Random Observations

Came across a video regarding a television series that has been on television for a surprisingly long time. I will, from time to time, check in on a program, depending on the title and how badly I need a laugh. The video can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5FUMUWuylc. My halo is nice and shiny – I do this so you don’t have to. (Big cheesy grin)

With the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we are (not) looking forward to a justice nomination and confirmation hearing in the very near future. Recalling the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, the new candidate for the Supreme Court had better wear a hazmat suit, kevlar vest, and a helmet.

I’ve been watching the ‘peaceful protests’, formally known as President Trump’s campaign rallies. After I notice all the important things – the message, how he’s looking and holding up, how the people respond to him – I notice that the seasons are changing. That’s at least ONE thing that hasn’t been affected by the 2020 ‘curse’. Jackets are coming out, as well as hoodies (in colors other than black and with the hoods down [go figure!), and shorts are disappearing. Everywhere except in Florida. Well, season-wise, anyway. Nice crisp 88 degrees Fahrenheit with plenty of sunshine to go around. No ‘crispy grass’ this summer; been blessed with all the rain the West Coast needed. Seasons and cycles. There’s something reassuring about them. Dependable; expected; surmountable. Ahhh – the good old days.



7 Responses to Random Observations

  1. 39 Pontiac Dream says:

    In England, we can smell the seasons as they approach. I don’t know if it’s the same in the US but it’s a lovely thing to behold.

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    • audremyers says:

      I think you’re right, 39. In spring, you can detect as certain ‘heat’ as it builds toward summer; toward the end of summer there’s a certain kind of scent that is harbinger to falling, dying leaves and sometimes a waft of ‘crispness’ that cold winds are coming. Not here, of course, but up north, there’s a distinct ‘smell’ to coming snow.

      Loved your conversation on TCW this morning – our beloved Margaret’s Notes from the Sticks.

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  2. 39 Pontiac Dream says:

    I’m glad you mentioned that it was on Margaret’s article – I was having a brief conversation about 2020 giving me writer’s block on another feed! Tina didn’t want me talking about Margaret’s article, she didn’t want to look at it and even being on the site with that article on there gave her the jitters! 🙂

    As for the seasons, I hear there are parts of America that are very welcoming, in terms of smell, to the seasons. I don’t know what state Yosemite is in but that looks like a place that is receptive to changing weather. I’d go if it wasn’t for the bears! 🙂

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    • Neo says:

      The general rule is, if you’re noisy so the bears aren’t surprised, they’ll leave you alone, unless of course, a grain train derailed there a few years ago, and the bears are drunk.

      The special rule is, Never, ever, ever, get between Momma bear and her cubs, you are unlikely to survive her wrath.

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      • audremyers says:

        Some folks say sing while walking thru the woods. Let’s hope the bears aren’t music critics.

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        • 39 Pontiac Dream says:

          It’s all relative anyway. I know Tina also wants to see the States but then it’s a case of if we get to see the States and whether Tina wants to hike at any point we’re there. We’ll have to wait and see.

          I’m listening to President Trump’s speech in Virginia from yesterday. The guy is brilliant. I’m sure I caught something about the debates starting next week; I’m sure I heard Tuesday. Oh, will I be keeping an eye out for those! Trump is right about them – ‘if Biden has an okay debate, the fake news media will say it was the most outstanding performance by a Democratic nominee ever, better than Winston Churchill’s speeches!’ The lame stream media are nothing if not predictable.

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