Critical Race Theory

We really shouldn’t go around criticizing and demanding that things should not be taught to our kids or forced on us without understanding what they are. That’s pretty much common sense. So what is Critical Race Theory that has led the President to uncompromisingly condemn it? The best explanation I have seen comes from Sargon, and it’s easily worth 20 minutes of your time.


I think he is spot on correct. The whole thing is not so much anti-white as it is anti English and American. Why? Because for the last 500 years the English and the Americans have led the world in freedom, in prosperity, in almost any measure that indicates a better life than any other, at any time in history.

The only place where I mildly disagree with him, and its a matter of degree, nothing more, is that all these characteristics are more emphasized in Americans than they are in the English.

There are several causes of this, one is that when our first founders came over they were the generation of English who most adored freedom, to the point that it wouldn’t be long before they fought a war against the King, and executed him. Many of those first and second generation proto-Americans returned to England to take their place in the Parliamentary ranks. The situation of the frontier from then until at least 1900 also shaped us to understand that these characteristics were the way, and the only way, we were going to survive, let alone thrive.

And his example towards the end is very illustrative. Do you know anybody who would want to associate let alone consider her (I guess) a friend? Sorry, I’m not even close to being egalitarian enough to have any interest in being equal to that individual in anything at all. I choose not to run around demeaning myself or any other person, as long as they are doing their best. The only equality I care to share with this person is equality under the law.

Another place where Sargon is correct is when he reminds us not to let the enemy define the terms we use.

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20 Responses to Critical Race Theory

  1. 39 Pontiac Dream says:

    I used the same Sargon link for an article I started to write the other day. However, I found myself going all over the shop and when I moved into Common Purpose, I gave up the ghost – there’s just too much to keep in.

    One of the things Sargon does, though, is to buy books on Critical Race Theory and others to understand it better. I get my information online because there’s no way I’m filling the pockets of the people who write this tripe.

    Trump was right to ban it from federal institutions as the only thing it does is create division. It should be banned outside federal institutions, like in education and business in general, and I hope the unconscious bias ‘training’, which has been brought into UK parliament, is rejected by an awful lot of our MPs. At present, the number is low but I hope the public get a list of MPs who volunteer to do it. Critical Race Theory should have no place in any democratic society.

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    • Neo says:

      Agreed, at it’s best, it’s racist but I think he is correct, it is explicitly anti English/anti American, and mostly used in our homes. No one at all should pay the slightest attention.

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  2. audremyers says:

    Outstanding article. Lately, on my news feeds, I’ve been seeing ads saying Defund Marxist Universities; Defund Marxist Professors. I think I may have to check these out and find out where they come from, who’s supporting them, etc.

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  3. Alys Williams says:

    I shouldn’t be here today but winging my way for a couple of days to lovely Sussex, however due to an electrical malfunction here I am. Ohmigod, the CRT crap. It is the basis for so much divisive nonsenese that I cannot believe that any sane person would give it credence. Sargon, he’s great but I wish he would drop the ‘language’. The war with the clergy cathedral at Wells about this stuff continues, no wonder the C of E continues to haemorrhage support. So sad.

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  4. the unit says:

    I’m sure it’s due to my WHITENESS (all caps, not like new black with just cap B) that makes me (not my bad hearing); that makes it difficult to listen to a speaker with British accent. 🙂
    All I know is “white men can’t jump”– Jimmy the Greek.
    P.S. Of all the original amoebas’, only the best could thrive and evolve into all the species now in existence (and those extinct before). Even Obama admitted he evolved. Forget what it was he did that about. Something to do with marriage, I think. 🙂

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  5. JessicaHof says:

    Put it this way. If by being white I am always going to be racist, what’s the point of struggling pointlessly against it? It’s self-defeating nonsense.

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