Poker 101

So Danang Dick Blumenthal, America’s leading proponent of stolen valor, thinks he’s in a position to make threats, saying, “Nothing is off the table. If Republicans recklessly & reprehensively force a SCOTUS vote before the election — nothing is off the table,” in a Tweet. In itself a cowardly way to make a mealy-mouthed threat. I think that should be taken as a challenge, myself.

Cause you see, when he tells me that the Demonrats have everything on the table, that tells me that it’s the last hand, and when we win, they’ve gone bust, been taken to the cleaners, any of the similar phrases you prefer. And it’s true, although they’ll flip the card table and try to destroy the parlor, just as four flushers always do. Evidently, while he was enjoying those deferments, he never learned to play poker with men.

We probably shouldn’t blame them too much though, after all, they’re playing with scared money they can’t afford to lose. Something both my dad and Brett Maverick taught me not to do. See they actually thought that after all the good stuff that has happened to almost all Americans during President Trump’s term, that the Wuhan Flu would force the country to its knees, and give them a victory. Whoops again, The Atlanta Fed is projecting third-quarter growth at an annualized 31 % (4% is considered good).

But who is not sharing in it? Why those poor souls who haven’t escaped from the blue cities and states, who are still locked down. Especially California which is simply suicidal. New York, Portland, and Seattle are looking at losing their federal funds. It’s going to get nothing but worse

All the threats aren’t really directed at the President though. Mostly because even the Dems have probably figured out that he ain’t gonna cut and run. They’re directed at the Senate, which has some pretty week spines. I’m not much of a fan of Mitch McConnell, but he has set his career on getting conservative judges confirmed, and he’s done a heckuva job of it. He’s not going to throw it away now.

I happened to reread the Book of Esther recently. You remember the story, Esther was a queen in Xerxes harem when Haman convinced Xerxes to let him kill the Jews. The law said she could only go to the king when summoned. To go without that summons usually meant death. Her uncle Mordecai convinced her that this is what she was born for, to save her people. She did and did save her people. And we gained a new expression, As high as the gallows of Haman. This is why we elected the Republican majority to the Senate.

That’s what the Dems see in the distance. When Trump wins, and he will if fraud can be kept at reasonable levels, then comes the rest, the attempted coup, the Durham indictments, even the prosecution of the mayor of Seattle, not to mention rolling up using even sedition charges BLM/Antifa, right up the chain to their financiers, who also finance the Democratic Party. With a conservative Supreme Court.

See, the President is all in too. Opposing the Dems, threats of violence are the law, federal law enforcement, Barr’s DOJ, not to even mention the Federalized National Guard. And he’s not playing with scared money, because he knows a winning hand when he sees one.

It’s a bad year to be a Democrat, 2020 is. 2021 may well be worse.

Better late than …

I have come late to politics. Before my retirement, I pretty much accepted whatever the local network stated. I’d catch a live address if I wasn’t working, read some articles on lunch breaks. I’m not apologizing; I am what I am – a late bloomer.

I’m reminded of the Bible story about the vineyard owner who hired workers at the beginning of the day and then a few more at the near end of the day. When the workday was over, the men who worked the entire day were paid according to the agreement; so were the later ones paid the same amount. Without the religious meaning, this tells us that it may not matter how soon or how late you get there, the important thing is that you arrive.

I read Solzhenitsyn in high school. When I – and the rest of the world – discovered Jordan Peterson, I read several of the books he recommended, including The Whisperers. Horrifying reading but necessary and should be mandatory. I read Nick Adams’s “Retaking America” and “You Will be Made to Care” by Erickson and Blankshaen. I read Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option, which was almost as impactful as the other books. I found smart people in Ben Shapiro, an Englishman with a long, deep memory for politics and history, and an American of encyclopedic knowledge. I developed a deep and meaningful relationship with a bishop and have been able to reconcile my political thoughts with what I hope is the will of God. I’ve done some studying since the old local news.

When I make a choice, I feel that not only have I made an informed decision but also a right decision. I know why I voted a certain way and why I will vote a certain way. I’ve found how to research judges whose names come up on local ballots. I gather as much information as possible on Schoolboard elections and their candidates – the importance of this is equal to a presidential election; those ‘little’ elections have the weight of what your children will learn and how America will fail or succeed in the future.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 80 and voting for the first time; it doesn’t matter if you’re 18 and voting for the first time. Or, for that matter, any age in between. Today I would tell the working person, while you’re driving your car, making supper for the family, folding laundry, or mowing the lawn – cell phones go everywhere; you can get podcasts, videos, audiobooks all right there on the same instrument you use to take pictures and make phone calls. Use it for something enriching, informing, varied, and paradigm-shifting. The truth is out there; it’s not going to come running up to you and slap you in the face. You have to seek it out. You have to ‘work’ for it. But just like your mom and dad always told you; anything worth having is worth working for. Religion and politics are right at the top of that list.


