Better late than …

I have come late to politics. Before my retirement, I pretty much accepted whatever the local network stated. I’d catch a live address if I wasn’t working, read some articles on lunch breaks. I’m not apologizing; I am what I am – a late bloomer.

I’m reminded of the Bible story about the vineyard owner who hired workers at the beginning of the day and then a few more at the near end of the day. When the workday was over, the men who worked the entire day were paid according to the agreement; so were the later ones paid the same amount. Without the religious meaning, this tells us that it may not matter how soon or how late you get there, the important thing is that you arrive.

I read Solzhenitsyn in high school. When I – and the rest of the world – discovered Jordan Peterson, I read several of the books he recommended, including The Whisperers. Horrifying reading but necessary and should be mandatory. I read Nick Adams’s “Retaking America” and “You Will be Made to Care” by Erickson and Blankshaen. I read Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option, which was almost as impactful as the other books. I found smart people in Ben Shapiro, an Englishman with a long, deep memory for politics and history, and an American of encyclopedic knowledge. I developed a deep and meaningful relationship with a bishop and have been able to reconcile my political thoughts with what I hope is the will of God. I’ve done some studying since the old local news.

When I make a choice, I feel that not only have I made an informed decision but also a right decision. I know why I voted a certain way and why I will vote a certain way. I’ve found how to research judges whose names come up on local ballots. I gather as much information as possible on Schoolboard elections and their candidates – the importance of this is equal to a presidential election; those ‘little’ elections have the weight of what your children will learn and how America will fail or succeed in the future.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 80 and voting for the first time; it doesn’t matter if you’re 18 and voting for the first time. Or, for that matter, any age in between. Today I would tell the working person, while you’re driving your car, making supper for the family, folding laundry, or mowing the lawn – cell phones go everywhere; you can get podcasts, videos, audiobooks all right there on the same instrument you use to take pictures and make phone calls. Use it for something enriching, informing, varied, and paradigm-shifting. The truth is out there; it’s not going to come running up to you and slap you in the face. You have to seek it out. You have to ‘work’ for it. But just like your mom and dad always told you; anything worth having is worth working for. Religion and politics are right at the top of that list.


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  1. 39 Pontiac Dream says:

    Excellent article and nice to read something a little calming – I needed that after having woken up in a strop with TCW.

    I also came late to politics, though I spent a good amount of time railing against the system when I was doing my teaching practice, and didn’t start posting, reading or writing anything political until 2016-ish. I’m not even sure that it’s a good thing that I finally got on board because the stress of being involved isn’t worth the effort of working to find anything out.

    It’s funny that you mention the use of technology for scavenging for information because much of our youth, in fact, much of our population doesn’t do that. You see, with the advent of more technology, the lazier as a people we get, so many of our respective populations will continue to be drip fed because it’s easier having something – or someone – do it for you than you having to do it for yourself.

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    • audremyers says:

      TCW is on fire today, that’s for sure! Saw you there …

      But we find the same thing with religion; I don’t know about England, of course, but here there’s lots of programming, especially on Sundays, of pastors hither and yon across the country spoon feeding masses of people. I can’t help but think – this guy/girl – could be telling you anything. You’d better read the ‘source document’ for yourself first, make yourself familiar so that you’ll know when someone is blowing smoke up your skirt.

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      • 39 Pontiac Dream says:

        And yet we have millions of Munroe’s running around our populations with their skirt hems around their ears, not caring where the smoke is coming from. It’s an odd world we find ourselves in. Maybe us conservatives were born in the wrong time.

        As for TCW, I’m not happy with Laura or Kathy today. I’m off into the garden for a little respite.

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  2. Alys Williams says:

    Ohmigod Audre, we really were twin sisters separated at birth. My experince of politics mirrors yours exactly. I think I was so busy bring up my children, coping with a recalcitrant husband, then getting divorced, working full time and trying to catch up on what I felt I had missed when I was married that I paid negligible attention to politics and God. Now I am older, wiser and much sadder and I am playing catchup. For me though God and Jesus are now the priority. I found Jordie P in 2017 after I read a piece by him in the UK Spectator magizine and that opened the gate to so many things for me. I would be at work at three o’clock in the morning making my bread and listening to JP talking about everything from Solzenitsyn to God. he opened my eyes to such an extent that is difficult to countenance. Then I found the blogsite The Conservative Woman during my early morning peregrinations and met you. It has been an extraordinary journey. I love you so much Audre even though we will probaly never meet in person, our souls are in conjunction.

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    • audremyers says:

      You are so dear to me. You are the pearl of great price. Knowing you has brought me great joy – and blessed laughter! You are, indeed, a beloved sister – I hold you always in my heart.

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  3. Alys Williams says:

    Cat videos, cooking, God, love you all of the time sweetest Audre. XXXXXXXX

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  4. Alys Williams says:

    Me too. It’s been an emotional few months for me.

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  5. 39 Pontiac Dream says:

    Garden all done – now that didn’t take long. With a heavy wind forecast for the next two days (nothing compared to the weather you get over there), I needed to move everything which might have blown away which turned out to be a lot! I did have Shelob for company though so it wasn’t too bad in the end and I said hello to the faeries in the back garden just to make you happy! 🙂

    A few more chores to do and I can sit down with a beer. Cheerio for today, all. 🙂

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  6. the unit says:

    Regular news, Fox though. St. Pete…don’t take a skateboard to a gunfight. Saw that comment. Makes good cents. 🙂

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  7. the unit says:

    Oh, and there is my comment about Florida chads from 20 years ago. 🙂

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