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Feeling a little bit better about things – momentarily, I’m sure, sigh – but I loved this and want to share it. For those of you with a memory like mine, the song is Sweet Dreams by Annie Lennox. You can’t imagine how long it took me to remember the name! I think my hard drive needs a re-boot. Enjoy this…

Just to make peace with Nancy Pelosi, I will tell you this story. For Christmas, I sent my child who has a penis two big food packages of meat, cheese, and a selection of sweets and breads. Also, for my person-in-law, who is married to my child who has a vagina, I purchased a food processor. All the children were pleased.

Every once in a while, you strike gold. I did this morning. I have to share this with you because – well – just because I HAVE to! You need to walk around in my shoes to fully appreciate the things I do to inform you (I know, you never asked me to but hey – it’s my job) of all that is happening in the world. There’s this:

but there’s also this, Feral pigs flummox Puerto Rico, infiltrate communities | Honolulu Star-Advertiser. And finally, just so we don’t get tickled by these stories, here’s a real wake-up call Biggest Wild Hogs Ever Killed – The Outdoor Trip.

Audre’s articles are nearly perfect, so I rarely have anything to add but this reminded me that the phrase ‘Root hog, or die’ goes back in American history at least to the early 1800s. Pigs were commonly left to roam the first growth forests in the Old Northwest and Old Southwest. The result was Cincinnati’s early nickname ‘Porkopolis’. We may not be Pepperidge Farm but we remember in our folklore, like this [Neo]

In the final analysis, we all know he pissed off too many people – there was no coming back from that. But more than that, even if nothing happened on January 6th, the size of the crowd was frighteningly huge. It was the culmination of the campaign rally season and it scared the hell out of people on both sides of the divide. It’s one thing to think a person has power, it’s quite another thing entirely to see digits converted to human beings. Our job now is to figure out what comes next and how to deal with it. We’ve lost a battle – not the war.

Here’s a question – I don’t have an answer and maybe you’d like to make some suggestions (just remember, it’s physically impossible for me to do that! [wink]) … am I the only one that has noticed that suddenly there’s no talk at all about “voting irregularities” (just in case Big Brother is watching) since Jan. 6th? Hmmm …

Yes; it is.

This has been here since shortly before Christmas, it didn’t get published – not because it not a really good article – but because we simply ran out of slots. Anyway, it’s just as valid today as it was then so enjoy. Neo.

As there are twelve days of Christmas, I’m going to push your patience a bit and have a little discussion of the old movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I saw that! – you just rolled your eyes, didn’t you? Don’t deny it – I caught you dead to rights. Anyway …

A couple of weeks ago, I was enjoying the yearly series “A Carol A Day”, written by Margaret Ashworth, a staff writer for The Conservative Woman UK. Along with the ‘backstory’ of the carol writer, and often times the words of the carols, she selects the most delightful samples of YouTube videos that relate to the carols. I highly recommend you go to that site – you can go back to December 1st and catch up or just enjoy the carol of the day. One of the carols she posted caused some interesting comments (below the line, as they say) and some of those comments got me going. Not in a good way.

Some of the TCW commenters hate It’s a Wonderful Life and proceed to share their mean-spirited appraisal of the movie. While some make valid – though obvious – points about the unrealistic portrayal of the characters and insist that if it were honest, the way the movie should go is ‘insert your objections here’. I just sort of bristled a minute or two and then moved on – as you do (a delightful English expression I may have to adopt).

Then, my very dear English friend, my Alys, sent me the link to an article in The Critic

It’s meant to be supportive but it doesn’t quite reach its goal. To me, anyway. There’s just something missing from the article. It may warmth; it may be heart. I suspect what’s missing is heart.

First of all – in case you haven’t figured it out yet – IAWL is a work of fiction. Fiction means it is not true. But because something is not true, we are not prevented from taking a lesson from it. There is a great message in this film and especially important – I would think – in this time of me-ism. It is, after all, all about me, isn’t it? Hmmm – one wonders. In any event, we learn what we do has an effect in the world – like the thrown stone causes concentric ripples on the water. Truly no man is an island unto himself. Cast your bread upon the water and it will come back a hundred fold*

The big part of the movie that the Critic’s writer misses is the biggest part of what makes the movie. In his article, the writer says that the angel, Clarence, gives George Bailey the ability to see what life would be like without him; that’s wrong. The scene that matters is the one that shows the night sky with twinkling stars and the audience hears a discussion between God and St. Peter. God hears the prayers of the family and friends of George Bailey and sets about making things right. God and St. Peter choose Clarence, a not very effectual angel who needs help to get his wings, to accompany George on the journey he’s about to take. Clarence is there as a sort of haphazard “Behold, I bring you great tidings”. It is Clarence’s job to help George see what is most important in his life. Unless people understand that it is God ordained for this to happen to George, it’s very easy to pick apart the rest of the film’s premise.

