Now What, America?

One of the things that feels strange lately to me is that I’m only really writing one post a week. Mind, it’s a good thing, I was burning out till first Audrtre and then Jessica (God love ’em) rescued me. In truth, I don’t read quite as much either, and my viewpoint tends to be a little longer, which is where I’m at my best. But not writing a book every week does feel strange. But you all benefit from it.

One of the things that were written about this week, from all over the right is essentially “Now what??? Where is America going?” It’s a fraught question, so let’s look at some options.

In American Thinker, Frank Friday thinks we and Canada ought to trade some territory.

Let’s take the blue parts of America along the East and West Coast and put them in Canada. I mean, it’s so obvious, so simple — Canada already is what American liberals have always wanted. Complete government-run health care; gun control; a make-believe military; high taxes; and impossibly snooty, elitist politicians. Even Barack Obama, when he sees the effortless way Justin Trudeau can lift an eyebrow, or stick his nose in the air, just melts with envy. We’ll call this new country Canada-America to start with, Can-America for short.

Then, for red America, we will add the Prairie Provinces of Canada, the Yukon, and all of British Columbia except the southwest corner. This is the part of Canada that talks like Sarah Palin; owns all the guns, such as there are; and has no problem with great big machines strip-mining the earth to get all the good stuff, like the Alberta Tar Sands or Tony Beets’s gold-mining dredge. We’ll call this amalgamation Big America.

That’s far more elegant than simple secession and likely would make a lot of people on both sides of the present border happy. New England threatened this once before of course, during the War of 1812. In short, I like this idea, but since it would reduce the coasts to depending on a foreign power – Red State America, for their very sustenance (as in fact, they do now) It’s probably not very likely.

But Robert Lopez, writing in American Greatness seems to think America will split, as well. His scenario is more history-based, which can be useful but should never be carried too far into the details.

The Supreme Court seems to have made peace with its own irrelevance vis-à-vis the irremediable schism between two halves of the country. The Texas-led half is not, despite some people’s surface reading, a resurrection of the confederacy. Territorially the states that joined Texas’s case form a column reaching from the Mexican to the Canadian border, including the northernmost state, Alaska, and Indiana. Georgia and North Carolina, obviously, are not aligned with Texas anymore, while several northern states like Ohio are moving toward alignment with the red camp.

In cultural terms, the California-led states have reversed their historic position on civil rights and now oppose the fundamental purpose of the Fourteenth Amendment and equal protection under the law (which I review in some detail here.) In their successful pleading to the Supreme Court, they rejected the notion that outside forces can intervene in a state’s voting or judicial process, thereby resurrecting the arguments from former confederate states about their right to block African Americans from suffrage through practices like a poll tax, literacy test, or KKK-style voter intimidation.

“But the courts said so!” is a cold argument to raise given the history of Dred Scott, Plessy v. Ferguson, and Korematsu v. United States.

So much of the way we look at ourselves has been formed by the history of the Roman Republic, maybe he has a point when he says that the US will split much as the Roman Empire did, with the blue states playing Rome with its multiple sackings while the red states (including the leadership of Texas) continue for maybe a thousand years as Constantinople did. It’s an interesting thesis, in any case.

Then there is Steven Hayward at PowerLine who posits that Trump is (whatever happens now) the most consequential one-term president since Lincoln. He makes the point that Trump has led a realignment that may be as great as that led by FDR who took four terms to accomplish what Trump has in one. I agree with him.

In two posts, The Adaptive Curmudgeon summarizes his (and my) view from the trenches, in the first, published just before SCOTUS ran and hid in their bunker, he said this:

[…] Resignation has not been the feel of the world. The press is screaming at me until every intellectual circuit is muttering “we’re doomed” but my soul senses otherwise. I know “doomed”. This ‘aint it. Doomed is a gutless leader facing a wise and implacable foe doing incremental measured misdeeds. We have a guy who’s never backed down from a fight facing a stupid, overconfident, and power drunk group that just plain isn’t up to the task of coup. Yeah, I said it. It’s a coup. They’re chumps for initiating it. Sloppy, uncontrolled, incapable of recognizing a time to retreat, domestic (and foreign?) enemies have acted like toddlers with a machine gun. Our would be oppressors are dangerous, but they’re losers and idiots.

Yup, that’s what I saw as well, and to a point still do. In the second just a day or so ago he says this:

Texas offered an “all in” argument but the SCOTUS took a powder. Fuck them. Texas wasn’t the only game in town. Ironically, it was the argument least likely to publicize the cheat. Meanwhile, each “contested State” has one or more independent legal actions. They’re still ongoing.

I like this movie. I’m not a “sprint to the finish” kind of guy. I like to win with grinding certainty. Slow and steady, hard to refute, documenting every step of the way. Legal action in every State is doing what I want; carefully establishing facts.

