I’d Give This About a ‘D’ in Marketing

The world is the world, and yes, it’s still going to hell in a handbasket. Why do you ask? But just because let’s talk about something else.

Americans are weird, we’re always ready for the next wave – often leading the way, and we’ve been doing so for a long time. But…

We also spend a lot of time looking over our shoulders and moaning that things were better back some time or another. I do it, you do it, even Aunt Polly does it. Sometimes we all want to go home again.

That’s why we have houses called colonial, Tudor revival, Victorian,  Midcentury Modern, and all those other terms realtors like to throw around. And yep, me too. I love the so-called English Tudors that were built in the early part of the last century, and I love the Midcentury Moderns, that started popping up around 1950 or so and on into the 60s. It was an optimistic time, and everything showed it. While the English were wondering what a fridge was, there were a few people in America who had sise by sides with icemakers. And those ranges with two ovens, one at eye level and the traditional lower one, but what’s this? The burners slide back to make a wider aisle. Well, I never!

There are a lot of people around who are slightly nuts about the fifties, many of them got hooked at Granmas. Not me, though, my mom was the age of their granma’s, I lived it. I chuckled at my sister’s funeral, speaking to a cousin I hadn’t seen since I was a kid, it was commented that the folk’s house had burned down. Well, she had been there, as a kid, probably forty years before but her comment was “That gorgeous house, and that amazing kitchen, gone.” Well, she was right, you don’t often see kitchen cabinets custom built out of heart redwood, with boomerang Formica countertops, nor do you often see a kitchen designed to function (and well) without a stove. That was all dad, both design and execution. I wonder if mom didn’t find it a bit overwhelming.

But there are also things that tie it all together as well. Back in 1936 and Englishman with some claim to be an artist, designed some dishware, and kitchen accouterments that were produced by a pottery mill in West Virginia. And still are, almost without change, Many people (women especially) are enormously enamored of this stuff. Not hard to see why: many very vibrant colors, freezer safe, dishwasher safe, oven safe, microwave safe, even pretty close to kid-proof. I can often remember at peoples houses when I was a kid, that were using this stuff, the various colors were mixed and matched. It may have been chaotic, but it was happy chaos.

Yeah, I’m talking about Fiestaware, and you know, I like it too. But there are actual collectors, of this stuff, from various generations, and they really love it. Obsessive you could call them. (They would probably agree). Anyway, it seems that many of them collect the 5 piece place setting, which is distinguished from the several four-piece settings by having a teacup and saucer instead of a mug.

I wandered off to the website the other day, just because, and it’s really good stuff still, and neither is it cheap, although per use, I’d bet a lot of money it is. Remember all those lessons about the cost per use being the real value? Well, anyway, there was an announcement on the website that they were discontinuing the five-place setting, although they would continue to make all the pieces. It looked to me like pretty close to a scam to generate a bit more revenue. If I were them, I’d do a Gillette real fast and get over it. Page after page of angry comments, with women who have spent thousands of dollars over the years on this stuff, and love it, saying that they’ll quit (well new, maybe) and never buy another. I suspect many of them will get over it, just as a fair number of guys will get over Gillettte’s insults. But many won’t, and they’ll talk loudly how another corporation screwed up their life.

If I were Fiestaware, I think I’d avoid that whole mess trying to pick up a dime here and there. The boxes can’t be that expensive, and most of their customers probably buy mugs as well. It just isn’t a good look. What we used to call “hurting the brand’ and here to little purpose that I can see.

Some company history here: Fiestaware: A Colorful History. And if you’d like to know what a proper business blog is, you could do worse.

And here you can read the comments for yourself.

Weekly Funnies, Fredo Reappears

And so, Chris Cuomo thinks being called Fredo is a racial slur, personally, I think anybody stupid enough to think so is typecast as a Fredo, but then when I look in my mirror, I don’t see a useless propagandist for the CPUSA. His mileage no doubt varies.

Not to mention starting conspiracy theories

Funny, just the other day on our Hong Kong update, Scoop and I were discussing this in comments.



White privilege, right here

I. am. Booot.

Another move towards world dominance. Yay!

Who’s a good boy?

