Well, let’s see; right off the top of my head there was some woman who complained about sexual misconduct from the President; there have been scream after scream for the tax records of the President; there were bellows of ‘Russian Collusion’; there was a sham impeachment … So. What’s next?

If your Christian, an idea surfaces. I can see it coming. So far, nothing on earth has gotten President Trump out of office. But there’s still time! “We can do this”, I hear them coaching some poor pastor somewhere. If you want to scare a Christian, quote from the Bible.

1Thessalonians 5:3 “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” The Book of Revelation tells of the antichrist who will bring peace but it’s not peace at all. So; yeah – look for headlines (soon to come, no doubt) that President Trump is actually the Antichrist. You think that’s crazy? Do you remember this is the year 2020? You’ll believe ‘murder hornets’ but you think shouting ‘The Antichrist’ is far-fetched? Au contraire, mon amis. Do a little something for me; go online and type in the word ‘peace’. Several deeply religious (I’m sure they’re sincere) have already written that false peace is part of the End Times. And take a wild guess who’s supposed to bring it? None other than the Antichrist. It’s like a mathematical equation: President Trump + Peace Deals = THE END OF THE WORLD!

Remember, the devil quoted Scripture to Jesus in His temptations. Not all who call themselves Christians really are. There are many in that camp in ‘the other’ Party – ‘Chrinoes’, I guess you’d call ’em; Christian in name only but rest assured, one of them – at least – has read Revelation. If all else fails, bring out the Big Guns – the antichrist.

You may think I’m crazy but if I had told you in 2019 that America would go on lockdown in 2020, you’d have thought me crazy THEN! Ah … but! Mark my words.



Samizdat is the name given to the underground passing of messages between dissidents in the old Soviet Union. Where everybody knew that Pravda was lying to them. Now it refers to all of us, bloggers, news aggregators, citizen journalists, even legal monitors the most famous being Judicial Watch.

It’s happened in the United States and Great Britain for the same reason it did in the Soviet Union, the legacy media almost never tells us the truth. And now, if you read these sources, you know more about what is happening than anybody at the NY Times or the Guardian, in the boardroom of any of our large corporations or especially broadcasters like CNN (coming to be better known as XiNN) or the BBC.

One of the reasons this grassroots (real ones) effort is so successful is simply because it bounces around the Anglosphere so quickly. You may well get a story from Australia first here, or on some British blogs before your local Australian paper deigns to cover it (if they ever do). Just as happened with that young, pregnant mother arrested and handcuffed in front of her kids for making a Facebook post.

Somebody else who has noticed is Jack Cashill writing at American Thinker. He says:

[Speaking of professional sports] The players all endorsed the BLM movement or appeared to. So did the sportscasters, the advertisers, the TV networks, Hollywood, Big Tech, the New York Times, the major magazines, and just about everyone with a prominent soapbox except for Fox News — and even Fox waffled.

Had the execs been paying attention, however, they would have understood that the same forces that supported the BLM protest also supported Hillary Clinton. In 2020, as in 2016, the major media’s collective control of the BLM messaging was subverted by the samizdat’s ability to record and distribute the facts on the ground. For the first time in history, ordinary people know more real news than do the people in control of America’s major newsrooms.

V.P. candidate Kamala Harris has yet to catch on. Allying herself with Kenosha’s Jacob Blake, Harris paid a visit to Blake’s family last week and spoke to Blake on the phone. “I mean, they’re an incredible family,” said Harris. “And what they’ve endured, and they just do it with such dignity and grace.”

Times readers applauded. They, like Harris, did not know what the samizdat knew. For starters, the dad of this incredible family, Jacob Blake, Sr., is likely no fan of the Times, having tweeted not too long ago, “The Jewish controlled media tells you what they want you to hear.” This was one of many anti-Semitic tweets from the old man.

The samizdat also know that the son from this incredible family, Jacob Jr., broke into the home of an ex-girlfriend, digitally raped her in front of a sleeping child, and stole her car keys and debit card. Police issued an open warrant for Blake’s arrest on sexual assault charges and a restraining order, the violation of which prompted a call to the police.