Took one for the team!

I just finished watching Joe Biden’s first meeting with reporters. I did it out of my great love for you, the NEO readership. I did it so you don’t have to. My halo’s looking pretty good right now, isn’t it?

The overall impression is low energy. Say what you will about President Trump, he’s vibrant and has the energy of the Energizer Bunny on steroids. The other thing is he’s very soft-spoken- not a bad thing, in itself, but perhaps a handicap to what he will be up against in a debate situation. Or a situation he might find himself in if elected and things go pear shaped, as our cousins are apt to say. Or if he finds himself in a roomful of rabid reporters waiting to chew his legs off.

A point of notice, for me, is his ‘slowness’; he has an answer but you’re going to have to wait five and a half minutes for him to get to that answer. We all know what the pace of life is today – you better do/say it quick or we’re gone, no time to wait. It seemed to me, and we can discuss this if you want to, is even the reporters seemed very slow and careful in their questions to him. He did get some ‘push-back’ on what he says now and what he said then (any ‘then’) but they were asked so politely and so slowly, I wondered what planet they got the reporters from – certainly not this one and certainly not the planet that lives in the White House press room.

Of marginal interest was the live chat on the right side of the screen while Biden was speaking. It was 99.56 percent pro-Trump. I only saw one “Biden/Harris 2020” comment. It may have been from Hunter but don’t let me start something here. I don’t pay a huge amount of attention to those live chat events because it’s a perfect environment for the lunatic fringe (regardless of what the event is) but golly, it was amazing; no one, on that chat, believed a word that came out of the man’s mouth.

All of Biden’s comments regarding Covid-19 (there! I’ve said it! I usually refer to the virus as ‘you-know-what’) were either rehashes of what President Trump has already done, or were proposals so expensive and open to abuse that I couldn’t figure out how we’d pay for them. We always pay for someone’s ‘bright idea’.

I did, in all honesty, have to choke back bile when he stated wearing a mask is patriotic. Patriotic! Like he has any idea what an American Patriot thinks or does. I was surprised he knew what the word meant – he did use it in its proper context though.

He’ll need more coaching from his team. I cannot tell you the number of times he used the phrase, “I don’t get it.” Always in regard to President Trump’s efforts during the pandemic and the effect it has had on the economy. It leaves him wide, wide open for incredibly funny memes – we already know he ‘doesn’t get it’.

My take away from the press conference – if that’s what you call six reporters in a room (that’s a made-up number; we were never shown how many reporters were there) – my take away is now more than ever that we should fear this man winning the election. Our cousins would say he’s ‘not fit for purpose’ and they’d be right; he isn’t. If you’re a praying person, pray that God finds President Trump within His will. If you’re not, cross your fingers and hope like crazy that President Trump wins re-election.

The View from England

On the 3rd of November this year, the US will hold what I believe to be the most important presidential election of our time. Over the last decade or so, times have indeed been-a-changing but not for the better. The left have picked up their pace, with more infringements on our civil liberties, further laws to divide our communities, and a vociferous hatred of the people and values that built our great countries – the United States and Britain. Over the last few months, we have seen our countries face lockdowns, which our leaders claim are to stop a virus, which is only affecting certain sections of our societies, and the people are constantly being forced fed a diet of fear spread predictably through a mainstream media directing their truths and backed up by a political class whose only aim is to take more power.

Throughout this period, we have seen the rise of the far left, in the Marxist group Black Lives Matter, which cares as much for black lives as the Democrats care for the future of their country, and the terrorist organisation, Antifa. Both groups’ aims are to cause chaos throughout the country, spreading fear within communities which they look to divide while tearing down the history, culture, and values of both countries and all the while making ridiculous demands like defunding the police, something which would enable the chaos to continue and spread. At any other time, both organisations would be ignored but they have the support of Democrats, in the States, and the left in our country which, unfortunately, includes our government, formerly known as the Conservative Party. It is a wretched state of affairs in both our countries and I’m hopeful that the cultural counter-revolution, wherever that may come from, starts sooner rather than later. Do I see the re-election of Trump as a way to move that on in the States? Sadly, no. Despite Trump being in charge, the horrific events we’ve seen in the last few months have been allowed to continue and the president has been able to do little about it. Whether that’s because it’s an election year and he’s reluctant to get involved or because Democrats have the mandate over their states, I don’t know. What I do know is that it’s pivotal for Trump to be elected, certainly from our perspective.

