Random Observations

[We’ve been a little unfair to Audre lt week, moving her posts about and then flat bumping Random Observations, which has become her signature piece, so we’re going to run them today. In fact, I have decided to combine two of them to start getting us back on track. So enjoy, Neo]

Artificial emphasis. Been watching – oh, heavens, don’t ask me why – some videos of politicians speaking at outdoor events or gatherings. What is common is the speaker, of whatever ilk, shouting into the microphone. Why do they all shout? Why are these people so agitated, why are they so angry? For the most part, they are not raving lunatics (for the most part)(maybe)(well …), they are simply unable to hear themselves because they are outside. Entertainers wear that ear thing to help blot out external noise so they can hear themselves and make sure they are on key. I think outdoor public speakers should do the same thing. Perhaps then they would speak in a normal voice and let the microphone amplify the sound as amplifiers were created to do. Maybe we would listen to the speakers and be able to understand what they are saying and what their point is. Well … hmmm … I don’t know; most of ’em are lunatics, but on the off chance that one or two may not be, they should get that ‘entertainers’ earpiece’.


God has a plan and all things work to His plan. I’ve been mulling this in my mind for the last few days as I try to sort out all the information we’re now getting about the theft of our election. I know God – to the best of my human ability – but not quite clued in on the Plan. But I don’t have to be because of my intrinsic belief in God. It has occurred to me (and maybe to you) that perhaps we are witnessing part of God’s plan. He is a just God; His justice is true. He is a righteous God. He is the God of truth. Perhaps what we’re seeing is His unfolding of all that has been hidden from us. We’ve been told, on the very Highest authority, that what is done in the dark will come into the light. Now we are finding out that the weakness of Dominion voting machines was known in 2016. We are now finding out the ‘irregularities’, not only in the vote-counting process but the severe overstep of authority on the part of the State Supreme Court in Pennsylvania. The Ethiopian eunuch said to St. Philip, “How can I understand what I read unless someone opens it to me?” Could all the developments since November 3rd be God’s way of opening our eyes? I don’t think it’s a far-fetched idea. As a matter of fact, I’m beginning to strongly believe that that is exactly what we’re seeing now. With this in mind, I’m now much more comfortable waiting for the outcome of the election. God has a lot of pieces on the board – He’s not yet finished moving them.

I don’t hold much with Biblical numerology but I find it mildly interesting when considering the 30 allegations in Sidney Powell’s lawsuit: “In a biblical sense number 30 is usually used as a symbol of a man’s dedication to work or to a certain task. It is believed in the past that a person is ready to start a career at the age of 30 because only then a person is ready in a mental and physical sense.” (Angelnumber.org)

‘Signature verification’. Here’s my question: a few years ago I had a severely pinched nerve in my neck that not only affected my hearing, but it also affected my handwriting. While my hearing has come back, my handwriting hasn’t. If someone had to compare my signature now to my signature a couple of years ago, would they recognize the signature as mine? There’s also the consideration of the signature being written on the seam between the envelope flap and the envelope body. Hmmm. Had enough of all this? Me, too.

Now I want you to sit down – push your coffee or other beverage away from you as I don’t want you to knock it over when I deliver this news. 2020 was also – amongst all it’s horrible history to date – the date of a divorce that may well break your heart. Pull your tissues closer to you for easy access. Mrs. Dash got a divorce in February 2020. Now she’s simply, (sigh) – Dash.

Oh, little frenchie – where are you when I need you?

18 Responses to Random Observations

  1. Nicholas says:

    I think this is part of the shaking God is carrying out so that only what is of Him remains. I also believe God is bring Israel to the point where she will have no one to rely on but Him, which means the removal of American support. In addition, having considered the matter and discovered that Nelson Walters and Fisher Man are thinking along similar lines, I believe it is possible that sacrifices will resume on the Temple Mount without building a new Heykal, i.e. the Menorah, Table of Showbread, Ark, and Altar of Incense will be placed inside the Dome of the Rock.

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  2. the unit says:

    Tuned in this morning. ‘Random observations’? Must be Saturday, not what day I thought it was!
    Thanks for giving me two more days backtracked. Looking forward to tomorrow’s funnies. 🙂

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  3. the unit says:

    Er…NEO you got legacy exemplified here with co-bloggers taking up the cause, giving you a break from time to time. Can’t be erased with Sharpie or E.O. 🙂

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