The day when Joseph Pulitzer could tell a photographer, “You provide the photographs and I’ll supply the war.” are long gone.

It’s most advanced in the United States, but Britain and Australia are quickly narrowing the gap. And those who know are getting angrier by the day. Yes, we have President Trump, who knows this, but they haven’t managed to find their equivalent yet. I predict they will.

Kipling was right though, and they should fear his words.

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

If you want to be truly humbled, watch naturalized citizens speak to President Trump. I love America. I’m proud of America. I’m proud to be an American. But I was born here, as were my parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and great, great grandparents. It’s the only country I know. We forget – oh my gosh – we forget how very fortunate we are.

On Sunday, President Trump met with ‘Latinos for Trump’ in Nevada. They stand and speak to him and male and female, they are so grateful to the President – and to America – for what he and the country have given them; the opportunities afforded them and their families, the successes they’ve been able to achieve that were impossible where they were born.

Most of them have lived under socialism; many of them have lived in oppressive societies in which they were emotionally and mentally straight-jacketed. They could never get ahead. They could never reach their goals. Sometimes just feeding their families was more than they could accomplish.

They speak to the President like he’s their special friend; they speak to him from their hearts and often get choked up and a tear or two falls but they so desperately want him to know how they feel, to tell him about the businesses they’ve started, to tell him how successful their children are. They want him to know. They need for him to know how he has affected their lives in the last four years. They’ve got one shot to tell him and they use it. One gentleman – this was priceless – said he didn’t have a question but his mom wanted him to tell the President ‘she loves you’. Moving, touching stories that are as much about America as it about the President.

And that’s the thing, isn’t it? The Flag, Lady Liberty, and the President – the right President – are the hope of the world and the things by which we Americans are known.

I’ll say it loud. I’M AMERICAN AND I’M PROUD.




A Letter to America

There is a most remarkable letter to America out there. I have only seen the text in making my rounds once, here. I’ll explain after, but do read it all.


by Noor bin Ladin


Two hundred and fourty-four years ago, the resolve, courage, and wisdom of your Founding Fathers forever changed the course of history. For the first time, with the ratification of your Declaration of Independence, mankind was offered an unmatched societal ideal and dignified way of life. Human beings were recognized for what we truly are by nature: all created free and equal, endowed with unalienable rights which do not derive from any government, but from our Creator. With your Constitution, your Founders sealed these God given rights, and protected them by instituting a limited form of self-government along with a robust justice system. This combination keeps the promise of freedom for future generations alive and allows for human injustices to be rectified.

This, America, is what makes your nation exceptional. It is why you have stood as a beacon of democracy and hope for all subjugated peoples over the past two centuries. During some of our darkest hours, we remember how you fought for those who couldn’t defend themselves from tyranny, at the cost of your own brave men. The world is forever in debt for your sacrifice, and we are grateful for the refuge you provide those who can flee persecution.

This, America, is your heritage and the reason we still look to you as our champion of liberty to this day. Those currently fighting for their freedoms across the world value the plight of your brave Founding Fathers who forever inked the model to which we can hold our governments accountable. From the peaceful Hong Kong protesters who proudly brandish the American flag in the streets, to the Iranian students who refused to walk over a painted version of it on the ground of a Tehran university, people who live under oppressive regimes know first hand that being free has no price. And they know that America is the ultimate shelter for the downtrodden.

Watching the gratuitous violence, streets burn, buildings and statues being defaced in America over these past months, I am heartbroken to see how an entire generation was successfully brainwashed into hating the very nation that has yielded the most freedom, justice and equality anywhere in the world.

I am also highly distressed by the blatant erosion at various levels of your most basic individual rights and freedoms as guaranteed by your Bill of Rights, from arbitrary censorship of speech to unlawful, politically motivated abuses of justice.

America, this is why I feel compelled to address you. Though I am an unlikely messenger at first glance, rest assured that the name that I carry is antithetical to the values I hold, and that my heart is in the right place: with you. The level of urgency coupled with the available platform granted by my circumstance bound me to speak up and warn you before it is too late.