First off, because of Brexit. Biden was Obama’s vice president during his 2 terms in office and as we know, Obama stated that the UK would be at the back of the queue for any trade deals. If Biden was elected, I’d expect this message to remain. If anything, he would probably urge Britain to rethink its membership with the EU and with our useless leaders, we’d probably find ourselves pulled back in, despite the democratic mandate given by our people in 2016. Trump, on the other hand, values this country but he’s a businessman, at the end of the day, and he’ll negotiate hard for a deal that works for his country over any other. That’s good because at least we’ll get the opportunity to negotiate rather than being in a position where we’re shunted to the outer edges while being redirected back to Brussels. Biden might be favoured by our elite but many of our people won’t be too happy at seeing him in power, especially with Kamala Harris at his side. They won’t work for the interests of the American people at large and they certainly will do us no favours.

Secondly, because it’s important that a conservative remains in charge of the US. It’s also important that when the opportunity arises to re-elect governors, that chance is taken by the people of the US. The states that are seeing the most turmoil – rises in crime and unemployment – are Democrat-run states and I do hope the people suffering in those places recognise that their leaders have done nothing to help them, only exacerbate the issues. Electing conservatives will be a huge boon for the people who have watched the chaos ensue and businesses destroyed while their leaders have sat on their hands and done nothing.

Proper conservative leaders are few and far between across the world and with the globalists and quangos, like the UN, keen to alter the way we operate globally, it’s important that there is a pushback on many of their plans. Trump is not influenced by these bodies and has already removed his country from some of these groups, which act against the interests of not only the American people but many other countries too.

After watching, for the last few years, a government in this country abandon its conservative values and slide to the left, favouring positive discrimination and identity politics, which installed hate crime in our legislation and has allowed common purpose to take over our institutions, it makes me envious to see President Donald J Trump sit in the White House. I wish we had someone like him here. Someone who doesn’t pander to the left or thuggish organisations or to the media but someone with the balls to stand for his values.

You are in a very fortunate position and I hope that we will see, on the 4th of November, President Trump ready to take his place as your head of state for a further 4 years.

Sunday Funnies, Implosion Edition

As the west implodes, it’s still important to laugh – even if wryly.

The Greatest Man in the World – according to King George III of Great Britain

BTW, if you’ve forgotten, that 1969 code was for the mission to the moon.

Shit Happens

Puppet Master?

It occurred to me that we are around five months from the election in November. As each day passes and we get closer to the election, the knees start shaking, the hands start trembling, the eyes go all Marty Feldman-esque. Then I sort of shake myself and ask why I’m concerned.

When there were twenty-six (?) Democrats hoping for nomination to run for President of the United States, I was terrified. But watched them fall off the map, one by one, and thanked God each time. We worry about America but we shouldn’t. Not one of those hopefuls could meet the knowing eye of the average American. Didn’t matter if the candidate was black or female or both, if they were gay or straight, if they were Christian or not – none of that stuff mattered because America knows it’s the wrapper you throw out after Christmas, not the content of the wrapper. There was no content, nothing new to sit up and take notice of. It was the same speech over and over, often using the exact same words and phrases and this country is entirely too wide and deep to be satisfied with ‘nothing new to say’. We’re a ‘big idea’ country, a country of innovation, a country of risk-takers.

Now we’re down to Joe Biden. I’m not even going to discuss issues or policies – you know them all far better than I. But what I do want to look at is his age. When the puppet master took him out of his box of mothballs, I deemed it necessary to listen to what he had to say. It’s been years since he was Vice President and we all learn and grow and change our minds and I was interested in what time and distance may have had on his thinking and outlook. I was so upset the first time I heard him speak. I was embarrassed for him and upset that family and friends allowed him to be used that way.

We age differently. I’m 68 years old and my memory is slipping a little bit, not enough to be a problem but just the occasional, “Hold on, old girl – you used to know this …” There are physical changes taking place as well. I cannot imagine flying around the country, making appearances, speaking to groups, television interviews, and the incredible pressure that is on a candidate to succeed, and those close to him, who see him and spend time with him on a daily basis said, “Yeah! Great idea! You can do it!” Ummm – no, he can’t.

I’m not a clinician, I have no medical training at all and yet it is so easy for me to see there’s a certain level of dementia there. I’m not going to make fun of him; I feel badly for him because most of us can go through our decline privately, amidst the love and concern of family but there seems to be no such care and concern on the part of his family.

So whose bright idea was having Joe Biden run for President? Who jacked him up and pushed him out the door? Who, in their presumably right mind, would think Joe Biden is strong enough and competent enough to run America? There has to be a puppet master. Someone, somewhere, is holding the strings. Does the puppet master not think we can see his shadow? We can see the shadow, the shape, but we can’t quite make out the face.

Who is the puppet master?

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