And, of course

And so another week of silliness, mostly unintentional, somebody will be just as stupid next week, depend on it.

The First Master of the Tweet

This came across my screen yesterday, from J.R. Dunn at American Thinker.

We have all seen no end of pieces criticizing, condemning and apologizing for Trump’s use of the tweet as his major weapon for undermining the left-wing media monopoly, driving his opponents into a frenzy, and striking fear and confusion into the left. In truth, seldom if ever are Trump’s tweets mentioned in any context at all without the writer shuffling his feet, dropping his head in shame and whimpering, “Maybe he shouldn’t do that… uh, right?”

Not all these people are #NeverTrumpers. Many of them mean well, and are sincerely concerned with the impression that Trump makes and the unintended consequences that may result. But all of it, no matter what the intent, is without exception an exercise in missing the point.

I admit it, I used to, but I’m a practical man, nobody is going to stop the President of the US from Tweeting if he wants to. Then I paid attention and I saw how effective it is.

So Trump blithely continues tweeting, at his leisure and in his own time, on topics of his choosing and expressing them in his own unique style. Each tweet is utterly unpredictable, and all of them seem to strike at a weak spot in the American left’s defenses, like cruise missiles coming out of nowhere, striking their target and leaving the enemy with no means of counterstriking. The wails, shrieks, and gibbering arise from the left, and Trump moves on without even bothering to answer. With his tweets, which cost him nothing and require almost no effort, Trump has done more damage to the left than the last half-dozen Republican presidents.

And that’s the beauty, nobody has found a way to effectively counterattack.

The same can be said of Trump’s latest violation of Twitter good taste against Elijah Cummings, who has for decades posed as a champion of civil rights while doing absolutely nothing for his miserable Baltimore constituents living in what amounts to the American Somalia. Trump immediately put Cummings – and the left – on the defensive, rendering Cummings’ border machinations irrelevant and shifting the argument to territory where Cummings is most vulnerable – his actual record in Congress. The left’s response was less than impressive. One left-wing critic on CNN burst into tears as he bemoaned Trump’s use of the term “infested” to describe Baltimore’s slums. A political movement that has been reduced to tears is one that not much can be expected from.

It’s true, it’s not overly tasteful (or Presidential, whatever that is). But you know, I think the reason so many say that is that he is effective, very effective, like a rapier against a hunting knife. He draws a bit of blood, and then the opposition always makes it worse, widening the wound. Is there an effective counter? With Donald Trump, I doubt it. He’s pitch-perfect.

I think if we of the right have any sense at all (I often do question that!), we’ll quite whingeing about unpresidential things and realize that with Trump, we have made more progress certainly since Reagan, and quite possibly since Coolidge.

And we have laughed more than we ever have, and at our opponents, not ourselves for once.

Most of you know, I’m one of those geeks who thinks the Declaration and the Constitution have the answers, and they do, but only if they are read, understood, and applied. They have no meaning if they are systematically ignored. And that is what the left does. Remember Obama’s pen and phone? That’s what that meant, nothing less than the Divine Right of Kings, just like Charles the First, although Barmy got off easy, getting rich instead of a head shorter.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy as the American conservatives laugh, and smile, and discomfit, and leave the left in disarray. With the President and his phone leading the charge, we are finally winning, and it’s great.

Sunday Funnies: As Mueller Time Ends

Finally, we seem to have run the clock out on Mueller, and I see signs that Trump is a bit angry. I don’t think the Dems are going to like angry Trump, but we’ll see. Meanwhile.


My Favorite Headline of the week.

Not sure of the point – but I approve

And the Brits take some more joy out of life – The new James Bond

Here’s someone no one ever ruined/

Sunday Funnies, The Awkward Squad

Another week. Here we haven’t written overmuch of the shenanigans, but they continue. The President has managed to make the so-called squad (best called the awkward squad in my mind, YMMV) the face of the Democrat party. which it should be, it is simply the most honest part of that so-called party.

Trump’s Week

And, of course

Sunday Funnies: And Incoherent Gathering

I managed to not watch the Dims this week, knowing that it would only be news if one of them managed to say a coherent sentence. It didn’t happen.

I approve of the Brexit Girls

Howza bout a five pack?

And the good old days


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