So do I, the legal equivalent of Grant’s Overland Campaign. grind them up till they’re destroyed, and about that time Sherman will come along and kick them in the ass. It’s a decisive war-winning strategy.

At The American Spectator, Lou Aguilar reminds us of something else: Real Men voted for Trump. He writes:

A new poll from the Survey Center on American Life found that self-reported “masculine men” overwhelmingly supported President Trump in the last election, 55 percent to 35 percent (“less masculine” men went for Biden 58 percent to 40 percent). Yet even without the alpha dog in the White House, these masculine men will battle the Swamp. That’s because tough guys will do what they always do: usurp tyranny and unreality, beginning with the liberal dream of a Rainbow Coalition. The greatest obstacle to a permanent majority of minorities is male bonding, which partly explains the record high non-white turnout for Trump. In the same poll, 71 percent of black men and 70 percent of Hispanic men (a group that includes me) identify as “completely masculine.” Pitiably, only 54 percent of white men do — too many having buckled under their racial and gender shaming by liberals.

And that is what makes red states red, in my experience, the men (and women too) here are people who actually do things, make things, fix things, and above all live in the real world. We simply know that anyone who says there’s an easy way is full of bullshit, and not fit to lead a horse to water. He also reminds us of the cycle that Spencer Klavan summarized for us.

Weak men make bad times.

Bad times make strong men.

Strong men make good times.

Good times make weak men.

He says we are someplace between the first and second cycles, I think he’s right.

That’s the major takeaway today, the corollary is from our history.

Hold the Line and keep your powder dry.

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20 Responses to Now What, America?

  1. 39 Pontiac Dream says:

    Excellent article, Neo. 🙂

    Now what, America is an important question and one that I’m sure will be asked for a good while. It appears that Biden will be taking up the position of President next month while some Republicans continue to fight against what is the biggest and most illegal steal in history. How will that play amongst the people, proper democrats and patriots? You tell me. How does it make you feel about your country’s democracy and future voting? Do you think your party needs to continue to fight against this injustice and if it does and is repeatedly ignored, then what next, America?

    Some people think your country is heading for a civil war. I don’t think the touchpaper has been properly lit yet, though. Maybe in a year or two but while there is more wrangling to be done, I think your country is waiting for a spark.

    Regarding articles, I’m looking to revisit a collection I meant to start in the Summer before I got distracted. I don’t know if I’ll be able to send anything before Christmas or New Year but I’ll keep you posted. I just hope your new fiction section includes poetry.

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  2. Neo says:

    I don’t think we’re quite to that point yet, but it is closer than any time since 1860. It’s a question that each American needs to answer and then we’ll know. I’d say it’s about 6-5 and pick-’em.

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    • 39 Pontiac Dream says:

      What’s your answer? Where do you think your country is going and what will you do if civil war does rear its head?

      I really hope it doesn’t come to that. Though I know there are patriots who would die to see their country free, I’d still worry for you, Audre and your fellow conservative travellers.

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    • Scoop says:

      I think a great winnowing is going on, seen primarily in the U.S. but also visible in the Western world.

      We are primarily divided into 2 camps and as far as civil war is concerned, I think we would already be there (or perhaps a 3rd World War) if it weren’t for the technology in both tracking and spying but also in weapons of mass destruction which nobody has a stomach for yet. Yet that is not to say that an old fashioned guerrilla war might not erupt, in small pockets but perhaps spread to an all out fight. Should the latter happen, you can bet that the Chicoms and/or the Russians and Iranians will be on the ready to take advantage of the situation . . . and I am not sure that we have already seen an invisible coup that is led by the same bad players via financial, technological and hacking of our defense structure. The world, it seems to me is in a precarious situation at the moment and Covid is part of what makes this world so unstable.

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      • 39 Pontiac Dream says:

        I agree to a point but your last sentence should be changed to ‘covid is the excuse for what has made the world so unstable.’

        Had it not been for the misinformation circulating about the potency of this virus, the American public would never have seen 100m postal votes in an election and Biden would not be ready to take up the position of President. There is so much happening globally and the virus is being used as cover for something more. The words ‘build back better’ are not only being spoken in our country but across the world and in America as well. If a reset takes place, all of our populations will suffer.

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        • Scoop says:

          The “Great Reset” is a globalist term and is being echoed throughout the Western World. Covid is their weaponization against the people so that the ruling class tyrants might see who will be a problem and who will buckle and follow their tyrannical draconian rules and laws. People are beginning to rebel against the vaccination which is a political ploy as well. We shall see how far fear will go in subduing the populace of the world. Never has anyone attempted to ‘vaccinate’ the entire world before and with an experimental genetic product which isn’t, in fact, a vaccine at all . . . since a vaccine is made of weakened or dead virus. This may be an attempt to sterilize people: there are stories that it damages the placenta and therefore renders a woman sterile. Also, ED is also being reported. Coincidence? Perhaps or maybe Bill Gates and the UN is trying to move to that magic 2 billion max number of inhabitants of the earth. That is their goal after all.

