Nightmarish Evil Ogre

(he who hides behind the innocuous NEO) should be afraid – very afraid – of what’s coming next.

We, the impish and malevolent, are planning a take-over of the Ogre’s den. Yes! WE are the ‘bumps in the night’ and we will make our presence known to all!

You can help to scare the mighty Ogre by writing a short horror story and submitting it to NEO. My heinous assistants will bind the Ogre with spells and publish your horrible horror tales right here, from the Ogre’s den!

The time is here! The time is now! Channel your inner Stephen King (left-leaning liberal that he is), your inner O. Henry, your inner Edgar Allen Poe (only I, the imp queen, am entitled to call him Eddie!) and scare the scales and warts off that Nightmarish Evil Ogre!

The gremlins and ‘ghosts within the machine’ have been trained and prepped to usurp the scheduling of Nightmarish Evil Ogre so your short horror stories will appear when he least expects it.

The sooner you get those horror stories to the gremlins, the better. After our glorious horrible Day of Demons (that humans call Halloween, foolish beings that they are), we may never again be able to bind the Nightmarish Evil Ogre.

Sharpen your quills, your talons, your jagged nails, and start writing!


16 Responses to Nightmarish Evil Ogre

  1. Alys Williams says:

    Oh dear Audre. Are there not ebough real life ogres, witches and warlocks at the moment without having to invent them? Besides I am the person who has never been able to watch a vampire film or read a horror story. I used to be afraid of daleks on the old Dr Who series (long before it was brought ‘up to date’) and would hide behind the sofa with my fingers in my ears.

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    • audremyers says:

      Laughing! I KNEW you wouldn’t be one of the writers. But look at it this way – when the various imps write their stories, they determine the action and actions and no one has to live by what they decide. Not like real life where …

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  2. 39 Pontiac Dream says:

    I’m game but you won’t get a Poe, a King or an M.R. James. You’ll get an original Fahey. 🙂

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  3. I am so excited for this idea, Audre.

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  4. JessicaHof says:

    I can resist anything except temptation – so count me in xx

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  5. audremyers says:

    the unit – Yes; but you have to promise not to tell anyone, ok?


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