayou’ in Pass Christian, MS. 🙂

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  4. audremyers says:

    Tu es merveilleux, mon cher ami.

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  5. the unit says:

    Andre and ‘National’ Energy Observer…Did you ever see a ginger playing an accordion? Dazzlioning! 🙂

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    • audremyers says:

      Mon Cher – Andre is the masculine form of my name; flip that n upside down and you’ve got it. It’s actually Audre’ (accent ague). Rhymes with Hey! or OK – Au-dray. Bored yet? LOL!!!

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      • the unit says:

        Thanks for the correction. Think I looking and reading with my left eye that hasn’t had cataract improvement yet. Au = symbol for Gold. 🙂

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        • audremyers says:

          (big grin) That’s me! Gold!

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        • the unit says:

          I think if one looks back in archives I spelled Audre’ right many times. At least I didn’t use a trans u ,laying sideways…⊂ ever. 🙂 Just a little negligent misspelling. It was me and not Trump’s fault or even that of the Delaware soft shell. I accept the consequences. No like vote for a long time. Maybe in the morning?
          Careless like Comey said about Hillary.
          I knew better, should’ve caught it. Maybe will with Fauci googles. 🙂



          Still I got more about Andre from 60 years ago to tell nothing bad.

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