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  3. 39 Pontiac Dream says:


    These have been the aims of The Club of Rome for a while – eugenics and a smaller population. Whether the vaccine is part of that, I have no idea but I won’t be taking it. Not for any political reason but because I don’t trust a vaccine that has been hurried through so quickly; according to many experts, including those in WHO, the average vaccination takes between 6-10 years from conception to release so I don’t understand why some people are falling over themselves to take this one. I’d probably get it if I was 90 with nothing left to lose but at 42, I won’t be touching it with a barge pole.

    As for the US election, some may call me a conspiracy nut for saying what I’m about to say but to me, it strikes me as a very deliberate ploy. Would you or anyone else see Covid entering our countries during election year and Brexit as mere coincidence? I wouldn’t. What a brilliant smokescreen for undermining democracy. Of course, it never ends well.

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  4. audremyers says:

    If this is what you do when you get some rest, I’m quitting. Seriously – I’ve read this article three times now and there’s so much in it, I’m still trying to digest it all.

    In my opinion, Frank Friday’s idea is simply silly. Robert Lopez’s take on the situation is highly unlikely. Lou Aguilar’s thought is simply craziness – who identifies themselves as ‘less masculine’? Give me a break; even a high percentage of gay men voted for President Trump.

    Having stepped back a bit from the what the Supreme (or, more accurately, the Mediocre) Court did, I think we should have expected nothing more. They wear black robes, not white hats. For the members of the Mediocre Court, they were in a lose/lose situation, knew it, and found a ‘procedural’ way of saying, “Can’t Touch This”.

    Folks – the vast number of Americans – will do whatever they can; disregard new edicts from the Harris administration, defy rules and regulations to whatever degree they are able, and watch. They will watch for the first crack and then dynamite it open. This ain’t over by a long shot. Resistance. Interesting word, that. Resistance. Ever tried to get an animal to do something it slap did not want to do? You can pull on the reins or the rope as much as you want to but if it ain’t goin’, it ain’t goin’. Americans are like that stubborn animal. You can lead us to the water but you can’t make us drink.

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    • Neo says:

      Those plans remind me of the various schemes offered to avert the Civil War, no real chance but wishful thinking to avoid reality. A surprising number of guys do, it’s a way of avoiding responsibility, and (they wrongly hope) scoring with feminist chicks. It’s never worked, but a lot try anyway.


  5. the unit says:

    Now what? A good question, maybe a statement instead with an exclamation point.
    We’ll just have to see.
    In ’76 I drove a white ’74 British Triumph TR6. Wanted to get it painted in red, white, and blue like an American Flag. Couldn’t afford it though.
    Also then thought ‘Why won’t Jimma Carter be as good a president as a governor from any other state?’
    Since then, with any pol running and making it, know the difference. 🙂

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  6. the unit says:

    Well, now what. What. A statement. Gonna be busy. Staying in shape chasing my pullets around keeping their social distance free range. Wonder if cackles dispenses Covid into the atmosphere? Some experts say animals get it. Bats and cats at least, and I think one dog, or dog faced pony soldier did. Only speculating about chickens. Just one always to wash there hands handling them and there eggs.
    Oh, and plotting off my rows to plant watermelons socially distant come spring. Usual 3 to 5 feet may not be enough according to government mandates. Even if watermelons aren’t carriers of the virus, the harvesters got to stay their 6 ft. distance apart.
    Now tomorrow is Saturday. I got a head start. 🙂

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    • Neo says:

      That you do. I won’t plan a garden again until I have enough room and a tractor to do the heavy lifting. My hands don’t fit shovels and hoes anymore. 🙂

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      • the unit says:

        I read China doesn’t use tractors or other earth movers because they got on any job a thousand or so serfs with shovels they need to keep busy and out of trouble, to do the excavating and hoeing. 🙂
        ! That information may be subject to dispute. (Twitter)

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  8. R.C. Smith says:

    There will be no split, we’ll simply devolve into just another South American basket case. It’s been called Brazilianization since the 90s, and was inevitable once LBJ signed the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. It was inevitable at whatever point that act became thinkable. Conservatives were warned over and over against what treasonous support by their leaders for mass migration would lead to and they failed over and over again to punish those leaders and now they and nation get what they get. You can’t replace the population of a nation with another population and remain the same nation. It’s just common sense.

    Modern American culture is built around white-hating racism, and the culture shapes the government. The overwhelming obsession of the cultural and political establishment is keeping the conquered traditional natives beavering away on the plantation and ensuring that they never again have any real political agency. The funny thing is, the vast majority of the serfs have the same beliefs as their overseers. They too worship diversity and open borders uber alles despite the fact that it is demonstrably extremely bad for them. When the slaves agree with and worship the power of the slave master there will be no split.


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