Video Monday

So, are tired of listening to me? I’m tired of flapping my jaw, so today we are going to let some other people talk. Let’s start with why America is so rich.

This, in fact, pretty much sums it up


So, what makes us different?

Here’s why

But this election has the possibility of ending all this, and putting out that beacon. I’ve said many times this year, “You can vote for America, or you can vote for the Democrats.” I mean it.

Here is Victor Davis Hanson on “Plague, Panic, and Protests …” Our weird election year

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10 Responses to Video Monday

  1. audremyers says:

    This is great – but we miss your input.

    What makes America Different; the young man, Nick Adams, wrote a very good book, up on my shelf, as a matter of fact, titled Retaking America. Great read; you can find it on Amazon or wherever you go for your books.

    In the spirit of this article of videos, I just finished watching one about the Federalist Papers. It was very good.

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  2. the unit says:

    Pardon my absence today. Watching weather and checking in on loved ones and old friends.You saw this in person before. 🙂

    Think thing moving more east now. Not weatherwishcasting on any one else though.
    And just far enough west of me!
    Will see tomorrow.

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