I know you’ll be grateful that I’m not going to go through the whole movie – I’ve already spoken about what’s most important. But I do want you to consider your own life. Simple things we’ve done for others, without their knowing or without them having to ask. These are the things that make our lives wonderful. We didn’t think long and hard about them, we just did them, sort of spur of the moment or an opportunity presented itself. Or perhaps – just maybe – you answered a prayer. I call them ‘Holy Spirit moments’; seemingly coincidental moments when you did something good for someone without even thinking about it. Answered prayer.

My prayer is that your life is sprinkled with these lovely acts and that you acknowledge that you’ve done good in the world. Not to take pride in them but to be grateful that at that moment, you did a good and wonderful thing. For someone else.

*Ecclesiastes 11:1

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And of course, RIP Dawn Wells, far superior to Ginger – after all who looks like a Trump voter

Random Observations

How one thing leads to another … Our Bishop is going to do a presentation on the Nephilim in Bible study. I have a pretty good grasp of that topic but decided to do some research so I could ask salient questions. Once I got those questions squared away, I thought there’s always more information if you use other keywords in a search so I used ‘giants’. Which brought me to this fascinating video (A Race of Giants – YouTube) that (possibly) ties giants, American Indians, bigfoot, and religion. How’s that for a day’s research? Oh. That religion part? No, not Genesis 6; the video mentions St. Christopher (who used to be considered the Patron Saint of travelers). I thought to myself, “What???” Evidently, St. Christopher was a giant. He is credited with being seven and a half feet tall (Saint Christopher – Wikipedia). In my heyday, I was 5’11”, which is considered tall for a woman; the tallest person I have ever met was a boy my daughter dated who was 6’9″ tall. It is so remarkable to come into contact with a really tall person, you don’t forget it so it’s easy for me to say, well, there’s a basketball player who is seven feet tall so a half foot taller than that must surely be possible. The first video references human remains anywhere from 8 foot-12 foot tall – which, I suspect, would be frightening. I forgot the other thing the first video mentions: elongated skulls on some skeletons. I know my Indiana Jones – crystal skulls immediately comes to mind; but so does Egyptians and aliens with elongated skulls. Now … is any of this real? True? Your guess is as good as mine but it’s something to think about in front of a warm fire on a cold night.

Pop the popcorn, grab your beverage of choice, and check out Pick of the Litter on Netflix. A family of five puppies is trained to become guide dogs for the blind. It’s an outstanding program. I’m not going to tell you any more about it because I’d much rather you watch it. Enjoy!

The Paper Roll Conspiracy. There are forces at play here that are very well hidden – very difficult to pinpoint. But I am in its cross-hairs and it’s becoming a real problem. In case you’re not familiar with the Paper Roll Conspiracy, it’s insidious, annoying. It takes something so simple, so humdrum, so knee-jerk reflex, a thing you do without thinking, and makes it a war. It started a few months back when I pulled a sheet of paper towel from the roll. Instead of getting a sheet, I got a ripped off corner. When I attempted to get the remainder of the sheet, three feet of paper towels came spinning off the roll. Variations on this theme happen every time I need a blasted paper towel. But then – this just drives me wild with rage – then the conspirators invaded the bathroom! I give THAT paper the merest little tug and fourteen feet of paper comes flying off the roll! Now, you might think this is something I’m imagining but my husband has noticed it, too! It never happens to him. It only happens to me. He will be standing next to me sometimes when I pull a paper towel and it rips across the towel instead of the towel coming off. He looks at me with this blank look on his face. He reaches over and pulls a perfect sheet of paper towel off the roll. And looks at me again. I don’t know what happens with the other roll – to be there at that time and under that circumstance would be instant death. Ahem. I think we, those of us who have noticed the paper roll conspiracy and are wise enough to recognize if for what it is, I think we need to do some serious investigation into this. I want answers! And I want them NOW!

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