25 or 6 to 4

Usually, I let Audre handle our nostalgia for our America posts but I’m going to put my size eleven Hiliners in here. Back in 2013, I talked about the music growing up around Chicago in the ’60s. The relevance will become clear later. But as Audre said, “We had the best music”. She’s right and it came from Chicago. I said this then.

And after those games there was often a sock hop, and while sometimes there was a DJ, there was always a live band, and some of those DJ’s you’re going to meet here today. Why? Because Chicago was a huge music center in the 60s. You see in those day we all listened to AM radio, FM barely existed, and even 8 tracks were uncommon (and expensive). By the way did you know that for a few years you could buy a record player that mounted under your car dash-they actually worked pretty well, too.

But those AM radio stations, in Chicago there were two who did what we would call top 40 now, although then it was more just plain current rock, both 50,000 clear channel stations. Anybody that was around can tell you about WLS and WCFL even all these years later. They were part of our life, back and forth we went, second button on the car radio was usually LS and third CFL. Like all the early American call letters, they meant something, WLS stood (originally) for the World’s Largest Store (Sears Roebuck and Co.) and WCFL for the Chicago Federation of Labor.

The clear channel thing meant that in North America there was no other station on that frequency, 890 and 1000 Kilocycle/second (hertz) respectively. Especially at night, you could hear them from Pittsburgh to Denver, and down to the Gulf of Mexico, depending on some variables. And those bands I mentioned, I’ll be you’ve heard of some of them, here, let’s let them talk for themselves

It was glorious, about the only outsider that penetrated for me was Petula Clark, well what can I say a cute redhead. But the only one who survived was the revolution that Sgt Pepper inaugurated was Chicago, and they had to move to California to do so. One of their big hits was this.

It’s still great, isn’t it? This is the sound that came from a Chicago garage band, albeit one at DePaul University. But you know, it’s still current. Watch this.

How about that 50 years later and still relevant to our young people. Chicago always rocked, and they still do.

And just because I can, my other favorite from the period, which is also applicable to much. Crank it, the louder the better it is.

See you at Bifrost

Hat tp to RS McCain.


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14 Responses to 25 or 6 to 4

  1. Scoop says:

    Surprised you didn’t mention WOWO (Ft. Wayne, IN) which I could listen to all along the east coast after sundown: 50,000 watt station was powerful and clear most nights. Of course I’m speaking of late 50’s to early 60’s . . . they were giving us what we wanted to hear when our local stations didn’t.

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  2. Nicholas says:

    Nostalgia is important: it’s a conservative mechanism that keeps us from going too far too fast.

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  3. 39 Pontiac Dream says:

    Thanks, Dave. After listening to 25 or 6 to 4, I can officially say that I have now heard a grand total of 2 songs by Chicago! 🙂

    It sounds like a decent driving track, certainly for coastal drives. There’s a lot of good old and young music for that but I’ll stick in my UK size 10’s and offer a couple for now:

    Both Tina and I are massive Blue Oyster Cult fans though her favourite album is Agents of Fortune and mine is Fire Of Unknown Origin. Both have some class tracks though.

    AC/DC – the perfect driving companion! My last 2 choices, Tina doesn’t like but I get to listen to them when I’m driving on my own:

    If I’d never bought the PS4 version of GTA5, I’d have never heard of this band. Their album, Ritual Union, is the best new album I’ve heard.

    GTA5 again. You know, in that game, you can just put the radio and drive down the coast at sunset/sunrise. It’s oddly relaxing.

    Thanks again, though, for that Chicago tune. it’s certainly pushed me to look for more.

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  4. audremyers says:

    “Haaaaaaaaaaave mercy on me!” This article and walk down music lane wiped out the crappy debate hang over this morning!

    10 10 WINS, New York!!! All rock all day and all night. Our guy was “Murray the K” – he was as popular as the music he played. My dad actually took me to the Astor Hotel in Manhattan to see him at a signing gig. I must have been about 12 because I was still a Girl Scout then.

    About two years later, the worst thing in the world happened! (ok, I was 14 – completely different idea about what a ‘worse thing in the world’ was), 10 10 WINS went all NEWS all day and all night. News????? Who listens to news????? Broke my little teeny bopper heart! Life was never the same after that. LOL!

    Hey, NEO! You ROCK! You r-o-c-k in the U-S-A!!!

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    • Scoop says:

      A NYC girl huh? I went to LIU in Brooklyn and lived at 72 E. 7th St. for a while – about a block away from the Fillmore East. Needless to say lots of folks hung out at my apt. before catching a show over there . . . or other venues in Manhattan,

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    • Neo says:

      I’ve heard of him, but you know, all those guys in the TV show were like that, and they didn’t even have the biggest of them all, Superjock himself, Larry Lujack.

      What a great time it was to be growing up. So do you, Audre. And you, this is in large part my response to the debate last night.

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