The question is, how did we get to this point? They want you to believe that this is a recent phenomenon. The truth is that the undoing of America has been decades in the making. The globalists, Deep State, swamp, whichever name you call them, have been hard at work to weaken America’s sovereignty and standing as world leader. Intent on erecting a new system of world governance where they would be in total control, they are seeking to undermine the fundamental principle of your country, “a government for the people by the people”, replacing it instead with a world order of international institutions ultimately puppeteered by a caste of technocrats, oligarchs and international bankers.

Though your Constitution stands firmly in their way, it never deterred them. Like a trojan horse, they infiltrated governmental and intelligence agencies, and all realms of society – education, media, entertainment, culture. At their disposal, tools of mass population influence: propaganda, fake news and censorship. By pushing their marxist-socialist progressive agenda for years, they set out to destroy your fundamental values and divide you. They negated God, dissolved the family unit and dissevered us from moral objectivity, effectively leaving a vacuum of degeneracy, cognitive dissonance and absurdity in its wake. Yuri Bezmenov tried to warn us. This social engineering operation took place as we were lulled into a sense of comfort and complacency due to modernity’s technological progress and liberalism’s appeal. In reality we were being driven further down a path of enslavement while they solidified their plans for a covert power grab.

However, they didn’t count on a great awakening of people tired of being crushed by their self-serving economic policies. Nor did they foresee that COVID-19 would highlight their system’s gross failings, from an over dependence on a global supply chain to corruption in major institutions like the World Health Organization. They didn’t anticipate that we would all rally online to share information and real news, bypassing their controlled mainstream media outlets. Above all, they never thought Hillary Clinton would lose.

Since President Trump’s victory, these nefarious forces have done everything in their power to stop him from reversing past administrations’ destructive policies. They have failed, hoax after hoax. Despite their relentless attacks on all fronts, President Trump has demonstrated he is the only leader who can save us from a bleak future. As evidenced by his first term, results of his America First policy speak for themselves.

Domestically, he removed handicapping regulations to American economic growth; rebuilt a depleted military; brought back manufacturing and revamped dying industries by renegotiating trade deals and cutting taxes; achieved energy independence; curbed immigration – all of which contributed to setting record unemployment rates. He also saved your tax payer dollars by withdrawing from corrupt international organizations and agreements. Remarkably, he tackled neglected issues such as human trafficking and unjust incarceration; defunded Planned Parenthood; took care of your disregarded veterans; lowered prescription drug prices. All these undertakings prove just how much he values the lives and wellbeing of ALL Americans.

By strengthening America from within, President Trump bolstered his plans when it comes to foreign policy, and thanks to his vision and tactical use of diplomatic avenues, has made the world a much safer place since taking office. To name a few achievements: he stood up to China, kept us out of new wars, made Europe comply with their NATO requirements, solidified ties with Israel, overturned the disastrous Iran deal, obliterated ISIS, took down other key terrorists, and facilitated a historic peace deal between Israel and the UAE. His administration has also made Christian persecution worldwide a top priority with the State Department instituting the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, the first of its kind.

With President Trump at her helm, America stands a chance at restoring her principles, pride, independence and true place in the world as beacon of liberty and hope for all. This to me, is what “Make America Great Again” means. Looking back at your country’s foundation, and preserving what makes it truly GREAT. But also knowing that the best is yet to come.

All the above achievements will be torpedoed with a Biden/Harris presidency, and the dream of America’s enemies to see her weak and on her knees would be fulfilled. Make no mistake America, you are under attack. Supported by the fake news propaganda machine and violent marxists groups such as Antifa with their ISIS-type tactics, they have pushed their agenda through fearmongering, hypocrisy, lies and destruction onto you, the American people, and for one motive only: power. The escalation of the past four years is your preview of what to expect should we lose: an abject repudiation of our Judeo-Christian values and utter disregard for your individual rights. This insurrection if successful, would sign the unravelling of law and order and the end of your Republic as we know it. Tyranny would inevitably ensue.

