Sunday Funnies; Awesome Notepad

The awesomeness of an empty notepad

Meanwhile Outside Alys’s Restaurant

And of course

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed a strange feel in the air, like a ginger is trying to steal my soul


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8 Responses to Sunday Funnies; Awesome Notepad

  1. audremyers says:

    BWAhahahahahaha ..

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  2. 39 Pontiac Dream says:

    I like the Biden ‘Resident’ meme. Should probably stick Harris et al in as well and rename it, Resident Evil: The Reckoning! 🙂

    Audre, Tina and I found a horror you might like. Last night, we watched Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, which was surprisingly good and all about the power of writing. I’ll leave you with a clip which features one of the creepier beasties:

    As an aside, I haven’t forgotten about your scary story challenge. I’ve been off key on creative writing for a while (not having done any since I developed a block on my books) and started writing 3 different stories. One of them, thankfully, is nearly done so I’ll send it to Dave as soon as I’ve filled in the gaps.

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  3. the unit says:

    Following the latest news( even @ Fox ) about almost everything, these may be “alleged” funnies. 🙂

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