The Ashes’ B & B

This is the first of the short stories written for our new fiction category. Quite a few more already are here, and I know there’ll be more. Enjoy! Neo

They were on holiday, of course. They’d been in several locations but found one that was unique – it was perfect. It was wonderful. It was everything they’d hoped for. Beautiful sunshine, lovely breezes, a peppy little river, lots of food, and accommodations. Yes; it was perfect.

Phineas and Francesca Frogge had waited for this holiday. The winter had been long, cold, and hard and the summer was completely different and more to their liking. This particular holiday place, The Ashes’ B & B, was more than they could have hoped for. Out on the grounds, next to the bubbling little river, was a sitting area with several umbrella-like gunnera leaves, perfect to sit under when the sun was the hottest. Dainty morsels of food drifted languidly on the river, little flying things happened by frequently. Whenever they felt like it, the Frogges could avail themselves of the river and swim.

Late afternoons at the Ashes’ was a particular treat. The hosts brought out serving trays of all the finest repast. The slugs and the worms were of the finest sort – plump and juicy and right in front of them. The cocktails – well, there’s hardly any words fine enough to describe them, and the Ashes’ made sure there was plenty to be had.

In the evenings, Phineas would serenade Francesca. He had a wonderful basso profundo voice and Francesca, utterly charmed, would sit and listen, eyelashes fluttering, as she nipped the occasional mosquito from the air. It was, according to their glowing descriptions, idyllic.

Phineas and Francesca had such glowing things to say about the Ashes’ B & B that I find myself longing to be at that place; to sit under the gunneras, swim in the river, nibble on slugs. Oh that my holiday will come soon!

8 Responses to The Ashes’ B & B

  1. Alys Williams says:

    Oh my word. The Ashes! (Now who on earth could THEY be?!) The Frogges! The gunneras! How sublimely and uniquely ‘Audre’.

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  2. JessicaHof says:

    Lovely twist in this, loved it 😊 xx

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  3. the unit says:

    There’s a private narrative here you (certain) Anglospheres understand. I guess I just be a Anglo-out-of-that-sphere. Did enjoy the story though.
    Lot different than when I stayed in a roadside motel in Perry Florida in 1965 @ $10 a night. Just one night though. Spent next night camped out in our ’59 Chevy station wagon (mattress in back) in some city park in downtown Miami. The only danger then was a coconut falling on our heads.
    Wish I could of stayed at Holiday Inn Express back then. 🙂

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