America, you are at the very edge of the precipice. Please wake up! Take hold! Fight for your country, and be proud of your roots! Uphold your values. Stand for your flag and your anthem. Defend your history. Don’t relent in the face of those who seek to re-write it to serve their narrative and justify the destruction of your nation. You have much to cherish and protect for your sake, and ours.

We need you to stay the course, America. You are our last safeguard from an imminent civilisational collapse and if you lose, all humanity loses.

Be assured, we are with you in this decisive hour in your history. All of us freedom-seeking and loving people across the globe pray for you to succeed.

We are rooting for you and watching closely America, “for with |your] fate will the destiny of unborn Millions be involved.”

Your fellow patriot,

Noor Bin Ladin

What’s so remarkable about this, first I think she is right on every count, but far surpassing that, this is the niece of Osama bin Laden the evil mastermind of 9/11 himself, telling us this on the nineteenth anniversary of that attack.

I’m haunted by words from a lifetime ago, when an American President on a cold January day in 1961 told us this:

In your hands, my fellow citizens, more than mine, will rest the final success or failure of our course. Since this country was founded, each generation of Americans has been summoned to give testimony to its national loyalty. The graves of young Americans who answered the call to service surround the globe.

Now the trumpet summons us again — not as a call to bear arms, though arms we need — not as a call to battle, though embattled we are — but a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle, year in and year out, “rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation,”² a struggle against the common enemies of man: tyranny, poverty, disease, and war itself.

Our duty, to our founders, ourselves, and our descendants is very clear. Now is the time to do whatever we must to restore America.


Opinions are like …

Well, you know the rest of it.

The first time I saw this scene, I thought, “Geez! This guy is crazy!” I just watched it again – just this scene – and started to weep because it’s exactly how I feel.

The news media – demon and death mongers that they are – miss no opportunity to barrage us with death numbers and infection numbers, and that it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. That he mishandled the situation and anybody off the street would have done a better job of handling this “virus from afar” (we’re not supposed to say it’s from China because – ya know – it’s from China and it’s xenophobic to say the truthful thing).

Among all the things he isn’t, President Trump is not a doctor. Nor is he a scientist. Nor does he have a degree in infectious diseases. He did what any president who does not have that knowledge would do – he asked the ‘experts’ what is it, how is it different, how do we treat it, how do we get rid of it, how do we save as many people as we can. Well, the questions are a hundred-fold. He asked the CDC, he asked the Surgeon General of the United States, he asked the professional scientists in infectious diseases. They all had opinions. Opinions – you know, like I ask you, “Because you’re a professional football player with many years experience on various football teams, who is the best quarterback who ever played football?” and you tell me it’s Terry Bradshaw. If someone asks me who the best quarterback is, I’m going to repeat what you told me because you’re the expert in football. But wait! The guy sitting next to you at the bar – of course, this is fantasy because we can’t sit at bars anymore – says not only are you wrong, but you didn’t take into account the plays of so-and-so quarterback. Another person – another opinion.

We’re told, about a thousand times a day, that the Black Lives Matter group care very deeply about black lives in America (or Britain, or Australia, or … well, you get the idea). That they kill, physically attack black people, destroy black-owned businesses, and attack black cops, that they are championing the poor, down-trodden, victims of American systemic racism is only because poor, stupid, victimized black people can’t speak for themselves and demand their own rights as Americans because the Civil Rights Movement certainly never did that.

It’s the opinion of the news media that Antifa is a group of people who care very deeply about fascism in America. That America is a fascist country that needs to be burned to the ground – after threatening and intimidating elderly folks with and without walker aids, and homeowners, and businesspeople – and rebuilt in their idea of perfection.

There’s more; so much more. But I feel the bile rising and for my own protection I’m simply going to say this; go to your window, open it, and shout …


Video Monday

So, are tired of listening to me? I’m tired of flapping my jaw, so today we are going to let some other people talk. Let’s start with why America is so rich.

This, in fact, pretty much sums it up


So, what makes us different?

Here’s why

But this election has the possibility of ending all this, and putting out that beacon. I’ve said many times this year, “You can vote for America, or you can vote for the Democrats.” I mean it.

Here is Victor Davis Hanson on “Plague, Panic, and Protests …” Our weird election year

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