Opinions are like …

Well, you know the rest of it.

The first time I saw this scene, I thought, “Geez! This guy is crazy!” I just watched it again – just this scene – and started to weep because it’s exactly how I feel.

The news media – demon and death mongers that they are – miss no opportunity to barrage us with death numbers and infection numbers, and that it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. That he mishandled the situation and anybody off the street would have done a better job of handling this “virus from afar” (we’re not supposed to say it’s from China because – ya know – it’s from China and it’s xenophobic to say the truthful thing).

Among all the things he isn’t, President Trump is not a doctor. Nor is he a scientist. Nor does he have a degree in infectious diseases. He did what any president who does not have that knowledge would do – he asked the ‘experts’ what is it, how is it different, how do we treat it, how do we get rid of it, how do we save as many people as we can. Well, the questions are a hundred-fold. He asked the CDC, he asked the Surgeon General of the United States, he asked the professional scientists in infectious diseases. They all had opinions. Opinions – you know, like I ask you, “Because you’re a professional football player with many years experience on various football teams, who is the best quarterback who ever played football?” and you tell me it’s Terry Bradshaw. If someone asks me who the best quarterback is, I’m going to repeat what you told me because you’re the expert in football. But wait! The guy sitting next to you at the bar – of course, this is fantasy because we can’t sit at bars anymore – says not only are you wrong, but you didn’t take into account the plays of so-and-so quarterback. Another person – another opinion.

We’re told, about a thousand times a day, that the Black Lives Matter group care very deeply about black lives in America (or Britain, or Australia, or … well, you get the idea). That they kill, physically attack black people, destroy black-owned businesses, and attack black cops, that they are championing the poor, down-trodden, victims of American systemic racism is only because poor, stupid, victimized black people can’t speak for themselves and demand their own rights as Americans because the Civil Rights Movement certainly never did that.

It’s the opinion of the news media that Antifa is a group of people who care very deeply about fascism in America. That America is a fascist country that needs to be burned to the ground – after threatening and intimidating elderly folks with and without walker aids, and homeowners, and businesspeople – and rebuilt in their idea of perfection.

There’s more; so much more. But I feel the bile rising and for my own protection I’m simply going to say this; go to your window, open it, and shout …


44 Responses to Opinions are like …

  1. 39 Pontiac Dream says:

    Mainstream news is bad for your health. You can get a plethora of views from all sides online and work out your own views based on that. Others tend not to involve themselves with the news, preferring instead to get on with their lives and that can be good – a detriment if you plan to vote but certainly stress free.

    My advice to anyone getting bogged down by the news is to walk out of your house, find a quiet, natural space and breathe it in. Or drink. Either works for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Nicholas says:

    To be honest, I believe the best thing we could have done was nothing at all, other than possibly fund vaccine research. I hate pretty much everything these days, though, so you shouldn’t talk to me. I’m a grouch and a bad influence.

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  3. Alys Williams says:

    I have reached the ‘I’M AS MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE’ point myself. WEll said Audre, I am posting to this to as many people as I can.

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  4. 39 Pontiac Dream says:

    ‘Generally RPGs. I enjoyed the FFVII Remake this year.’

    There’s a lot of remakes out at the moment. We bought the Resident Evil remakes – 1-3 – which are quite good but we tend to replay some of our old PS2 games because they’re more challenging than modern games. I’m supposed to be working on the garden at present but I’ve found myself replaying Resident Evil 4 and Abe’s Exodus. Grrr!

    RPG’s are fun but many new ones tend to be online rather than 2 player offline games for consoles.

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  5. audremyers says:

    39 Pontiac Dream – you found a homey!!! Yay!

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    • 39 Pontiac Dream says:

      ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      It’s not often a find a conservative gamer online. That said, my previous 2 articles on identity politics in the gaming world garnered quite a few responses from conservative gamers but since it was on Going Postal and thousands of comments filter through, it’s difficult to get a conversation going!

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  6. Scoop says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the line “I’m mad a hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” was first used in the movie A Thousand Clowns with Jason Robards character (Murray Burns) yelling this line out of his NYC apartment building.

    But his take on life was perhaps apropos for this post:

    Murray Burns: “If things aren’t funny then they’re exactly what they are; and then they’re like a long dental appointment.”

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  7. the unit says:

    I think I told NEO years ago. I’m an old retired dentist. Practiced 47 years, U.S. Navy, Florida Health Departments, own private office, and contracted out employee.
    Retired when young lady told me she’d rather have a baby than have her tooth pulled,…and I’d forgotten how to adjust the chair. ๐Ÿ™‚

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